Why I Love Cycling!

We all know that exercise in general is good for us and it’s probably also true that everyone has a particular type of exercise that they prefer over the others, for me that’s cycling.

I just love cycling and although I haven’t done it for a few years it is certainly something that I would take up again if I had the free time to do it.

This time of year always brings back those memories of my early to mid teenage years, riding my bike with my brother and cousins across to local woods or along the seafront for a free day out.

This year especially since Oliver has started riding his bike that we got him earlier in the year I have been thinking a lot about how I would love to start up again. It would be very easy considering my bike is sitting in the shed awaiting an MOT.

This year also I have wondered where my love of cycling has come from! It got me thinking about my childhood before those teenage summers, between the ages of around seven and eleven I used to watch Le Tour De France with my Dad, well the highlights, and used to be amazed at the speeds those cyclists did and the ground they could cover. I remember racing my younger brother and us both pretending that we were participants in the Tour and I think those memories resurface whenever I do ride my bike.

One thing I am certain of though is that as the boys grow older and they start getting more independent and confident in their ability to ride I will be taking them out for bike rides and picnics as a way of making sure they learn to love cycling as much as I do.

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