Pregnancy and Kid Freebies

This page that is coming soon will have information on how to find freebies, advice and support and other bits you might need when first expecting a child or find yourself living with a newborn and not knowing what the next step is.

We will be looking at baby clubs, companies that offer free products to try and also companies that offer support lines and emails.

We hope you enjoy.


First up is a company that every pregnant parent will come to know and that is Bounty. They are there pretty much right from the beginning. In your partners first appointment with their GP they will either be given a Bounty Pack or asked to get one from reception and inside is a number of things that are designed to help you through pregnancy. They also have freebies inside such as pampers nappies (trial pack) and in some Johnsons baby wipes and trial sizes of other products in their range, also they have discount coupons in the bag for a number of other products.
Bounty now offer three packs for parents to be and parents and these are available to collect from Asda, Argos and Boots.

For more information click here


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