Organix – Rainbow Savoury Muffins Recipe

We are very lucky in that both Oliver and Leo will eat pretty much everything we serve them and that they tend to prefer fruit over sweet foods. Recently when the lovely people at Organix got in touch and asked if we wanted to try a recipe or two of theirs we jumped at the chance.

The first recipe we tried was their Savoury Muffin Recipe and when I first looked at the amount of ingredients involved I was a little concerned that the boys would struggle firstly with the making and then secondly the flavour and taste of them once cooked, however I needn’t have worried.

The Muffins were so easy to make and the kids loved making them and then eating them and here’s how you can make them too.

What You Need:

  • 225g self-raising flour
  • 1 small carrot
  • 2 spring onions
  • 1/2 red pepper
  • 2 tbps sweetcorn
  • 100g mature cheddar
  • 175ml milk (or dairy free alternative)
  • 1 large egg
  • 50ml olive oil


How To Make:

  • Step 1
    Preheat the oven to 200°C (Gas mark 6/400°F). Lightly brush 10 moulds of a 12 hole muffin tin with oil.
  • Step 2
    Measure and sift the flour into a large mixing bowl.
  • Step 3
    Prepare the vegetables – grate the carrot, finely chop the spring onion, de-seed and finely chop the red pepper. Add all of the vegetables to the flour. Grate the cheddar cheese, add it to the bowl and mix well to combine.
  • Step 4
    In a separate bowl, mix together the milk, egg and olive oil. Add the wet mixture to the dry ingredients and mix well. Divide the mixture between the 10 oiled muffin tin moulds.
  • Step 5
    Bake for about 20 minutes until cooked through and golden brown.
  • Step 6
  • Cool on a wire rack.


Then all you have to do is eat these delicious treats. These are definitely something we will be making again when we have a party of event that needs that something different. I total they took less then an hour to make.


Introducing Little Fingers

We are very excited to announce that we are Brand Ambassador for a great company Little Fingers Baby food, healthy home cooked food from weaning is something we are passionate about and stuck to the best we could with for both our boys of course there are always going to be times when jars are the only option but with Little Fingers Food these times are less and less. A bit about Little Fingers from there website..

“All our finger food is handmade and prepared in our kitchen, and then quickly frozen down to maintain the best quality, locking in the goodness, resulting in a better flavour, and a more nutritious meal for your little one to try.”

Our kids love the snacks we have tried and we will definitely be ordering more. We have tried the Apple and Sultana mini Cakes, the Squash Bites, the Lentil and Cheese Fingers and the Courgette Bites. Oliver loved the Mini Cakes whilst Leo loved the Squash Bites. 

Why not check out their website and quote MILES06 at the check out if you order. 

Make Your Own Pizza Boats

It’s always hard to come up with different and fun stuff for the kids to eat. This is a idea I came across on social media which I added my own twist too, even better it’s low in Weight Watchers SP which is great for me. They are so Simple to make and something the kids can help you with which Oliver loved doing. 

You need

  • Old El Paso Stand and fill cases 
  • Tomatoes passata
  • Grated cheese 
  • Seasoning of your choice 

Then your choice of Pizza topping 


Some ideas

  • Ham and pineapple 
  • Peppers, onions, courgette
  • Mushrooms and sweet corns, Bar b q chicken Anything that u normally have on your pizza. 

How to make your pizza boats:

Place the Tomatoes passata in a pan and add any seasoning you like. Bring to the boil to reduce down this takes about 5/10mins.

Cook the fillings so if you are having chicken cook this is the normal way. Veg cook in a frying pan to soften a bit etc.  
Then it’s a simple case of putting the pizza boats together.
Start with the passata making start you spread it on the side of the cases. Sprinkle over the cheese.
Assemble the fillings.

Then we top ours off with some more cheese.

Place in the oven for about ten minutes until the cheese is melted. We serve ours with butternut chips and a nice salad. They also keep for a few days so are great for lunches. 

Enjoy 🙂 

Hosting a Party on a Budget.

Written by Mrs 2 Bottles of Milk, my wife Keighley Miles. 

Here a few tips on planning a budget, stress free party as well as a simple check list of the things you need.. 

  1. Plan ahead. The sooner you start buying stuff the cheaper you can buy it and the less you feel the pinch on your pockets. I got some great boxes which we used for loot bags for the kids for a few quid from China they cost £8+ from the UK.  
  2. Make everything you can in advance sponge cakes (without the fillings) can be frozen. I made my cake pops a few weeks in advance. The Birthday cake was made two weekends before the party using “fake cake”, loot bags can also be made up. Also take everything out of its wrappers before the party saving time and mess at the venue.   

Don’t go overboard on buying. Once you have your theme write a list of what you want it’s too easy on eBay to end up buying anything and everything that matches your theme resulting in stuff going unused. Also you can use the theme to pick a simple colour scheme. Like Peppa Pig you could use pink and red. Paw Patrol Blue and Red.     

  1. Customise cheaper plain cake pop stands to match you theme. And Pick paper plates and cups in a matching colour to the theme they look better and cost less then the theme plates. We also customised cheap white table cloths using stick on letters. 
  2. Invest in some catering serving trays which come with lids these save a lot of time. You don’t have to wrap in clingfilm/unwrap. They are easy stackable and look great plus are reusable they don’t work out much more then the cheap disposable ones. 
  3. Buy some jugs and fill with diluted juice rather then the more expensive fruit juice Etc. Or small bottles of water and add a drop of juice to each. Better for the kids and your pockets 
  4. Most halls don’t allow you to stick/pins things to the wall anymore so save your money on banners and the stress of trying to find somewhere to put them. Some simple balloon decorations look good and give more impact you could also then give the balloons to the kids as they are leaving instead of loot bags. 
  5. Pick food which can be cooked the day before just make sure it’s cooled before putting in the fridge to save them sweating.    

Simple list of the basic things you need. 




Serving trays

Birthday cake

Loot bags (if doing)

Loot bag fillings (we had a small pack of sweets, a small car, a sticker, a party blower) 


I will be doing a post soon on how to make cake pops and other party food. 

The Weaning Stage Part One!

Leo eating Carrot

Well its official Leo has now started the weaning stage. Pretty much he was excited about seeing my pizza on the table in front of him when we were in Greece he has been showing an interest in what we are eating but we weren’t sure if we should give it a go. Around the end of June Keighley decided to try him on some baby rice, however Leo wasn’t impressed with it at all. So we decide to leave it a while however about two weeks ago Keighley decided to give him another try, this time with Aptimel Porridge and he loved it and now this week we are onto trying carrot which he again loves.

I’m really not sure if we are being baby led or parent led or a combination of the two but what I do know is I’m hoping for Leo to be as fuss free as Oliver was and still is. We have always encouraged Oliver to try new foods and flavours purely so he has a very varied palette and on the whole it’s worked and that’s the attitude we intend to take with Leo.

Any tips or advice will be welcomed.

More weaning updates coming soon.