TP Link Deco Router Review

In todays day and age the ability to connect to Wi-Fi is an almost constant thought on our minds whether you use the internet for streaming TV or checking out the latest updates on our social media accounts most people of a certain age are probably guilty of checking for Wi-Fi wherever we are going to be for an extended period of time.

Wi-Fi is also a must in our homes as well whether you have a small flat or a big house most people will want the best coverage they can get and that includes myself and my family. In our house, probably like millions up and down the country we stream TV and Movies, surf the web, do our banking, check and pay bills, blog, watch YouTube and check our social media along with probably half a dozen other things we use the internet for and don’t even give it a second thought, however when that Wi-Fi coverage starts to play up or isn’t strong enough to cover a certain room in your house (the master bedroom in our case) it can get frustrating to say the least. So when the lovely people at TP Link asked us if we would like to review their Deco Router range we jumped at the chance.


About the Product

The first thing I noticed when it arrived was how nice it all looked from the box and packaging down to the design of the product, you can tell it was designed not only to look nice but to also sit in the background of a room and not be noticed but to be used.

When we opened the box we discovered three discs inside around the size of a saucer that you would put under a cup in diameter and around 2cm high, so surprisingly compact. Unpacking the box we found that there was one Ethernet cable and also plugs and leads for all three routers.

In the instructions the first thing you are asked to do is to download the Deco App from your App Store as this is needed in order to operate the routers once everything is set up.


The routers were remarkably easy to set up and extremely quick as well. You simply take one router and using the Ethernet cable plug it into your current router (as supplied by your internet provider) when switched off and then switch both on together and wait for them to boot up. Once they have done this you then use the app you downloaded to sign the Deco Router into your internet and allow access for it. Following this you then proceed to place the routers around the house at points where you know your coverage in lacking, the app helps with this, we chose both the boys room and the master bedroom to give full coverage across the house.

You simply plug in the routers one by one and after each one is plugged in and booted up connect them up to the network via the app on your phone. It literally took me less then half and hour to complete the whole process. Once this has been done you can then connect your appliances that you would like to, so in our case we connected our Roku Stick, both phones and the tablet we have.

Now one of the fantastic features of this product is its ability to regulate how much time an appliance has. So for example our boys use the tablet for things like YouTube and playing games aimed at their development. When you connect your appliance to the router you can set it to certain people and then set a length of time you would like that item to be connected to the internet for each day. So for the tablet we set it to 1 hour each day and then it would automatically disconnect. This was a great feature and help regulate how much time Oliver was using the tablet for, much to his annoyance. To be honest as a parent and all parents will know this, you can easily become distracted with other things going on and forget when you said that they could have X amount of time on the tablet, with this feature it does the remembering for you.


Another amazing and well used feature was the ability to block areas of the internet that you don’t want your child to go on, so again on the tablet we blocked social media and certain types of video etc.. as a result we were able to have peace of mind that the boys wouldn’t come across anything that we didn’t want them to watch or see. I cannot praise this feature enough, what with the videos that have appeared on YouTube in the last few years in regards to spoofs (term used loosely) of various cartoons, it was great to know that most if not all of these would be blocked with this product.


Where to Buy

The Deco M5 Router is available at multiple retailers including Currys/PC World, Huges, Maplins and Very and retails from £229.99. Now I know that sounds a lot for something that just gives better Wi-Fi, however when you consider the other features it includes such as time limits, time monitoring, blocking features and parental controls then to me £229.99 is money well spent if it makes your network at home secure enough for the whole family to use.


This blog post is a paid post for TP Link. TP Link supplied the Deco M5 Router for us to review on 2 Bottles and Milk, however our review of the use of the product and its features is a true account of our experience using this product. 


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