Balance Testing! What I’m Expecting!

Today we are on our way to GOSH in London for an appointment that I’ve been dreading, Leo is having a Balance Test. 

Due to his hearing loss and also because it is getting worse we’ve noticed that he isn’t as stable on his feet as other kids his age and therefore were referred to have his balance checked. Now this is all well and good until we received the pack from the hospital detailing what they are going to be doing. When I read it I was filled with dread and a guilt that he is going to have to go through what they are going to do. I know that it is for his benefit and hopefully they will be able to help support us and him with working on his balance as this is particularly important due to the fact Leo has EVA. However as a parent you never want to place your child in a situation they will be uncomfortable in or that you know is likely to distress them and that is essentially what we are doing today. 

In the long run I know this to for Leo’s well being and that it is all to help him and us make his way in this world full of accidents waiting to happen etc… 

… and I know that if all goes according to plan he will benefit from what they are doing but with at least three hours of testing ahead of us it doesn’t make it any easier knowing that.