Where have we been?

Its been almost a year since we last published a post on 2 Bottles of Milk, so where have we been? 

Last Christmas I was so ill that I spent most of Christmas Day in bed asleep and it got me thinking about how hectic our lives were and how we needed to relax and let something rest for a while and that was unfortunately the blog! With everything that Leo had gone through and a new baby, as well as life in general it was the easiest thing to let go and allow more time for all the other stuff that was going on at that point. 

A lot has gone on over the past year including three birthdays, so that baby is now a moving one year old who goes round pulling out books, cupboards, throws stuff down the toilet and is loving life. Leo has had his Cochlear Implants for a year now and is progressing fantastically and Oliver is doing extremely well at school (now in Year One) and has started to learn BSL (British Sign Language) in order to help communicate with his brother. Keighley is back at work after George and is currently studying both BSL and the next level in Childcare. 

So why are we starting to blog again now? Well there are two answers to this, firstly we missed it, we missed sharing our story with you all and our journey of Hearing Loss. Secondly I have recently started an access to Teaching course which in a few years time will mean I will become a Primary School Teacher and I need a stress relief and this is it.

So where are we going first????

Well we thought the best place to start was to launch our Christmas Posts for this year, as in previous years we will be sharing Elfies antics or Elf on the Shelf who will be joining us from the 1st December, along with a whole host of other Christmas bits and pieces. We will also be reviewing our two recent days out to Colchester Castle and Marsh Farms Christmas Experience. 

We are looking forward to the next few months and sharing our journey and story with you. 

Richard, Keighley and Family. 

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