Our Cochlear Journey

Over the last few months we have written regularly about Leo’s Hearing Loss and his Assessment Process for Cochlear Implants at London’s St Thomas Hospital.

To say that this journey has been emotional is an understatement and it has also been stressful for Leo. It is a journey that has taken longer then we expected, however since we last wrote we have had some huge developments and his journey has moved forward significantly which has been a good yet stressful and emotional time.

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Star Trek Discovery

Over the last weekend CBS revealed a new trailer of their new Star Trek series, Discovery. In fact over the last week there have been little snippets released here and there helping to raise the profile of the much slated new series.

Yep, I said much slated, unfortunately like I the recent Doctor Who conflict following the revelation that the next Doctor was going to be female. The latest series to bear the Star Trek name has come under fire pretty much since it was announced way back in 2015, granted their have been delays and other problems but if this were any other series being launched we wouldn’t have heard about it until the first teaser trailer aired however because of the such a long lead up time and then the departure of the shows Co-Creator Bryan Fuller left, the so called fans have been slating the yet to air show. Their complaints range from the fact that in the US it will air on CBS All Access, a subscription service like Netflix who will air it worldwide. To the fact that the ships don’t look like the original, the Klingons aren’t right etc  etc…

It has gone on and on for months, however I am really excited about this new series and I can’t wait until September when it finally, after two years of waiting gets to premier around the world. I have been a Star Trek fan for pretty much all my life and I love each previous series for their own differences from each other and I know, going on who has been working to create this, it will have the same values at its core as the previous incarnations.

I will leave you with the trailer that came out this weekend to enjoy.

A Revelation!

Anyone who reads the blog regularly will know that I am a huge Star Trek fan and have been for a long, long time. What a lot of people might not know, unless you know me in real life is that I am also a huge Doctor Who fan.

Now you will have to had been in a cave since yesterday afternoon if you haven’t heard the news that the new Doctor has been revealed. That’s right after months and months of speculation, ever since Peter Capaldi announced he was leaving the iconic role, the BBC have announced the next Doctor.

Well I’m going to be honest I don’t have a clue who this person is as I have never watched the program that this person is most famous for, Broadchurch. The next Doctor is Jodie Whittaker.

Now as I said I do not have a clue who she is and apart from being told numerous times on Facebook that she is in ITVs Broadchurch, which also stars previous Doctor David Tennant, so on her acting ability I can not judge her, however I have faith in those behind the scenes to pick the best person for this huge responsibility.

That faith in those same people is also what is making me hold my judgement on the now reality of having a female Doctor on a show that has for the last 54 years been a male role. Now this is not me saying I am against having a female Doctor but I am hoping that they have done this because it is the right thing to do and not because of the pressure that has been building in recent years amongst some groups of fans.

As I have stated I do not know Whittakers acting ability, although Id have to guess to star in something like Broadchurch which was a huge hit and then be picked for such an iconic role as Doctor Who, she has to be good. I just hope that they give her the scripts and storylines that she deserves and don’t fail her as they have Capaldi on pretty much every series since he took over the reigns from Matt Smith.

The other thing that is going through my mind is that this is likely to be Olivers first Doctor and where I grew up watching firstly new Sylvester McCoy episodes and then reruns of the classics and therefore have an entrenched view that the Doctor is a man, Oliver is going to have a very different view and a very different feeling of what Doctor Who is. That isn’t a bad thing and one that I support, just as the new stuff from 2005 onwards has been a huge departure from those Classic episodes I have a feeling this will also be a huge departure from what has been before, and being a Star Trek  I know this needs to happen from time to time and can be extremely good for a show, its franchise and its fandom and this is how I will be viewing the next series of Doctor Who whenever it airs.

The one question that is on everyones lips though is this, Is the world ready for a female Doctor?

The answer?

Well we are about to find out.

My 13 week old and TV

One of the things that Keighley and I agreed on before Oliver was born to limit the tv he was gonna watch. We decided we weren’t going to be one of those parents who just sits there child in front of the tv, however what we hadn’t banked on is having a child that is interested in everything except what we are doing with him. I like to have the news on in the morning when getting ready for work and one day I noticed that Oliver was watching it from his rocking chair. Obviously I was slightly shocked that he would be paying attention to the television but after some thought put it down to the brightness and the flashing colours. However I decided to keep an eye on him over the next few weeks and noticed that he was selecting what he watched, for example if we had Jeremy Kyle on then Oliver wasn’t interested. However if we put on an episode of Star Trek or Doctor Who he immediately paid attention and in some cases smiling or laughing he was definitely reacting to what was on.

As time has passed it has been harder to stop him watching tv, that’s not saying all he does is watch tv. He definitely has his favourite programmes mainly they are kids programmes with flashing colours and the like but he also likes watching the BBC news and also Star Trek The Animated Series.

Oliver and me watching the news.

I now feel that a little tv will not do him to much harm however we are both very aware of when he is watching tv and how much he is watching and we will be monitoring that for a long time to come.