Hearing Issues 

We have grouped together all our posts about Hearing Loss and Deaf Awareness in one place for the ease of you our readers.

Leo getting his hearing aids for the first time.

Leo’s Bookshine Pack from Booktrust

Campaign for Subtitled Digital Media

Deaf Awareness Week 4th- 10th May 2015

Deaf Awareness Week 2016 2nd – 8th May

Our ‘Deaf’ Journey 

Baby Signing

Top Tips on Deaf Awareness from Action on Hearing Loss

Our Cochlear Journey!

Balance Testing! What I’m Expecting!

International Cochlear Implant Day. 

Our Cochlear Journey Update #2

Two Years of Hearing Aids

Hearing Loss Awareness Week 2017 

Learning a New Language!

Living with EVA

An Experience of Baby Sign Language 

My Experience of Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Our Cochlear Journey Update #3

Hearing Matters from Action on Hearing

Leo supports #isupportdeafawarenessweek

Oliver supports #isupportdeafawarenessweek

Our Deaf Journey – Recap. Our Deaf Journey – Recap. 

My Sunday Photo 17:14 Hearing Matters!