Protecting Your Hearing!

In conjunction with Action on Hearing Loss.

In life we all take our hearing for granted assuming that the hearing we have won’t deteriorate as we get older and to be honest we tend to have a habit of abusing our ears to an extent that it can and has caused hearing loss in people of all ages.

Growing up I almost never thought about my hearing and ears or about protecting something that is, to be honest, something that we use everyday without giving it a second thought. I would play loud music that left my ears ringing, ride on rollercoasters, watch fireworks (listening to the loud bangs) and many other things that impacted on my ear drums and just carried on with out thinking about the level of noise.

When I met Keighley one of the first things she did was to make me aware of her hearing loss and over the last almost seven years I have become aware of the struggles a hearing loss has on someone and as a result I am acutely aware of the struggles that Leo will have as he grows up. 

As we are aware of the problems hearing loss can cause we always make sure to protect the kids ears where possible to unusually loud noises. For the last two years we have gone to the American Speedfest at Brands Hatch and have made sure that where we can we protect their ears, for example Oliver and I have been lucky enough to ride on a Monster Truck and they give out ear defenders for all children. We always take them and make sure Oliver is wearing them, it amazes me how many parents don’t worry and then their kid sits there with their hands over their ears for the entire ride.

A chart from the Action on Hearing Loss Website showing the danger level in decibels

This weekend will be no different, Oliver isn’t overly fond of the loud bangs that fireworks make, so he will be wearing the ear defenders that we were kindly given by Action on Hearing Loss. I know that some people think that ear defenders are overkill but as I said Oliver doesn’t like the loud bangs and if they give him the ear protection as well.
If you are looking to protect yours or your little ones hearing ear defenders are readily available from various retailers.
This was a post about hearing loss in conjunction with Action on Hearing Loss. The above is our true experience and feelings and not influenced by Action on Hearing Loss. 

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