How to Make the Perfect Cake Pops

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How to make the perfect cake pops..

Cake pops are a great addition to any party kids or adults alike.

They also make great gifts for the kids to take into school to celebrate their birthday with their class mates or just simply to make on a rainy afternoon to make the kids amused.

Once completing these steps the cakes will last a good few weeks in the freezer so ideal to make ahead of time.


Equipment Needed: 

  • A cake pop maker or silicon mould
  • Electric mixer
  • Bowl
  • Scales


  • Eggs
  • Caster Sugar
  • Butter
  • Flour
  • Vanilla flavouring
  • Chocolate
  • Lolly pop sticks

The best way to get a great mixture for your cake pops is to start by weighing your eggs.

Two  eggs should be enough to make about 16 cake pops.

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Once you weight your eggs you then use that weight for all your other ingredients (apart from vanilla flavouring) So for example if your eggs come to 120g you will need 120g of caster sugar, flour and butter.

Once you have every weighed out you’re ready to start.

Start by adding the butter and Caster sugar to the bowl and whisking until nice and fluffy.
Create a well in the middle of the mixture and add one egg.
This is the important bit to create the light texture you need to whisk just the egg until it starts turning white then gently start whisking in the mixture by moving the whisk in bigger circles around the bowl.

Repeat with the second egg

Add a splash of vanilla flavouring

Pour in the flour and give the mixture a quick whisk, not too long otherwise you will knock all the air out of it.

That’s your mixture complete

If using a cake pop machine you need to very lightly grease the plates you can use a spray oil or normal oil and rub on with a piece of kitchen towel ( before your turn it on).

I use a small ice cream scoop to make sure the cakes come out even and for the best results to slightly over fill each “hole”.

The silicon moulds are pretty much the same but go in the oven make sure you place the moulds on a baking tray before filling with mixture.
Once cooked (about 10 minutes) remove from machine/moulds and leave to cool.

Melt some chocolate in the microwave.


Use a lolly pop stick to poke a hole in the cake then remove the stick dip it in the melted chocolate and place back into the hole you made. Repeat for all cakes.

Once completely cooled wrap up well and store in a plastic box in the freezer. After a few hours they will be ready to decorate or if your making a head of time they will last a few weeks in the freezer but Before decorating let the cake defrost for a bit at room temperature.

Our Five Top Tips for Travelling with Kids

image taken from google images to illustrate a car journey

This past year we have had a couple of long journeys that have encompassed using a car, plane and even a boat. As a result we have had to plan how we are going to keep the kids amused for the journey and, this applies to a plane, how are we going to make sure we aren’t the family with the screaming kid. To that end we have come up with five top tips for travelling with a two year old and a baby. 

  1. Number one is simple, and to be honest obvious, but plan your journey. This is a natural when you are travelling by plane but also escential when travelling a long distance by car. It is important to know which roads you will be on and for how long.
  2. When travelling a long distance by car babies shouldn’t be in a car seat more then two hours so you will need to make regular stops, so therefore not is it only essential to know the roads you are going to be travelling on but also where any stops or services are to give your children and you a much needed rest. 
  3. When travelling by plane or boat make sure you have packed everything you can think your children will need. When we flew earlier this year we got Oliver a little Thomas carry on case that he then filled with a few toys and we put snacks and a few bits for Leo and also a tablet computer with some downloaded videos for them to watch. That way we knew we wouldn’t be those dreaded parents with those kids that scream all the way.  
    image from Google Images
  4. One of the main things about travelling with kids is making sure you stay calm and collected. If you seem in control (even if underneath you feel stressed) you’re kids will stay calm and not stress out about having to be cooped up for hours on end. 
  5. And finally….. The most important piece of advice we can give is have fun. Make the journey as fun as possible and it will feel like it went a lot quicker. Or if all else fails take ear plugs so you can’t hear your kids playing up.