The Favourite Christmas Advert of 2017

As voted for by Parent Bloggers.

We recently asked parent bloggers what their favourite Christmas Advert of 2017 was.

The choice was between any Christmas advert for a company that has aired this year be it for the first, like the new John Lewis one, a continuation of a story as in Kevin the Carrot who features in the Aldi ads or an old classic in the form of Holidays Are Coming (Coca Cola).

To be honest the results did surprise us a bit, however that’s what makes this countdown interesting.

So without further ado here is

The Countdown of the Favourite Christmas Advert 2017

In joint 9th position, all the 1 vote each are the following:


Heathrow Airport

Apple – Couple Dancing

Tesco – Everyone’s Welcome

Lauren from Dilan and Me voted for the Tesco Advert Everyone’s Welcome and this is why: I like the Tesco one! It’s really nice to see an ad representing all kinds of families, and they’ve handled the ridiculous backlash against the ad really well!

Vodafone – Love Story

Georgina from Pixie Does voted for the Vodafone Love Story Adverts (The first of which is featured here) and this is why: Gotta be the Vodafone advert with Martin Freeman and the lady in the red coat 🙂 I love a story-led ad series, reminds me of the old Oxo and Nescafe ads 🙂

In 8th place, all with 2 votes each we have the following adverts:

Debenhams – You Shall

Janet from Falcondale Life voted for the Debenhams You Shall Advert and heres why: When the Debenhams Christmas advert came out there were a lot of people sharing it on Twitter. I’m not sure that we’ve all locked eyes with a handsome stranger on a train but it’s obviously struck a chord with a few people! Losing a stiletto on a train seems entirely possible after a good Christmas party. 

Clare from Wild Mama Wild Tribe also voted for the Debenhams Advert and heres why: I love the Debenhams advert – it sums up the hope the excitement, the magic of Christmas spirit for me 

Waitrose – Snowed In

Rebecca from Wishes and Wellies voted for the Waitrose Advert and heres why: I really love the Waitrose advert. It reminded me of a winter we got snowed in at a family farm, we missed a whole week of work. We may have had to eat odd food, but we were all devastated when the snow melted and we had to go home. Christmas is about family.

John Lewis – Moz The Monster

Sky Movies

Nina from Ready For A Cuppa voted for the Sky Movies Advert and heres why: I love the sky movies ad, it has all the feels of Christmas. It’s the only one that has given me full on tears streaming this year. After the past few years of John Lewis adverts it’s what I’ve come to expect of a Christmas advert. The sky movies one as a mum really pulls at my heart.

Jennifer from Might Mama Bear also voted for the Sky Movies Advert and heres why: The sky movies one with the little girl watching Sound of Music is the only one that made me emotional this year. It’s so lovely having the mum watching her daughter grow up and then watch her granddaughter at the end. All the feels! 

In 7th place with 3 votes is the Asda Best Christmas Ever Advert:


Becci of To Aufinity and Beyond voted for the Asda advert and heres why: This year I wasn’t as blown away by all the ads. The one that’s been stuck in my head though is the Asda one with the girl in the chocolate factory! ‘Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow don’t stop it’ll soon be here.’

In 6th place with 5 votes is the McDonalds #reindeerready Advert


Peter of Household Money Saving voted for the McDonalds advert and heres why: I enjoy the McDonald’s advert. I usually find them a little annoying, but thought this one was quite warm. Plus I didn’t know you could get carrot sticks from them! 

Tracey of Pack the PJs also voted for the McDonalds advert and heres why: I have to vote for the MaccyD advert because their one two years ago (people singing ‘I wish it could be Christmas everyday’) – my two children appeared in it twice!! 

Debbie of My Boys Club also voted for the McDonalds Advert and heres why: I like the McDonalds one as it is telling you not to buy their burgers 😂<

In 5th Place with 6 votes is the Sainsburys Advert


Natalie of Diary of An Unexpectant Mother voted for Sainsbury advert and heres why: I absolutely love the Sainsbury’s advert – there’s no trying to make anybody cry, it’s about joy and fun which is what Christmas is supposed to be about. And everyone loves a Christmas song, right?! <<<<<<< a href=””>Are Pops also voted for the Sainsbury Advert and heres why:  I voted for Sainsbury’s this year. It’s so down to earth and real. A catchy song too! Plus it doesn’t look like it would have cost them millions which I like.<

In 4th Place with 9 votes is the Adli advert featuring Kevin the Carrot

Laura of Savings 4 Savvy Mums voted for the Aldi Advert and heres why: It’s got to be Kevin. Love the ALDI advent. So cute and who can resist the Kevin and Katie soft toys? I can’t!! <

ichelle of Time and Pence also voted for the Aldi Advert and heres why: Our favourite is Aldi’s Kevin the carrot in our house. My son stops everything he’s doing to watch it when it comes on. Love it!<

lt; h2>Now for the Top Three!

First up in the number 3 position with 11 votes is the BBC Advert

Andy of Dads Sofa voted for the BBC Advert and heres why: That BBC advert with the dad and daughter. I don’t often watch adverts shared on Facebook… I must have seen that one 3 or 4 times at least so far<<

iz of Hart of the Munchkin Patch also voted for the BBC advert and heres why: It’s the BBC advert for me this year. It’s a real heartwarmer! Any parent watching it can’t resist all those feels, surely?! <

In 2nd place with 20 votes is this years Marks & Spencer Advert featuring none other then Paddington Bear

Jemma of May Flower Blogs voted for the Marks & Spencer advert and heres why: How can you not love the Paddington advert by M&S. “thank you little bear” gets me every time. Perfection! <

Finally in the TOP SPOT and to be honest its not surprising, but the amount of votes for it has surprised us. The advert at number 1 is probably the most iconic Christmas Advert of all time!

With a whopping 56 votes our top advert of 2017 as voted for by parent bloggers is none other then the Coca Cola – Holidays are Coming.


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