My 13 week old and TV

One of the things that Keighley and I agreed on before Oliver was born to limit the tv he was gonna watch. We decided we weren’t going to be one of those parents who just sits there child in front of the tv, however what we hadn’t banked on is having a child that is interested in everything except what we are doing with him. I like to have the news on in the morning when getting ready for work and one day I noticed that Oliver was watching it from his rocking chair. Obviously I was slightly shocked that he would be paying attention to the television but after some thought put it down to the brightness and the flashing colours. However I decided to keep an eye on him over the next few weeks and noticed that he was selecting what he watched, for example if we had Jeremy Kyle on then Oliver wasn’t interested. However if we put on an episode of Star Trek or Doctor Who he immediately paid attention and in some cases smiling or laughing he was definitely reacting to what was on.

As time has passed it has been harder to stop him watching tv, that’s not saying all he does is watch tv. He definitely has his favourite programmes mainly they are kids programmes with flashing colours and the like but he also likes watching the BBC news and also Star Trek The Animated Series.

Oliver and me watching the news.

I now feel that a little tv will not do him to much harm however we are both very aware of when he is watching tv and how much he is watching and we will be monitoring that for a long time to come.

Our first ever Fathers Day.



With all the rushing around we’ve been doing recently I haven’t really given much thought to Fathers Day until yesterday we all the customers at work were asking for Fathers Day cards.

When I woke this morning I was greeted by a bottle of milk for the baby and whilst I fed Oliver Keighley was in the other room. When she came back and Oliver had finished his bottle I went to rinse it out and put it aside for washing a little later and when I came back I was greeted with this:


Oliver was sitting in my spot in the bed (nothing unusual there) sounded by some presents and two cards.

The stuff that I got was lovely and just showed that the stuff supermarkets and other stores push as a must for all dads isn’t true or in this case needed, with the exception of the superdad pjs everything was either handmade or something that is unique to me and my personality and best of all I loved it cause so much thought had gone into it.

Then Keighley showed me the pictures of Oliver actually making the biscuit face and his delight at having done it and that made it even better.

Making the biscuit with nanny.
Smiling after making the biscuit with Nanny

This may be our first fathers day but I have a feeling its going to be the one that sticks in my mind forever more.

Eight Weeks in and still going!!!!

Well where to start…..


….I am just over eight weeks into being a dad and some how still managing to have the energy to carry on. When people say that having a baby is life changing they are right of course but until you become a parent you don’t quite realise how life changing.  

When Oliver was born it was one of those moments that you will never forget, like you’re wedding day.

Getting used to having a baby in the house was easier then I imagined, also getting into a routine was easier then I imagined, what was difficult to get used to however was the lack of sleep which was fine whilst I was on my paternity leave but once I went back to work I began to suffer from tiredness and that began to affect how I was at work and at home, I did however try my best to work through it which is now working.