Two Years of Hearing Aids

On this day two years ago Leo received his first pair of hearing aids.

Having been diagnosed with a hearing loss during his New Born Hearing Screening Test after they failed to get a result Leo was sent for further testing including a NBR which is a test they do when the child is asleep to see if they can get any feedback on his/her hearing.

Following the tests they did Leo’s audiologist sat down with Keighley and my Mother in Law and explained that he had a hearing loss and that he would need hearing aids. This was around Easter time two years ago.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years as so much has happened in that time including an MRI Scan, Genetic Testing and a referral to St Thomas Hospital for Cochlear Implant assessment after Leo had a further hearing loss in December last year.

In those two years we have had times when he has been great wearing his aids, he started off so well and then he figured out that he could remove them and either throw them or in a few cases feed them to the dog. Each and everytime his audiology team have just replaced them and we’ve moved on. We’ve had more molds then I can remember because Leo was growing so quickly as a baby he would need them redone every week. 

It’s been a tough journey the last two years and a steep learning curve but it’s also been an amazing one as we have a learnt a lot. We’ve also watched Oliver learn to watch out for his brothers hearing aids as well as his brother when they are out playing. Both the boys have learnt some basic sign language and that is continuing and it’s amazing to see how well they both adapt to the situations we have thrown at us.

I’m gonna leave this Post with the video of Leo getting his hearing aids for the first time and having them switched on. To me it’s still as amazing now as it was then.


Deaf Awareness Week 2016 2nd – 8th May


This week is Deaf Awareness Week.

Both my Wife and youngest Son are deaf with my Wife having a Cochlear Implant and Leo having bilateral hearing loss and as such raising awareness of hearing loss is important to us. 

According to the National Awareness Days Website Deaf Awareness Week is about


‘promoting the positive aspects of deafness’, to ‘promote social inclusion’

As well as raising awareness for the organisations that support the week such as Action on Hearing. 
15% of the population of the UK are Deaf to some extent and out of 10,000 people 100 will be partially Deaf and 10 extremely Deaf

The theme for the Deaf Awareness week is ‘Common Purpose’ with many events taking place up and down the country so why not take some time out to attend one? 

For more information on Deaf Awareness Week click here