Elf on the Shelf: Day 5: The Advent Calendar Caper!

Our elves have been up to no good last night and have eaten some of the chocolates out of the wife’s advent calendar!

Elf on the Shelf: Day 4: Elfie and Chippie Come Back!

As mentioned two days ago, Elfie and his new friend Chippie didn’t return to our home after a day of extraordinary bad behaviour from both boys.

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Elf on the Shelf: Day 2: The Day Of Sorrow!

Unfortunately today our Elf on the Shelf Elfie hasn’t returned to us and has in fact taken the whole house he had built back to the North Pole with him.

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Elf on the Shelf: Day 1 Elfie Returns!

Our Elf on the Shelf is back and he has brought a friend, we will bring you more on the new elf as and when we have it, name etc!

The boys were ecstatic to see him and literally squealed with delight at seeing his house (a post on how to make your own coming soon).

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Prep – The Builders Are In!

Elf on the Shelf 2018

Our Elves are on their way back to us so they’ve sent the builders ahead to prep for their arrival!

We woke this morning to discover this scene including a crack in the wall.

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OMG You’re Starting School!



This morning Oliver will start in Reception at his new school and I am left wondering where the last four years have gone?

I can remember quiet clearly bringing Oliver home from the hospital and thinking how he had his whole life ahead of him.


Well now he is making his start on that journey within his life and taking his first full steps into independence from myself and his mum. Oliver has had a great start to this year whilst at his pre-prep nursery, thanks to the set up within the nursery due to its Montessori grounding. As a result Oliver is well grounded in proper lessons and can count comfortably to twenty and above when he puts his mind to it.

However we still have a worry about how Oliver will settle as he can be quite nervous in new situations.

Whatever happens I know that he will try his best and make us proud as he always have done.

Trips to the Dentist 

We all need to go and probably most of us dread what we are going to be told, is there a problem that we aren’t aware of and worst case scenario is having a tooth or teeth out.

Both myself and Keighley aren’t overly keen on the dentist for various reasons and I myself had been for six years up until two weeks ago. During that appointment I was told I would have to have one of my wisdom teeth out.

However that isn’t the reason for this post, whilst I was lying there on the dentists chair I got thinking to the fact that Oliver has never been to the dentist. I know a parenting faux par but when you have two parents that aren’t overly keen on the dentist, then going isn’t high on the list. I would like to say at this point that both Oliver and Leo brush their teeth both morning and night and we are always careful as to how much sugar etc they have in their diet.


Oliver after his first ever dentist appointment, complete with sticker!


Whilst I was lying there thinking about this fact, I also decided to rectify this issue. Once I had had the news that I needed a tooth removed, I had to book a follow up appointment for me and then I booked Oliver his first ever appointment.

Fast forward to this week Oliver had his first ever dentists appointment and he sailed through with flying colours. On the day of the appointment he was nervous and when it came to the dental surgery he stood silently in the room and I thought that it was going to go badly, however once I sat on the chair he was up on my lap he then laid back when asked and  opened his mouth for the dentist to count and check his teeth. As stated he flew through his appointment with no problems at all.

Once we were back in the car afterwards Oliver actually said to me that he wasn’t scared of the dentist anymore and that he was glad that his teeth were perfect.

What are your kids dentist stories? We would love to hear about them.


Summer Club.

Oliver finished his last day of pre-prep last Friday, but his time with them isn’t finished just yet.

Every major holiday they run a club with fun themed days for the kids and this holiday is no different. Oliver attended a session just before Christmas just after we had decided to send him to the school to see how he would get on with his then new teacher. So when we got the letter that they were running sessions for the first two weeks of this summer break we asked him if he wanted to go to any of the sessions, now I expected him to say no. However he jumped at the chance, he is attending two different sessions one of which we chose as it fits into our holiday for this summer and the other he chose.

The session he chose is running next Monday and he can’t wait, he chose a session entitled Totally Bubbles, now we can all imagine what that will include and I can’t blame him for being excited, I’m excited for him.

The session we chose he attended yesterday and this session was entitled All About Disney. We have recently being going a bit Disney mad in our house as our summer holiday this year is to Disneyland Paris, the boys don’t have a clue yet but Keighley and I are starting to get excited.

When I went to pick Oliver up this afternoon his teacher, who runs the sessions, said that he had been beaming from ear to ear all day and that he has had an immense amount of fun. He had been playing with kids from his class and other classes all morning and had also partaken in two craft activities one of which was making a magic mirror and the other was a Minion face, now I know that Minions aren’t Disney but who cares he had a lot of fun. The thing he was most excited about was having his face painted as it was a first for him.

I am so glad decided to send him to these sessions as his excitement is worth it.

Last Day of Pre-Prep!

Oliver on his Sports Day


Today was Oliver’s last day at his pre-prep nursery. I can’t believe how quick the last 7 months have gone and how quickly he settled into the class and their routine.

When I think back to how he was in the previous nursery, how everytime I dropped him off I had tears and tantrums to how he was pretty much happy to go into class from the off at this nursery, that in itself was a huge change.

However this hasn’t been the only change that has occurred within Oliver in the last 7 months. He has grown in confidence from a shy child to a child that is happy to try new things and is a lot more confident when he meets new people, has he recently did when his new teachers came around recently for the pre-school starting visit. He has also developed in other ways such as his writing and counting, he is fully capable of writing his name independently and also he can count up to 20 and also from 20 onwards once he is reminded that after 20 is 21 etc…

Both myself and Keighley are so proud of our little boy and the progress he has made even if we are a little shocked at the speed of which he has grown and developed in these last few months. I would like to take this opportunity to thank his teachers for all their hard work and fun times that Oliver has had in the last seven months.

Careers Week!

Now we are all familiar with the title of this post and the basic idea of what takes place within such a week. Most would be forgiven to think I am talking about the subject being based in either senior school or college however in this instance I am talking about it in relation to a two year old.

Tuesday – Fireman

Leos nursery this week is having a careers week of sorts where they can dress up as what they want to be when they grow up. Now if you were to ask Oliver that as we did this week what he wants to be when he grows up, his answer as it has been for months is that he wants to be a Lorry Driver. When he answers, it is without a beat missed, he is asked and then answers without pause that’s what he wants to be.

Wednesday – Police Officer

I know for a fact that at such a young age Leo doesn’t have a clue what he wants to be when he grows up, however looking at his likes and dislikes now I can make assumptions however they are most likely to be wrong. The one thing that is good though is that this week is that this is going to be great fun for Leo, he loves dressing up as the numerous pictures on our Instagram page shows.

One thing I do know whatever my kids decide to do when they are old I both myself and Keighley will support them and make sure that what they do they love.