Where have we been?

Its been almost a year since we last published a post on 2 Bottles of Milk, so where have we been? 

Last Christmas I was so ill that I spent most of Christmas Day in bed asleep and it got me thinking about how hectic our lives were and how we needed to relax and let something rest for a while and that was unfortunately the blog! With everything that Leo had gone through and a new baby, as well as life in general it was the easiest thing to let go and allow more time for all the other stuff that was going on at that point. 

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OMG You’re Four Today!

Oliver is Four years old today, how on earth did that happen??? 

I can literally remember bringing him home from the hospital as a little bundle of joy that was completely dependent on myself and his mum. 

Fast forward four years and he is a confident, yet reserved on occasion, outgoing, sometimes mouthy little boy, who is loving life and everything in it. 

Over the years we have seen his interests change and grow with him but the one thing that has always been a constant, and will be for years to come, are his cars. He absolutely loves them. His favourites are the cars from Disney Pixar Cars and we are already looking at taking him to see the new movie out later this year. 

At the start of this year Oliver started in a new nursery which he loves and he has come one leaps and bounds since January. He enjoys going in every morning and there have been mornings where I have felt like he’s out grown the need for Daddy but then I get the hug and kiss telling me he still very much needs myself or Keighley there as a support and that’s what we will do as in the next year he starts school and develops more skills and hobbies that’ll set him up in his life. 

All that needs to be said is to wish Oliver a very happy 4th Birthday and may it be everything you want. 

My Sunday Photo 17:05. Birthday Surprises! 

This past Thursday was Leo’s Second Birthday and for him it was a day of fun and surprises.

This photo was taken first thing in the morning not long after he had gotten up. Upon discovering that the front room had been decorated and that there were presents waiting for him he got excited. However all that was soon forgotten when he realised the Elfie, our Elf on the Shelf had returned to see him on his special day and had also dressed up for the celebrations as well.

Both our boys love Elfie and Oliver constantly asks when he is coming back to see us, so when we saw The Birthday Tradition book in a local shop we immediately purchased to without delay.

Leo had a fantastic birthday and he got a few more outfits to dress up in. In this photo you can see that his PJs are Woody from Toy Story. Well he got a Woody Outfit from Nanny and Grandad and he ended up spending the day dressed as Woody, including when we went to collect Mummy from work and Oliver from Nursery. To say I got some strange looks is an understatement, but hey it was his birthday and if he’s happy then so am I.



Yikes! You’re Two!

Leo turned two today! Where have the last two years gone?!? 

I can still remember sitting outside theatre in the hospital waiting to here his cry or hear of news that both my wife and him had made it through delivery. The change at that point from being a Dad of one to being a Dad of two didn’t really dawn on me, however over the last two years I have realised how lucky we are to have two children close in age. Yes they fight from time to time but mostly they get on well and really care and love each other. 

Leo has had a life full of appointments for his hearing and although that isn’t slowing down anytime soon, (in fact we have more then ever) he is always receptive and upbeat in his attitude. 

Today we’ve had a quite Day celebrating his birthday with just myself and Leo for most of it. However at the weekend we are going to be seeing lots of family and celebrating more. 

There are times I wish he would slow down with the growing up, especially recently as he’s seemed more and more like a little boy rather then a toddler. We all take the moments to laugh and share and enjoy and those will be the memories I will cherish and remember for years to come long after he has grown up. 

Happy Birthday Leo. 

The Elf on the Shelf: A Birthday Tradition

For the last two years we have taken part in the new tradition of Elf on the Shelf and the boys have loved it.

Recently we were out just doing general shopping and came across a new part to the Elf on the Shelf craze and that is ‘A Birthday Tradition’.

The set comes with a little birthday suit for our Elf; Elfie, and a book called A Birthday Tradition. The book tells the story of how Elfie can be with us for a birthday celebration during the year instead of just at Christmas.

I know the boys are going to love this extra tradition we are starting this year, as Oliver keeps asking when Elfie is coming back. I’m excited to see their reactions when they see Elf this morning.


