My Sunday Photo 17:34. Family Matters

I will finish off our tour of the last year next weekend however for this special Christmas Eve #mysundayphoto I thought I would share a random yet festive image of us as a family.

This festive season we have become slightly addicted to an app called Elf on The Shelf.

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My Sunday Photo 17:33. Best Moments of 2017 #3

Over the last couple of weeks I have been using #mysundayphoto to revisit some of the highlights of the last year. After a stressful year it’s has been nice to look at the good times we’ve had.

This week we are off to the woods.

Way back in January the boys and I took a trip to a local woods that I have frequented since I was a toddler. It is a lovely woods that has changed a lot over the years but is still a firm favourite of mine and now my family.

The above picture was taken of the boys whilst they were sitting on a carved seat. The woods are a managed woods and trees are periodically cut down and every now and then you come across a stub where it has been deliberately left and carved into a seat. Oliver in particular loved coming across these and climbing on them and pretending he was king of the castle.


My Sunday Photo 17:32. Best Moments of 2017 #2

Greek Delight!

As I mentioned last week I will be using the last few Sunday’s of 2017 to take a journey back through this year and look at the happy and exciting moments that have occurred during what has been an extremely stressful year.

This week we’ve travelled to Greece.

I have blogged before about being lucky enough have family living in Athens and that we are able to go out and see them semi regularly. This last summer we flew out for two weeks of Greek summer sun staying part of the time in Athens and also spending some of our time in the Greek Countryside, around a 2 hour drive outside of Athens.

The above photo was taken on a working farm that also is open to people taking holidays there.

The first evening we got there the boys and their cousins were feeding the horses that were near our accommodation when my brother in law noticed that a sprinkler has started up, before we knew it the whole field between us and the rooms was awash with water being sprayed from a field of sprinklers. We made a dash back to dry land however the kids decided to would be better fun to run around like nutters in it.

The above photo was taken whilst the boys were having the time of their lives, I had noticed that due to the height of the sprinklers sprayed the water some had begun to form rainbows. I decided that I was going to try and capture one of these and this picture is the result.


My Sunday Photo 17:31. Best Moments of 2017 #1

Disney Fun!

Over the next last few Sundays of 2017 I am going to be using the #mysundayphoto posts to have a look back over our last year as a family.

We’ve had quite a stressful year and it is nice to be able to look back on the fun times we’ve had and the exciting events that have taken place in that time, such as the birth of our third son, George.

Starting us off is a trip to Disneyland

Back in the Summer we were lucky enough to get to go to Disneyland Paris for a few days with the rest of our family. In fact I posted a #mysundayphoto of our time there.

The above photo was taken in the Inventions Restaurant that is located within the Disneyland Hotel. We booked a character meal for the boys as we weren’t too sure how they would react seeing them within the crowded environment of the park, we needn’t have worried on that front.

The meal was a fantastic idea and time though as the boys really got to interact with five different characters from the Disney family. As you can see in the above photo of Oliver Mickey Mouse was one of those characters, along with Pluto, Donald Duck, Tigger and Eyore.

We would thoroughly recommend a character meal if you can stretch your budget, because although on the expensive side it was fully worth the money we paid.


My Sunday Photo 17:30: Pumpkin Fun! 

This year we followed a slightly different vein when it came to our pumpkins. We purchased them from a local grower in our village and glad we did as we got a huge selection to choose from and also were able to get some to turn into Pumpkin Soup. 

When we got them home we asked Oliver if he wanted to carve his pumpkin to which he answered that he wanted to colour it in instead. The above photo is the result of his and Leo’s hard work. 

They loved the task and we loved the lack of mess to clear up. 


My Sunday Photo: 17:29 Arriving This Week!


This picture was taken way back in May when we announced that we were expecting our third child. To be honest it feels like a lifetime ago with how much we’ve had going on this year, what with Leos Cochlear Assessments, Holidays, Oliver starting school and many other things, however in real terms it wasn’t that long ago.

This coming Thursday (all being well with the hospital) our third child will be here in the flesh, as it were, and we all can’t wait. The boys are excited and they both are looking forward to their first cuddles and I know they will be great big brothers.

Roll on Thursday.


My Sunday Photo: 17:28 Kids Art! 

The above photo I was asked to take this past week by Oliver as he was very proud (and rightly so) of his people drawings on the white board that we got Leo last Christmas.

One morning before school Leo and Oliver disappeared off to their room and when Keighley went to check on them she found them drawing. Leo has loved drawing since he was very young and although Oliver has shown an interest it’s not been something that kept him entertained for a long period of time.

However this past week Oliver has been drawing quite a bit and it’s nice to see. We’ve had various things ranging from Dogs and Cats through to Buses however the people above is what is he most proud of.

He drew his family and although I’m not sure what is going on with Keighleys hair I was amazed at how he drew them and the fact they are in size order. I’m also amazed that within two short years he’s gone from the drawings like Leo has done on the above picture to being able to draw stick people and other items that are beginning to resemble the object he is intending to draw.


My Sunday Photo 17:27: Sky Delight! 

I have spoken before about how lucky we are to live in a village where we literally have the countryside on our doorstep and the above photo is proof and a reminder of how lucky we are.

During the week I took Leo for a drive to try and get him to take a nap and I decided to drive around the country lanes near our village, driving along one of the more narrow roads (literally the width of the car) I could see this sky sitting above the recently ploughed field just off to our right and decided it was a perfect snap to play around with on my new phone that I got this week as well.

The sky was amazing to see and I could clearly see the divides in the clouds and that was something I was hoping I would be able to capture in the photo.

I am really pleased with how it turned out.


My Sunday Photo: 17:26: Star Trekkin!

Tonight in the US and tomorrow morning here in the U.K. the first Star Trek series for twelve years airs for the first time.

The above picture is fan made and I don’t know by who, however it is the perfect way for me to show my love for a show that has lasted longer then I have been alive.

Star Trek at its core has always been about diversity and tolerance and in the world as it is now we certainly need some tolerance of other people, their beliefs, their views and their right to have a free and peaceful life.

Star Trek features a slogan that isn’t widely known outside of Trek circles which is Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations or IDIC for short. It is something that all Star Trek series have tried to stick to and mostly they have, lets hope that the people behind the Discovery also hold these words

true to the series as well.


My Sunday Photo 17.25: The Fun of Soft play!



This photo sums up our morning of fun yesterday at a local soft play.

Myself, Oliver (pictured) and Leo spent just under two hours yesterday morning charging around at soft play whilst Mummy went shopping.

We are very lucky where we live as we have five or six different play areas to choose from and as a result we can vary where we go and therefore vary the boys challenges and fun.

The boys love soft play and we do go quite often however it’s been a while since we went to the one where they have an extremely deep ball pit and Oliver loves it because he can bury himself or me in the balls. As you can see Oliver loved it and has already asked when we can go back and do it all again. I must admit I do prefer this one because it is smaller then others in the area and Leo can do pretty much all of it without the need for Daddy to squeeze himself though tight rollers of through narrow ladders, not that I mind such things, after all its all part of the fun.