My Sunday Photo: 17:28 Kids Art! 

The above photo I was asked to take this past week by Oliver as he was very proud (and rightly so) of his people drawings on the white board that we got Leo last Christmas.

One morning before school Leo and Oliver disappeared off to their room and when Keighley went to check on them she found them drawing. Leo has loved drawing since he was very young and although Oliver has shown an interest it’s not been something that kept him entertained for a long period of time.

However this past week Oliver has been drawing quite a bit and it’s nice to see. We’ve had various things ranging from Dogs and Cats through to Buses however the people above is what is he most proud of.

He drew his family and although I’m not sure what is going on with Keighleys hair I was amazed at how he drew them and the fact they are in size order. I’m also amazed that within two short years he’s gone from the drawings like Leo has done on the above picture to being able to draw stick people and other items that are beginning to resemble the object he is intending to draw.


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