Star Trek Discovery

Over the last weekend CBS revealed a new trailer of their new Star Trek series, Discovery. In fact over the last week there have been little snippets released here and there helping to raise the profile of the much slated new series.

Yep, I said much slated, unfortunately like I the recent Doctor Who conflict following the revelation that the next Doctor was going to be female. The latest series to bear the Star Trek name has come under fire pretty much since it was announced way back in 2015, granted their have been delays and other problems but if this were any other series being launched we wouldn’t have heard about it until the first teaser trailer aired however because of the such a long lead up time and then the departure of the shows Co-Creator Bryan Fuller left, the so called fans have been slating the yet to air show. Their complaints range from the fact that in the US it will air on CBS All Access, a subscription service like Netflix who will air it worldwide. To the fact that the ships don’t look like the original, the Klingons aren’t right etc  etc…

It has gone on and on for months, however I am really excited about this new series and I can’t wait until September when it finally, after two years of waiting gets to premier around the world. I have been a Star Trek fan for pretty much all my life and I love each previous series for their own differences from each other and I know, going on who has been working to create this, it will have the same values at its core as the previous incarnations.

I will leave you with the trailer that came out this weekend to enjoy.

My Sunday Photo 17:02. A New Trek!

I will be honest, I didn’t take this photo, saying that however this image means a lot to me. This image is from a new behind the scenes trailer that CBS released this past week for their new Star Trek series Discovery. 

I have been a Star Trek fan since I can remember. I remember sitting down with my mum and watching the first episode of Next Generation way back in the late ’80s (boy that makes me feel old). I remember loving the fact that this was a better humanity that was being portrayed, since then I have been hooked on every Star Trek incarnation ever since. Every time there is a new series or movie I eagerly await its release and then enjoy what is produced, yes I have my favourites and there are some episodes I struggle to watch , but for me Star Trek is much more then that, for me it is like a family, watching Star Trek is like meeting up with family members you haven’t seen for a while, you on the whole instantly pick up where you left off. 

This is the reason I am looking forward to the release of the newest incarnation of the franchise in the form of Star Trek Discovery. Yes they will be an infamiliar crew and an unfamiliar ship,  but it is still set in that optimist view of humanities future and boy we could do with some optimism in the world right about now.