We’ve Had A Baby Boy!

We’ve recently mentioned a few times recently that we were expecting our third child. 

Three under five we must be insane!!!

Well on Thursday the 19th October this little one made his entrance into this world and we both can’t imagine life without him already. 

As with our previous two he was born via Caesarean Section and like Leo this one was planned due to the risks to Keighley following previous sections.  

Both baby and mum are doing well and baby has slotted into life in our household extremely well. 

Now what’s this little ones name I hear you ask???

Well he has a very traditional name, we are traditional name sort of people with Oliver and Leonard (Leo) having previously made the cut.

May we introduce George Henry. 

The 5 things I didn’t know about ASDA’s little angel nappies…

On Sunday, I was lucky enough to be invited for afternoon tea and a spa day at the Dorchester Hotel by Asda’s little angels. The whole day was amazing and although very shy I got to meet lots of other mummy blogger’s and had a truly wonderful day, one I hope to repeat one day.


As lovely as it all was, the main reason for attending was to find out more about ASDA’s little angel nappy range. As a mum of two and having had countless experience with other babies I didn’t think there was much they could tell me about nappies which I didn’t already know! But I was surprised to learn some new information which will not only help me but hopefully means I can pass on some knowledge to others, seeing as I often see these questions asked in many of the baby forums I read.

The 5 things I didn’t know about Asda nappies…
1, ASDA will exchange nappies for bigger/smaller sizes.
one of the questions I think every mum will ask or struggles with, is what size nappies to buy for their unborn baby? Sizing in nappies can often be confusing using both numbers and weight. Asda new born nappies come in 3 sizes’ 0,1,2 and each size has the weight range the best way is to go by the weight range. Once the baby is born s/he will be weighed and this will give you a better idea of what size to buy until then its recommend buying a few packs of each size and exchange any you don’t need. (Be aware size 0 is for premature babies)
2, ASDA deliver their nappies.
Ok so technically I did know this but it’s not occurred to me before now, how convenient this is when your stuck at home with a new born or if you don’t drive and struggle getting the nappies home on the bus. once the baby has been born and you know their weight you can order nappies from your hospital bed to be delivered once your home. What could be simpler?
3, Asda nappies are not only designed to look pretty!
There is a reason ASDA have a colour section on the front of all their nappies, it’s another way to check the sizing and fit of the nappy. Useful when you have not had your baby weighed for a while. The tags should stick within the coloured area for the best fit. Not only do they look pretty they state they have Super soft – feather-like softness which I can confirm after feeling them for myself.



4, Poo explosion
Sorry if you’re a first-time mum and have not heard of a poo explosion before but it’s something every mum dreads! a Poo explosion happens because nappies are not holding the poo within the nappy areas allowing it to travel out of the leg hole or up their backs. But Hopefully with the support of ASDA nappies you will never know the dread that comes with a poo explosion because they have been working hard to make them a thing of the past! ASDA little angel nappies have been designed with an elasticated back and leg holes helping to contain the poo without causing discomfort to the little angel in your life.

5, The all-time consuming question what does the + symbol mean on nappies
I have read a number of debates on social media and baby forums about the meaning behind the + symbol on nappies, some argue that it means the nappy is bigger in size ( like half a size up) others say it’s because the nappy has more absorbency.
The correct answer is…both answers are right! Although the main purpose of the + symbol is that they offer more absorbency, they also can accommodate a bigger weight range meaning they are slightly bigger than the normal range.

I hope you found the above information as useful as I did!
If you need any more convincing to give Little Angels nappy a try they have been given the Mumsnet Approval!
Check out more information on their webpage https://babyclub.asda.com/brands/littleangels/Nappies-and-Pants/Comfort-and-protect

FullSizeRender (2)

ASDA have kindly gifted us not only some of their new born nappies but some other great items from their Little angel range so check back once the baby has arrived for my honest review 😊


written by Keighley Miles

Planning for a Baby

With our 3rd baby boy due we are getting the hang of what our must needs are for the first few months of a baby’s life. If you are living on a budget or in a small flat/house you might find the list useful so below I have written out list of must needs and items to avoid. These are all my personal opinions.


  • Moses basket
  • Moses basket stand
  • 2/3 Sheets
  • 2 blankets

Somewhere to sleep is essential and the area in which you have the most options. Being on a budget and having a small bedroom in which we didn’t want to be further cramped we have always started off with a Moses Basket. Moses baskets seem to divide opinions on the online forums, most people moan saying their baby refused to sleep in them or they spend £100 for a few months use. luckily, we have never had this problem and I believe it’s because the size of the Moses basket! A lot of the Moses baskets we have seen in shops which are £80+ are very skinny/narrow yet the one we got from Asda (kinder valley brand) for £20 in their baby event seems to be very roomy we got the mama and papa stand from a charity shop for £3. Both boys were bigger babies 8lb /8.8lb and have slept in their baskets until they were around the 5/6month mark when they were ready to move in to their own room.

I suggest getting a couple of sheets and blankets due to accidents which will happen at the most inconvenient time.

There is no need to buy a cot before the baby is born so save up and buy it once the baby needs it.

On a budget? 

Look for a second-hand Moses basket stand. charity shops often have them. Be aware if you get a second hand Moses basket make sure you buy a new mattress due to SID risk when using second hand mattresses this also goes for reusing the mattresses for your own babies.


