A Very Disney Easter

Our Easter break in this household lasted three whole weeks, three weeks I hear you say!!! Yep three weeks. My wife works in a private school and they have longer and different holidays from state schools. As Oliver attends their Pre-Prep he also got three weeks off. 

As you can imagine keeping the kids entertained for three weeks was difficult but we decided to take advantage of this and aside from the days out and doing lots of crafts we also decided to educate the boys in some Disney Classics. 

Both of our boys love Toy Story, Cars and anything Mickey Mouse but beyond that they know very little. We have a family trip to Disneyland Paris coming up later this year and both myself and my wife have become worried that they won’t know any of the characters that appear in Disneyland. 

The first movie we decided to show them was The Lion King. This is probably my all time favourite Disney Movie. Oliver started off by saying it was going to be boring and that he wanted to watch Cars for the hundredth time. However once it started he was hooked from beginning to end, Leo on the other hand was hooked as soon as the Disney logo appeared on our TV screen. He loved it and even made a roaring sound whilst using his sign language to sign animal. A very proud Mummy and Daddy. 

The following day we decided to stick The Jungle Book on (we had a sort of unofficial theme going on that weekend). The boys both loved this. They loved the songs and the music and both went and got a Baloo the Bear soft toy we have from when we bought the DVD a few years ago. 

I toyed with the idea of the animated version of Beauty and the Beast but am worried it might be on the scary side for a four year old and a two year old. 

Following on from The Lion King and The Jungle Book we also watched the Toy Story Saga and both Cars movies during the course of the holidays. 

We also had Oliver’s class mascot stay with us for the three weeks who just so happens to be Minnie Mouse so we truly had a very Disney Easter. 

We’re Going On An Egg Hunt Book Review 

Just before Easter Keighley brought a book from the Supermarket for the boys called ‘We’re Going on a Egg Hunt’. 

The boys loved it so much that we’ve decided to review it. 

The book is written like the extremely popular ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ in that you literally go on a hunt for the eggs like the children in the original book go on a bear hunt through the pages.

In this book however there are five little rabbits going on the egg hunt for their Easter Tea. Through the pages the rabbits come across various obstacles including bee hives, lambs and a wolf. 

As you progress through the book the rabbits collect eggs on their journey and each egg is numbered from 1 to 10, which is great for children learning to count. 

The book is filled with big colourful pictures which the kids loved and lots of places for Daddy to use expressive voices when reading the book. 

As a family we would thoroughly recommend this book for next Easter. 

My Sunday Photo 17:11; Holiday Fun! 

This is one of my favourite photos from the last week, it’s not the best one that’s been taken but it does show how much fun they were having at that moment in time. 

We have two small playgrounds in the village in which we live, one is well known and is always full to the brim in the holidays and summer months. The other is tucked away hidden and unknown by most of the village so is always a lot quieter and therefore more fun for the kids. 

In the photo they are on a really old roundabout that has individual seats and lots of support. Due to this fact both boys were asking for it to go faster and faster. This image was captured at that moment. 


Make Your Own Easter Wreath

Out of the two of us my wife is the more artist one. I have lots of ideas but lack the skills and confidence to implement them when it comes to practice. 

Keighley just after Christmas said that she wanted to make an Easter Wreath this year. Well this last week she did make it and here we tell you have to make one of your own. 

What You Need

  • Metal Wreath Frame
  • String
  • Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue
  • Various Easter themed Decorations 

What To Do

Keighley started by wrapping string around the wire Wreath frame using hot glue to secure the string to the frame. 

Next using the hot glue Keighley stuck some plastic eggs on to the string to create a pattern. This was followed by some card grass that she laminated and was stuck on the underside of the frame. 

In front of this Keighley stuck to chicks and a ‘Happy Easter’ sign. At the top of the Wreath Keighley stuck a couple of hair bows which she framed with two plastic butterflies. 

Why not have a go at making a Wreath yourself, we would love to see them. 

Decorating Chocolate Eggs

This is a great idea for children who are bored this Easter Holiday. 
Modelling chocolate or chocolate play doh is a craft Oliver loves doing with his Nanny. 
In this photo Olivers Nanny made simple flowers out of the chocolate play doh which Oliver then Stuck on to a Easter egg (which his Nanny made, however you can also use a ready made egg as well) using melted chocolate before cutting out some shapes himself to stick on..

To make modelling chocolate you need:

  • 20oz of melted chocolate (dont over melt it) 
  • 6oz of corn syrup which you can get from the baking section in most supermarket. 

What to do

  • Mix both together being careful not to over mix once it starts to come together wrap it in clingfilm and leave in the fridge to set over night the next day kneed the chocolate and your ready to go!! 

If you want coloured chocolate use white chocolate and add food dye. 


Warning it will melt quickly…