Make Your Own Christmas Cake and Christmas Decorations: HYATLC # 5

Christmas can be a very expensive time for families so we try to save money where we can!

In our house we always make our own Christmas cake, mince pies and other deserts. At present our Christmas cake is well on it’s way! My wife started it about mid October so that it matures in time for Christmas.  
The cost of all the ingredients is about £10 which actually made two cakes because my sister-in-law had one half of the ingredients. 

Our three year old twin girls love to bake with their mum and as you can see making a Christmas cake is no different!
I have always thought that it’s important that the girls learn early on how much things cost and with Christmas just around the corner I thought this would be a good time to get our girls to make their own Christmas decorations and it’s loads of fun too!

 The Christmas decorations the girls decided to make were stars with buttons and various bit and pieces stuck onto them. 

 They finished them with glitter pens and they had a brilliant time making them. The cost for all the materials was under a £10 and you can make loads of them!

So, before you go rushing off to the supermarket to buy expensive cakes and decorations have a go at doing it yourself! It is so much more fun and your children will also get a lot satisfaction in their achievements. 

 It will definitely save you money. 
This post was written by Nigel Higgins who blogs @ DIY Daddy Blog