We’ve Had A Baby Boy!

We’ve recently mentioned a few times recently that we were expecting our third child. 

Three under five we must be insane!!!

Well on Thursday the 19th October this little one made his entrance into this world and we both can’t imagine life without him already. 

As with our previous two he was born via Caesarean Section and like Leo this one was planned due to the risks to Keighley following previous sections.  

Both baby and mum are doing well and baby has slotted into life in our household extremely well. 

Now what’s this little ones name I hear you ask???

Well he has a very traditional name, we are traditional name sort of people with Oliver and Leonard (Leo) having previously made the cut.

May we introduce George Henry. 

A Dog Called Molly.

Now one of our family members I don’t think I’ve written about is our little dog Molly.


Molly is a pug and shitzu cross who we’ve had for around a year now and I can honestly say it’s like having a third child but in a good way. Oliver and her go everywhere together and love each other dearly.

Sitting on Oliver in the car.

We were worried too about her reaction to a new baby just before Leo was born so she was sent to spend the week with her doggy pal at Keighleys grandparents; but we needn’t have worried she loves Leo just as much as she does Oliver and allows him to pull her fur (not that we allow it) in exchange for a lick on his hand from her. She also goes to Leos side when he is crying and sits with him until either Keighley or I get there and will then stay until we sort out Leo and he has stopped crying.

Molly sitting with Leo

When we first got Molly we really were not sure what we were getting ourselves into but she has become an important member of our family and now I couldn’t imagine life without her, especially as she is just as excited as the kids when I get in from work,  in fact I have to fight the dog off to get through the door some evenings.

I am truly impressed with how she copes with kids and how much fun she has had this summer just chasing after Oliver in the garden. When we got Molly that small dogs and children don’t mix and that we were making a mistake but after having Molly for a year I honestly feel that that person was wrong.

Playing hide and seek with Oliver

I look forward to many more years of watching Oliver and Leo growing and watching Molly grow with them.

Little Fellas Fun Days Out # 3: Kidsfest at Marsh Farm.



On Sunday 9th August we went to Marsh Farm for Kidsfest 2015.

When we arrived we had to queue to get in the car park a sign of how popular this event is. On entry to the Farm we were immediately greeted by happy staff who were only to willing to help you out if you had a problem.

Oliver and Mummy looking at a book range.

Due to the size of the event we decided to have a look round and then go back to the things that appealed. We did stop however at the fire engines and police vehicles and Oliver got to pretend to drive a fire engine and Daddy a police van.

Oliver behind the wheel of a Fire Engine

The emergency vehicles were right next to the kids soft play and café which was our next stop so Leo could have a bottle. Whilst in there Keighley was queuing up for drinks for us, Oliver went to play in the soft play whilst I fed Leo and kept an eye on Oliver.

Leo after lunch

However the fire alarm went off and Oliver went into panic mode meaning he couldn’t find his way out. My sister in law went into get him out but couldn’t find him. By this point Keighley was getting panicked and so was I to be honest. My sister in law took Leo out the building and I went round to get Oliver, however a member of staff ran past me straight up into the soft play and brought him out in seconds. I can not praise him enough for his speed.

Oliver on one of the many rocking horses available

Following our eventful bottle break we went out onto a huge field with loads of different activities and a couple of stages one with dancers on and another with a local radio on which also hosted Mr Bloom of Cbeebies fame.

Our view of Mr Bloom

Whilst we watched Mr Bloom we ate lunch and decided what we would do next. Once we had finished we headed for the bouncy castles, now a firm Oliver favourite.

Oliver on the bouncy castle

There were around ten different bouncy castles so many Oliver was on and off so quickly and on to the next one, although he does love the ones with slides on.  

A Pig at Marsh Farm

Being a farm we obviously expected to see animals and lots of them and this was our main disappointment of the day, yes they had the odd sheep,  cow and pig but not anywhere near as many as you’d expect. They also had a couple of Lama and rabbits but not much more.  I don’t think it helps that I remember Marsh Farm when it was a proper working farm and it seems to now have become a bit to focused on the other parts beyond the animals which is all well and good but also disappointing. 

Oliver stroking a Ferret

That being said we had a wonderful day and we would go again but this time we would be aware of the lack of animals.

Daddy and Leo selfie

Would we recommend Marsh Farm and Kidsfest to other people yeah we would for both. Kidsfest was so big that Oliver found it overwhelming as there was probably a little to much to do for younger kids but as for Marsh Farm as a day out then yeah we enjoyed the animal aspect and the bits they had but just be aware of a distinct lack of animals considering the name.

Introducing Little Fellas Fun Days Out

I an launching a new part to my blog called Little Fellas Fun Days Out. 


I have often reviewed places we have been on days out and felt that I would like to give them a proper title, hence ‘Little Fellas Fun Days Out’.

I would also like to take this opportunity to invite fellow blogs to join in and post reviews with the Little Fellas Fun Days Out logo all I ask is that you link back to this page.

Kind Regards