Our Cochlear Journey

Over the last few months we have written regularly about Leo’s Hearing Loss and his Assessment Process for Cochlear Implants at London’s St Thomas Hospital.

To say that this journey has been emotional is an understatement and it has also been stressful for Leo. It is a journey that has taken longer then we expected, however since we last wrote we have had some huge developments and his journey has moved forward significantly which has been a good yet stressful and emotional time.

As mentioned in our last post Leo was offered Cochlear Implants and was expected to under go implantation at some point during November. However on a recent appointment we were told that because Leo didn’t completely fit the NICE guidelines for Implantation then there could be a funding issue. Leo’s Hearing was 5db above the guidelines in one ear. To say that this appointment was emotional would be true however those emotions ran high a couple of times with tears of frustration and numerous questions on what the next step was and what sort of funding might be obtained to allow the operation to go ahead.

Since then Leo has had his operation and although the actually surgery went well his recovery wasn’t as smooth as planned but he was up and about and discharged the next day which was good.

Over the past few weeks he has coped remarkably well considering he has had little to no hearing, he has attended preschool with no problems and has just gotten on with life like the Leo we love.

Leo has now had his switch on and has adapting to wearing processors, however I will write more about that just after Christmas once he’s had a chance to wear them a little longer.

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