Word of The Week Wednesday!

This Week: Decorating!

This week has been a really hectic week. Oliver has started in reception at school and Leo has started back at Nursery, we’ve also had or have appointments left, right and centre this week and I am starting a course this evening studying BSL (British Sign Language).

However on top of all this we have decided that this is a fantastic week to decorate our front room. To be fair it has been in the process of one DIY project (posts to follow) or another for around 18 months now and with the baby due in just over a month I have become aware that we need a decent room in which to live in with a  new born baby.

We have spent the last few months constructing a fake chimney breast and then struggling to decide on a colour that we found worked with the room. We decided on this about a month ago and have had the paint sitting in the corner of the room ever since.

Personally I do enjoy painting and everything that goes with that probably because you can see your progress and then the difference once its completed, however due to the fake chimney breast we built its been a challenge to paint due to the nature of its design, it is looking good though even if I do say so myself.

One highlight I had whilst painting was coming across a drawing Oliver had done on the wall when he was around 2. I can still remember the day that he did it and that when asked he told us that it was a car. Loved coming across it behind a piece of furniture.

Word of the Week Wednesday

This weeks word is: SCHOOL!

Oliver starts reception next Monday and although he has been in a school setting during his time at the pre-prep we sent him to, the nerves are still there for myself and Keighley.

Obviously we want to prepare him for the time he has ahead and for the last week or so the word school has had more then it’s fair share of air time in our house.

He seems to be ready for school and is looking forward to it although we have to keep reminding him that he is going to a new school and not back to his pre-prep that he loved so much and I think that will be the hard moment come Monday morning when I drop him off for the first time.

As I write this I have just ironed his uniform all ready for next week and have been asking him if he is excited and he said he was and that he was looking forward to making new friends, hopefully this is a good sign.

With Oliver starting school this word is now going to feature in our lives for a fair few years to come and it is amazing to think about the last few years and how quickly he has grown.

Word of the Week Wednesday #4 : Cuddle

Leos speech has been coming on a lot recently, as I mentioned in our first word of the week one of his favourites is No however this isn’t his only favourite word anymore. More recently he has developed the use of the word Cuddle.

He will use cuddle multiple times a day and will say it both for affection and for getting out of trouble. The use of this word is most definitely a recent thing and one that both myself and Keighley love.

Leo will come up to you, open his arms and say cuddle at which point he will put his arms around our neck and give a proper little cuddle.

There is a flip side to this though, as he has also developed the technique of asking for a cuddle when he has done something naughty and wants to avoid being told off. I can see the funny side of that, but it is also something we are keen to stop before it becomes the norm for him.

We are so glad that Leo is developing his language skills and that new words are coming, it makes all the hard work with the Speech and Language Therapist over the last eight months.

Word of the Week Wednesday # 3: Disney!

This past week in our house the word has most definitely been Disney.

As we prepare for our trip to Disneyland Paris we have obviously been saying Disney a lot. We had a reveal of our trip in the Disneystore recently where Oliver found out that we were going and he went nuts, he is so excited it's amazing and stressful all rolled into one.

Disney has become very much a way of life in our household recently with the build up so it's not surprising we've reached a point where it is the most said word in our household. If I'm honest I am loving it a bit as I am a huge Disney fan anyway and will quite happily dig out the same Christmas DVDs year after year so the fact that the boys are now getting into it as well is great.

Word of The Week Wednesday #2: Summer!

This weeks word of the week in our household is most definitely without a doubt Summer. Whether that be in the context of Summer holiday, Summer days or Summer School it is certainly getting more then its fair share of air time in our house.

Now I am fully aware that we are well into that time of year and that Summer will get mentioned a lot especially when we have two children breaking up for their summer holidays but it does seem to be mentioned a lot more then it should be.

Oliver recently finished at his pre-prep school and therefore has ten weeks for a summer holiday before he starts in reception at his new school and also Keighley has also finished work until September, so they have nice long summer holidays and that’s probably one of the reasons why I’ve had enough of the word summer, but that is hardly their fault .

I think the main reason why I am so fed up of the word summer is because I really am not a summer person, I am a winter person. Don’t get me wrong I love being able to walk along the seafront on those long summer evenings and also the fact that everything is in bloom and colourful, its just that I prefer the winter and everything that entails. the chance of snow and also the dreaded C word that everyone hates, but I love it always have a always will.

So Summer is the word of the week in our house, what’s yours?

Word of the Week Wednesday #1 : No

Welcome to a (hopefully) weekly piece that we will be doing called ‘Word of the Week Wednesday’.

It is an idea that I’ve borrowed from Alan of OMG it’s A Girl and tweaked a bit to having it run on a Wednesday.

This weeks word is NO!

That’s right NO!

It seems to have become a firm favourite in our house with both Oliver and Leo especially Leo.

It seems that No rears it’s head almost constantly through the day in one form or another and it is driving me round the bend. 

I know that all kids go through that No stage but this seems to be going on for forever. I’m hoping that No as a popular word heads for the exit sometime soon even though it will probably be replaced with another word that’s just as annoying, but then that’s the fun of kids and them learning to talk.