My Sunday Photo 17:23 Horsing Around!


As I spoke about in last weeks My Sunday Photo we have recently got back from visiting family in Athens.

Whilst we were there we spent four days away in the Greek Mountains at a working farm. This farm was around a two hour drive outside of Athens and was literally in the middle of nowhere (seriously it was a 7km drive in either direction to the nearest villages) however it was a perfect place to relax and unwind and escape from it all.

The picture above was taken on this farm. We were lucky enough for our accommodation to be situated right next to a field full of horses.

The horses are a breed unique to the region of Greece that were in and is at risk of becoming extinct due to the want of bigger stronger horses instead. The farm we were staying on breed these horses purely to keep them from going extinct.

These horses are smaller then your average horse but still relatively large and were extremely friendly.

The boys absolutely loved them and were lucky enough to be able to feed them apples from the nearby trees everyday we were there.





Picking Our Own Pumpkins. 

A couple of weekends back Keighley was away on a Girlie weekend so I had the boys all to myself for two days. On the Saturday morning I decided I wanted to do something with them to keep them busy. 

I had read on a local Facebook Group about a farm that allowed you to go and pick your own pumpkins and thought the kids would love it. Last year we had taken them Potato Digging  and they loved it so thought this would be a fantastic idea. 

When we arrived we parked in a field near the entrance and were greeted by two huge round hay stacks with pumpkins painted on. Oliver loved them and ran up to them asking for his photo to be taken. 

We entered the place which was obviously a great big field to be greeted by a very friendly person who explained what we had to do and what else there was to do once we’d finished picking our pumpkins. This included things like Pumpkin Bowling and other games. 

We grabbed a wheelbarrow and headed off into the field. Oliver and Leo immediately started picking up pumpkins they wanted so Daddy had to step in and sort out what was actually useable for us. 

We ended up with six pumpkins and Oliver also picked some corn on the cob to take home and eat, which in total came to £9 so a lovely cheap trip out.  The kids had a lovely time and Oliver has asked if we can go again.