Where have we been?

Its been almost a year since we last published a post on 2 Bottles of Milk, so where have we been? 

Last Christmas I was so ill that I spent most of Christmas Day in bed asleep and it got me thinking about how hectic our lives were and how we needed to relax and let something rest for a while and that was unfortunately the blog! With everything that Leo had gone through and a new baby, as well as life in general it was the easiest thing to let go and allow more time for all the other stuff that was going on at that point. 

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My Sunday Photo 17:33. Best Moments of 2017 #3

Over the last couple of weeks I have been using #mysundayphoto to revisit some of the highlights of the last year. After a stressful year it’s has been nice to look at the good times we’ve had.

This week we are off to the woods.

Way back in January the boys and I took a trip to a local woods that I have frequented since I was a toddler. It is a lovely woods that has changed a lot over the years but is still a firm favourite of mine and now my family.

The above picture was taken of the boys whilst they were sitting on a carved seat. The woods are a managed woods and trees are periodically cut down and every now and then you come across a stub where it has been deliberately left and carved into a seat. Oliver in particular loved coming across these and climbing on them and pretending he was king of the castle.


On Yer Bike! 

Oliver has been asking for a bike for a little while, long enough for us to know he was serious about wanting one. He has been riding a bike at school during breaks and at lunch and has developed the desire to further pursue the new skills that he had acquired.

So recently we went to the bike shop and let Oliver choose a bike that both he liked and we thought suitable for him as a first bike.

Well to say it has been a success is an understatement. He loves it and he loves riding his bike. The bike he chose was a Police themed bike and he loves it.

I wrote last week about how I’m really not a fan of sport or exercise, however the one thing I have always enjoyed is Cycling. I haven’t really kept it up as an adult however as a kid I rode practically everywhere. Summer holidays were spent riding to local parks and woods and spending the day out on bikes with my brother and friends. Since Oliver has gotten his bike we have already been out multiple times and both Oliver and Leo have enjoyed the rides in the countryside around our village, Leo has use of Olivers old trike, which has a handle for myself or Keighley to push him along.

I am looking forward to the future when the boys are that little bit older and the whole family can go on a long cycle ride for the day. This wont be for a few years yet but in the mean time we have to concentrate on getting Oliver less dependant on his stabilisers and riding on two wheels rather then four. I am looking forward to how Oliver and Leos riding skills develop over the next few years.


First Trip!

Yesterday Oliver went on his first ever school trip to a local Farm and it’s got me thinking at how he is now growing up. 

The thing is I don’t know if I’m ready for it. I can vividly remember him being born and bringing him home from the hospital and now he is venturing off on adventures with his pre-prep school. 

When I went to pick him up from the school yesterday afternoon he was full of the excitement of spending the day with his teachers and friends and everything they had done at the farm, including seeing a Sheep race, and I am pleased that he is growing up and becoming independent. However inside there is a part of me that realises that this is the start of a long journey that eventually leads to him moving out and getting a place of his own. 

Now I realise that, that is a long way off but it did dawn on me, as he was telling me all about his day, that he was starting to move away from being almost completely dependant on myself or Keighley. 

Oliver starts Primary School in September and so I know that during his time there he will be having more day trips out and also trips out to friends houses and also trips out with friends. I also know that this is part of growing up and that every child and parent go through it. There is part of me though that has been taken by surprise by the speed it’s happened. As I said at the beginning of this post I can vividly remember Oliver being born and bringing him home from the hospital and also those first few days however over the last few months he has grown in confidence and character and now in experiences beyond Mum and Dad. 

There is a huge part of me that is looking forward to what the next few months brings in terms of Oliver’s development but there is also a small part that is sad to see that development. 

Darenth Country Park

As it’s the Easter Holidays and Keighley and I are looking for ways to entertain the kids so they aren’t stuck indoors all day every day. As I posted earlier this week the boys love arts and Crafts so we always do a lot of that with them, however they also love the great outdoors and as this week has had some lovely days we taken advantage of them. 

The boys are familiar with almost all our local parks and every now and then you want to do something or go somewhere you’ve never been before. Earlier this week a quick Google led us to a lovely country park in north Kent near the Dartford crossing and Dartford. 

The Country Park is a pretty standard park in the terms of the way it’s set out but it is also very beautiful. 

We sat and had a picnic in a massive sloping field and then went for a walk up a gravel path and then down through an avenue of trees. 

The kids loved the freedom of being able to run around and being able to wear themselves out. 

We would thoroughly recommend a visit to Darenth Country Park.  The best bit is also Country parks around the country are free to use and are a great way to keep the kids busy this holiday, so why not go exploring with the kids. 

Back from a Break. 

Our last post was way back in June and since then all we’ve really done is post pictures to our Twitter and Instragram accounts. 

There is no reason for this beyond the want to spend more time with the family and enjoy summer, and it was a nice summer as for us as well. 

So what have we been doing in the 2 Bottles of Milk household this summer. 