A Review of Dreamland Margate

Earlier this year we were invited to join Dreamland at Margate to celebrate their First Birthday. 

Talking to my parents and grandparents we were saying how nice it is that they are reinvesting in the seaside towns and it was what was needed especially in these troubling times when going aboard is getting more worrying for people with young children. 
Richard was working so myself and the boys met my Nan and Grandad from their caravan and travelled up with my mum and dad. The park has a simple band system or you can pay per rides. I love this way of paying because it means the grandparents who wouldn’t normally go on rides can still come along and enjoy the day without having to pay for the privilege. 

There were some great rides along with some of the old funfair stalls like “hook a duck” but not so much for the younger kids. They had a small area outside just for the toddlers, which has about 3 paying rides and also some buses/boats that are free to play in. Oliver loved the kids rides and if we go back I would just buy him a few tokens to go on thoserides until his a bit older to enjoy the bigger rides. 

Leo really enjoyed seeing the animals which were at the park for the party. He spent ages stroking the snakes and rabbits and really enjoyed watching the spiders among all the other animals. 
I loved the feel of the food court and the seating areas that are dotted around the place, we didn’t eat but my grandparents got chips and really enjoyed them. 

My parents commented that they thought it looked a bit run down with peeling paint etcs, but to me I thought it added to the charm of the place especially since everyone was dressed up in 60’s outfits. The staff all looked amazing and were very friendly stopping to chat to the boys. 

Inside there was loads more to do with a roller disco, a old fashion selection of video games, Modern video games and an inside children play area called “The Octopus’s Garden” we didn’t have time to check it all out this visit but if we were in the area we would make a return visit.  
If you’re in the area or surrounding area I would recommend a visit to Dreamland for a fun afternoon out. I would suggest having a look round first to see if you would benefit for a band or just buying tokens for a selection of rides.
Happy Birthday Dreamland!
Written by Keighley Miles

Our Eldest has turned Three, Yikes! 

Oliver is now a three year old…. how did that happen????

It literally only seems like yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital and were feeling daunted by the fact that we were now parents.


 Thinking back over the last three years I’ve realised how lucky we have been with him. On the whole Oliver was so laid back and still is really and when I think about how easily he gave up nappies, dummies and his most beloved item a muzzie it’s easy to forget he is only three. 

I will never forget being given Oliver in the operating theatre at Southend Hospital and that sudden flow of love I had for him. 

As he has grown these last three years he has developed into a fun loving little boy who has an amazing passion for cars, even our poor hamster is called Car. Everything he does and everywhere he goes you can guarantee that cars (and vehicles in general) are never far from the topic of conversation, but that is what makes him happy so who am I to argue with him, even after having the fourth blue car pointed out to me as we drive somewhere. 

I obviously have hopes and dreams for Oliver as does Keighley and we are sure he will be able to do anything as he gets older with our love and support. 

All that remains to say is to wish our son a very happy 3rd birthday, may you have a great day and one to remember. 

Love Mummy and Daddy 

Our baby is One…

….where did that go? 

Leo turned one yesterday and both Keighley and I can’t believe where that last year has gone so I’ve written a letter to our little baby boy.

To Our Darling Youngest Son Leo, 

It literally seems like yesterday that we were on that maternity ward waiting to go down for the c section and waiting to meet you for the first time. 

We’ve had some ups and downs but the ups way outweigh the downs. 

We are amazed at how far you have come in such a short space of time. You’ve gone from a small little baby who needed feeding and changing on demand to a fun loving one year old who is literally into everything. 

You may drive us up the wall with pulling off your socks and your hearing aids out but as soon as you give us that cheeky smile we can’t stay annoyed for long. 

With this last year gone we now look to the next and we can’t wait to  see what you do next, as you grow we will always be there for you guiding and lending a supporting hand for you. 

We love you and your brother Oliver more and more with every passing day


Your Mummy and Daddy