A Review of Dreamland Margate

Earlier this year we were invited to join Dreamland at Margate to celebrate their First Birthday. 

Talking to my parents and grandparents we were saying how nice it is that they are reinvesting in the seaside towns and it was what was needed especially in these troubling times when going aboard is getting more worrying for people with young children. 
Richard was working so myself and the boys met my Nan and Grandad from their caravan and travelled up with my mum and dad. The park has a simple band system or you can pay per rides. I love this way of paying because it means the grandparents who wouldn’t normally go on rides can still come along and enjoy the day without having to pay for the privilege. 

There were some great rides along with some of the old funfair stalls like “hook a duck” but not so much for the younger kids. They had a small area outside just for the toddlers, which has about 3 paying rides and also some buses/boats that are free to play in. Oliver loved the kids rides and if we go back I would just buy him a few tokens to go on thoserides until his a bit older to enjoy the bigger rides. 

Leo really enjoyed seeing the animals which were at the park for the party. He spent ages stroking the snakes and rabbits and really enjoyed watching the spiders among all the other animals. 
I loved the feel of the food court and the seating areas that are dotted around the place, we didn’t eat but my grandparents got chips and really enjoyed them. 

My parents commented that they thought it looked a bit run down with peeling paint etcs, but to me I thought it added to the charm of the place especially since everyone was dressed up in 60’s outfits. The staff all looked amazing and were very friendly stopping to chat to the boys. 

Inside there was loads more to do with a roller disco, a old fashion selection of video games, Modern video games and an inside children play area called “The Octopus’s Garden” we didn’t have time to check it all out this visit but if we were in the area we would make a return visit.  
If you’re in the area or surrounding area I would recommend a visit to Dreamland for a fun afternoon out. I would suggest having a look round first to see if you would benefit for a band or just buying tokens for a selection of rides.
Happy Birthday Dreamland!
Written by Keighley Miles

Hamster Madness! 

Oliver has been asking for a Hamster for over a year, there is something about these crazy critters that he just loves. 

When he first asked Keighley and I agreed that he was too young and with two cats, a dog, four fish, a toddler and a baby to look after we really didn’t want the extra workload either, so have been putting him off all this time. 


Helping to set up the cage
In the last couple of months we have seen some changes in Oliver in the fact that he has started to help feed the animals (mainly the fish) and is telling us when Molly wants to go for a walk etc, so we have started to reconsider the fact he still after over a year of asking wanted a Hamster. 

Earlier this week we took a trip to our local Pets at Home to again have a look at the Hamsters and he was again asking if he could have one. As Keighley and I had been discussing this recently anyway we let him choose one that he wanted to take home, to which he was overjoyed. 

We now have a little boy Hamster going by the name of Car who Oliver adores. We have already got Oliver into the routine of feeding and watering Car (as Oliver puts it) basically every evening just before bed Oliver makes sure that Car has food and that the water in his bottle is refreshed with a little help from either Mummy or Daddy. 

We are hoping that as well as being a great addition to the family that Car is also a great way for Oliver to develop the skills needed to take care of something or someone else and gives him the confidence to embrace all sorts of animals as he grows. 

We would love to hear what animals either you or your kids grew up with.  

Little Fellas Fun Days Out # 4: Hadleigh Farm.


We recently went for an unplanned afternoon out to a small local farm that has in the last few years acquired some animals and become a popular place for families with small children to go for a nice cheap easy afternoon out.


Hadleigh Farm is based near Hadleigh Castle which is just outside Southend and is run by the Salvation Army.  The crop producing part of the farm has been in existence for over a century and they have always had a herd of cows, however in recent years the herd of cows has grown to include sheep, pigs and even Alpacas. 

Mummy and Oliver feeding the Alpacas

When we arrived I was surprised to see what was actually there as well as the farm there is a tea room and a training centre where they train people with learning difficulties and give them a skill.


After having a spot of lunch in the tea room we walked round to the farm and only paid £3 per adult entry and nothing for the kids which I thought was amazingly cheap.

A view of the farm from near the Alpacas

We had a walk round looking at the various animals feeding them with the animal feed we got when we paid and then Oliver played in the playground and Leo had his first go on a playground toy. 

Leo and Oliver on a rocking cow and tractor

We would recommend Hadleigh Farm if you live in the South East Essex but wouldn’t if you were going to make a special long distance trip just for the farm.