Well a lot actually. Here we are going to give you a brief overview some of which will follow in bigger blog posts others will stay as that just an overview. 


In July we were lucky enough to go to Legoland thanks to the coupons in a well known National Newspaper and we had a wonderful time. 

Although Oliver and Leo were too young for a few of the rides there were more then enough to keep them amused all day and too be honest we could have had another day there and not got bored. 


One of the things we have wanted to do for a while is erect a wall between our kitchen and living room. As anyone with young children knows the last place you want them when cooking is in the kitchen under your feet. 

Well we finally got around to actually doing it this summer and the transformation it has made to the room is amazing. Although not painted yet it’s amazing how different the room looks as a result. 

American Speedfest @Brands Hatch

This was an amazing day out that both the boys loved. Oliver has need mad on Disney Cars and cars in general for as long as I can remember now and this was the perfect day out for him. 

The boys got to meet Mater, Finn McMissile and Lightning McQueen along with a host of other cars that were present and also watch some NASCAR Racing that is held at Brands Hatch every year. 

We’ve also had great days out at Hadleigh Castle, The Beach and Greenwich Park in London. 

Personally I’ve been busy with work (two weeks in Cambridge was not fun) and also marking 50 years since Star Trek first debuted by going to see the new movie Star Trek Beyond and looking forward to Destination Star Trek in October and Star Trek Discovery (coming next year to Netflix). 

As we look forward to the end of the year and the many things we have to look forward to and the things that come around year after year. We will be blogging as much as we can and we will also be doing our, now annual, ‘Have Yourself a Thrifty Little Christmas’ from the 7th November onwards. 

Little Fellas Fun Days Out # 1:Summer Holiday Antics!


As parents we always strive to keep our kids entertained and in the summer we try and make sure this is outdoors rather then stuck in front of the TV. I dare say that like most people we are always on a budget and looking out for the things to do that are either free or cheap. One of our favourite things is taking the dog out over the local fields and going for a walk but we don’t want this to be all our sons do.

We all know that an important part of a child’s development is learning how to socially interact with other child and adults outside of the family circle and Oliver and Leo are lucky in the fact that we have a number of friends with kids around the same age that they see regularly,  however every now and then we want them to interact with new children and new social situations in an attempt to broaden their horizons as it were. A firm favourite of my wife’s has been to take Oliver and now Leo to something called Messy Play and this is fantastic. The few times I’ve been along we’ve played with paints, mud, water and also a mix of cornflower and water to make a gloop which when they play with it on a surface it is hard but when they try and pick it up it turns to a liquid, it tends to be a favourite with the adults as well as the kids. Our local sessions cost around £5 so it doesn’t break the bank, however we recently found that our local sure start centre are running messy play in the summer holidays for £1 for all of us with many other activities aimed at Olivers age throughout the holidays some free and some with a small charge.

Oliver, Leo and Daddy playing with Gloop

We have many more activities planned for Oliver and Leo throughout the summer and there is one which we will be repeating and that is a Bouncy Fun Day at our local primary school every week during the summer holidays as well. Oliver has never been on a bouncy castle but my wife and I thought that for £5 it was worth a shot at giving him a go on them. Essentially the school field is covered in various bouncy castles and the kids can go on as many or as few as they like as many times as they like and Oliver loved them.

What we have learned this holiday is that you don’t have to travel great distances to have fun that is outside which in my mind is fantastic especially when it’s free as it means we can then have a couple of big days out now and then as well.

What have you been doing with your little ones this summer holidays? We would love to know

Introducing Little Fellas Fun Days Out

I an launching a new part to my blog called Little Fellas Fun Days Out. 


I have often reviewed places we have been on days out and felt that I would like to give them a proper title, hence ‘Little Fellas Fun Days Out’.

I would also like to take this opportunity to invite fellow blogs to join in and post reviews with the Little Fellas Fun Days Out logo all I ask is that you link back to this page.

Kind Regards


Day Out Review:Tropical Wings Zoo

Tropical Wings is a small zoo based near Saffron Walden Essex. As a family we have been there a number of times  and enjoyed it every time.

Some of the birds at Tropical Wings

We decided to go on Monday 7th July to celebrate our third anniversary. The Butterfly House is amazing and we spent a lot of time in there looking at butterflies and feeding the fish, which are huge!

The size of these fish!!!

Tropical Wings started as a Butterfly House and a few birds of prey. It has now grown into a small zoo featuring Meerkats, Goats and Wallabies. 


Our eldest loved the feeding of the Ring tailed Lemur and squealed with excitement when they came near him.

Oliver and Leo on a tractor

As well as the animals at Tropical Wings they also have bits for kids and big kids alike to play on including ride on Tractors and Diggers and also both indoor and outdoor play areas. The on site cafe is just outside the main Zoo and is relatively cheap but good quality food.

One of the many butterflies.

We would throughly recommend going to Tropical Wings for a fantastic afternoon out.

For more information on Tropical Wings Zoo click here