Leo’s Bookshine Pack from Booktrust

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One thing that Booktrust do is give books out to kids, this is fantastic and well worth spreading the news on. However one thing I didn’t know until talking to Booktrust when they were giving away books in the centre I work in was that they do special packs for children with hearing loss. We have finally managed to receive ours thanks to the hard work of the Southend team.

The pack is fantastic. It has two books and a double sided sheet with songs on but also signs to the songs. One of the songs is Old McDonald, a Leo favourite anyway, but we are now able to do the signs for cow and sheep which I think is fantastic for us and him.

The contents of the Bookshine Pack

As for the books one is a touch and feel book where he can feel what things feel like, which is great for any baby anyway and the other is a rhyme book with actions and signs for him and me to learn. 

Now Leo is almost six months old it is a great time for him to get into books and this is going to be a great way for him to do it and hopefully he will be as into reading as Oliver is by the time he is two. 

For more info on Booktrust, Bookstart and Bookshine click here

Product Review: Magformers

I discovered Magformers completely by accident after Twitter recommend I follow them.  After clicking on their page to see what they were about I followed them really liking the idea of what the toy was and what it could do for our sons development. 

Magformers My First 30 Set

We had a set sent to us from Magformers so Oliver could test it out for them. The set they sent was aimed at children from one and a half up. Once I had opened the parcel and Oliver saw it was a toy it wasn’t long before he was playing with it. His favourite model to make was the rocket closely followed by the ball and although he needed help he enjoyed it a lot.

Oliver stacking the Magformers

One thing he did figure out was that when the magnets wouldn’t stick together (because of them repelling each other) they had enough force to push another one across our wooden floor, something which caused great fun for hours.

Contents of the kit

The kit itself came with 30 magnetic shapes (squares and triangles) and a selection of idea cards to make things with the magnets.  It also came with a book which also had an educational aspect. My wife spent a long time sitting with Oliver matching shapes and colours and getting Oliver to repeat the names of the shapes and the colours.

Oliver playing with the Magformers

Magformers are a new toy to the UK but are already big is South Korea and the USA and I’m sure they are going to be just as big here. This is a perfect toy for children to learn about shapes, colours and magnets without them even realising. Oliver has every morning picked Magformers as his first toy of the day to play with.

I would wholly recommend Magformers to any parent wanting something educational for their child but fun at the same time. 

For more information on Magformers and their products and also where you can purchase them visit their website here

Pros: Great educational value, keeps kids entertained for hours, makes kids use their imagination,  great educational book. 

Cons: The magnets where on the strong side especially for a 1 and a half year old.