Bath time/Nappy changing

  • Nappies
  • Changing mat
  • Wipes
  • Baby towel
  • Muslins squares
  • Bath support

We have never used a baby bath or felt the need to get one, both boys have gone straight into a big bath with the aid of a bath support (not bath seats) People worry about having to bend over the bath and the effect it might have on their backs but babies shouldn’t be in the bath for longer than a few minutes so it really shouldn’t be a problem but if you do suffer from a bad back then the kitchen sink it another option.

I haven’t forgotten about baby wash/baby bath I have just never used them on the boys until they were a few months old before then plain water is plenty to get them clean and they are always the gift of choice from people when you have the baby so you should have plenty.

For muslin squares see below.

On a budget?

We have never used a changing table but have a changing mat which we moved around the house as needed.

Nappies and wipes, some of the own brand are as good or better than the more expensive brands. We use Little angels by ASDA and Huggies pure wipes. Don’t go overboard stocking up on nappies before the baby is born because you never know how soon they are going to grow out of each stage. If you do want to spread the cost then most supermarkets do saving cards so each time you go shopping add the cost of the nappies on to the saving card. Don’t be fooled by the offers in the supermarkets they are on regularly.



  • Car seat
  • Pram
  • Sling

If it’s your first baby do a lot of research when buying your pram in will save you money in the long run.

Check it fits in the boot of your car

Check the handle length is suitable of you

Check you like the way its pushes

Read reviews online

Make sure it looks comfortable for a baby to use up until the child is a toddler.

If you go on public transport a lot check it’s easy to put up/down while holding the baby and bags plus the weight of the pram.

Think about the colour of your pram, buying a bright pink pram is great if you know you’re only going to be using it for your first or if you know you will only have girls but a decent pram should last you 2/3 children so picking a unisex pram means you have no reason to buy another.

Car seat are important and an item in which you shouldn’t buy second hand, car seats are not only effected by being in car crashed but the age of the seat. Speak to the experts when buying a car seat.


On a budget?

Buy a second-hand pram there are so many on sale have had limited use because the buyers have not thought of their lifestyle and what best suits them, meaning they have to buy another pram shortly after baby is born.

Think about do you really need a car seat that clicks onto the pram? Or on to the base in the car? We have never had either the reasons why are it takes a minute once you get the hang of it to put the seatbelt around the car seat and babies shouldn’t be in their car seat for long periods of time. Think about your lifestyle and when you will be using the pram? Do you do lots of short trips 10/20mins etc? if so you might find it benefits you to have the pram converters but if like us where our main trips out are visiting family where the car seat is carried into their house, days out in which we use the pram, supermarkets where they have special trolleys on which your cars seat fits and lastly this time round we will be doing school runs but they are in walkable distant so no car seat needed. You will save a lot of money if you just buy the car seat rather than one which fits on a base or pram. We love the Mothercare 0+ which is often on sale for £40 odd pound.



  • Sleepsuits/baby grows/rompers
  • Vest
  • Cardigans
  • Coat depending on time of year

It’s so hard not to go overboard shopping for baby clothes but after two boys I have found for the first 4+ months my boys lived in sleepsuits for a few reasons. It was how they was most comfortable because tops roll up, trousers roll down, the material isn’t baby friendly…

It is easier to undo a few buttons to change their nappies then take off trousers also its easier to layer a sleepsuit with cardigans, vest and blankets to ensure the baby is at the correct temperature and lastly, I think babies look cuter in little baby grows then “mini adult” clothes in which they have plenty of time to wear.  

Depending on the time of year you might need a simple coat for the baby, ideally you would layer up with cardigan and blankets because they don’t recommend you use thick coats with car seats.

You will notice I have not included socks or mittens that’s because Most baby grows have built in feet meaning you don’t need socks and mittens are not something I am a fan of! The reason being babies use their hands to feel their surrounding and seek comfort if you think back to most scans and 9/10 times the baby has their hands up at their face touching it nor did I regularly cut the boys nails, I found when I did cut them that’s when they were most likely to scratch their faces. Babies nails are very soft and once they get to a certain length they normally spilt and can be pulled off I found that cutting them with nail clippers was what made them sharp.

On a budget?

Clothes can cost you as much or as little as you want, supermarkets do a great range for very little and often have sales.



Feeding Is such a personal choice and each choice requires different equipment on which there is plenty on line if you should need some guidance.



  • Bouncy chair
  • Muslin squares

Babies very quickly need somewhere other than their Moses baskets to sleep this often comes in the shape of a chair of some sort, there are so many on the market and it all comes down to personal choice.

Muslin squares are the one thing I cannot live without they have so many uses, for our first the muslin quickly become a comfort and he wouldn’t sleep without one. They can be used as blankets, cloths to wipe up sick, laid on a changing mat so the baby isn’t laying on cold plastic or in public changing room on a dirty changing mat. A sun shade on prams or car windows plus so much more. I love M n S ones they wash up amazing unlike some cheaper ones which lose shape.

On a budget?

Chairs can be picked up very cheaply second hand and for the muslins they are cheap enough that if someone asks what you want for the baby you’re not making an unreasonable request 😊