We’ve Had A Baby Boy!

We’ve recently mentioned a few times recently that we were expecting our third child. 

Three under five we must be insane!!!

Well on Thursday the 19th October this little one made his entrance into this world and we both can’t imagine life without him already. 

As with our previous two he was born via Caesarean Section and like Leo this one was planned due to the risks to Keighley following previous sections.  

Both baby and mum are doing well and baby has slotted into life in our household extremely well. 

Now what’s this little ones name I hear you ask???

Well he has a very traditional name, we are traditional name sort of people with Oliver and Leonard (Leo) having previously made the cut.

May we introduce George Henry. 

We’ve Ditched the Dummies

Every child that has a dummy hits that time where Mummy and Daddy decide to take it away even if that decision to take it away is filled with a slight dread and fear of how said child is going to react. 

Well for us it’s been one week since we’ve ditched the dummies for Leo and it’s gone surprisingly well. Considering Leo started nursery just after Easter and seemed to have become slightly more dependant on having a dummy he has given them up quite easily. 

He now only has them at bedtime although he was ill over the weekend so had one for a nap as well, but other then that he has adjusted to day time life without his favourite companion. 

When we went through this process with Oliver we had the same fears but Oliver was showing the signs of wanting to leave the dummy behind where as Leo hasn’t been. However just like Oliver he has surprised us and moved on with little aggro. 

There has been one side effect of taking Leo’s dummys away and that is his speech. Without meaning to sound rude since last Monday he hasn’t really shut up. He has literally babbled and spoken almost non stop since, which is both great and annoying in equal measure. Sometimes you just like that quiet time, every parent will know what I mean. However the fact he is babbling non stop means that we have had a few new words as well, most notably his new favourite NO! 

The next big, and it will be a big with a capital B step is to remove the dummy at night but for now we are happy to have succeeded in the day. 

We would love to hear about your dummy removal stories, feel free to comment below. 

What’s In My Man Bag? 

I’ve been a Stay At Home Dad for just over four weeks now and in that time I’ve seen various posts on what a Dad puts in the Baby Bag or as some call it the Man Bag! 

So what do I pack for myself, Oliver and Leo when we head out and about? 

If I go back to when Oliver was first born almost 4 years ago I literally packed everything including the kitchen sink, much to my wife’s annoyance! 

I have however over the years realised there are things I don’t or won’t need, such as 10 Nappies for example. It’s been a steep learning curve but it is one that has also taken place more in the last four weeks then in the last four years. 

Now when I pack the bag I pack what I think we need for two boys and a daddy on a day out. 

Here’s what I usually pack: 

  • Three Nappies
  • Wipes
  • Spare Pants and Trousers
  • Drinks Bottles
  • Snacks (Fruit or a Barney Bear)
  • Spare Dummy

And that is it. 

If I know we are going to pop into a shop I will also throw in a canvas carrier bag. 

I’ve learnt that you really don’t need anything else unless it’s a full day out, even then though I don’t tend to pack much more. 

What do you pack in yours? 

DIY Daddy Blog

At the start of last week my wife and I came to the realisation that the cursed dummy had reached its life expectancy for our eldest son Oliver. He had begun to use it more for the sake of it then actually because it was soothing to him. So we decided to take it away completely, which to be honest we thought was going to be a nightmare. 

On the first day we were going to take dummy away Keighley told Oliver a story of a mummy monster who was going to take his dummy for her baby to help it sleep, to which Oliver answered ‘no mummy, it’s my dum dums’ that night however the dummy was taken away and yes we had crying and not going to sleep straight away but eventually after a lot of consoling and support from mummy and daddy he went to sleep. 

The next evening we were going through the bedtime routine and he asked for his dummy to which Keighley said no and reminded him of the mummy monster that had come and taken it for her baby to which he answered the same again that it was his dum dums, he went to bed and was read a story as usual it was then that the tears started but a lot less this time and within 30 minutes he was asleep. 

Come to the third night and he was ready and raring to go to bed without ‘dum dums’ and was asleep almost instantly which was amazing considering less then a week before this was a kid that required a dummy and a muslin just to settle. Fast forward a week and he now proudly tells everyone that he is a big boy because he ‘wears pants‘ and also doesn’t have ‘dum dums’ anymore and we couldn’t be prouder that he has taken what is a huge step in his life and development into a full grown boy. 

What were your removal of dummy experiences like we would love to hear from you.