Product Review – Tesco Branded Ice Cream

A short time ago I joined something called Orchard at Tesco, soon after I received an email asking if I would like to participate in a campaign they were running involving Tesco Branded Ice Cream in exchange for a review.

The nice people at Orchard at Tesco sent through a pack for the campaign with a £3 coupon for myself to use and three 50p coupons to share out to family and friends, once that had been done we went on our usual family shop to our local Tesco Extra in Southend and carried out our shop as usual until we got to the ice cream department. We spent a bit of time trying to decide what flavours to try as they all sounded lovely and with an offer on as well that made it harder to choose. We soon however decided on one for us big kids of the house and one for the little kid of the house.

For us big kids we chose Tesco Chocolate Brownie ice cream and for the little kid we chose Tesco Neapolitan Ice Cream. The two came to just over the £3 coupon but we were confident it was going to be worth it.


First up was the Chocolate Brownie and the wife and I had a small bowl each once the kids were asleep in bed and throughly enjoyed it. I have to admit it tasted a lot nicer then I was expecting, there was a nice smooth ice cream part (close to cornish ice cream) intermingled with it was these soft chocolate brownie bits. I was expecting it to be sickly,  but was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t.  Keighley is not an ice cream fan, perhaps it’s with myself being a born and bred Southender that I love it so much, you know seaside towns and all that, however even she thought it was really nice and was just right.


The Neapolitan Ice cream we bought was with our eldest in mind. A couple of days after the previous ice cream. Keighley and I thought it was Ok but nowhere near as good as the Chocolate Brownie but certainly nice enough for us to buy again in the future with the price being £1.70 for a 2 litre tub it certainly is good value for money.


Our two year old however loved it and asked for more!  No pun on the story of Oliver Twist. He said it was yummy and was even using his hands to eat it so for that reason alone we will be buying it again.


Pregnancy to Fatherhood part nine

Originally written on Tuesday, 4 September 2012 at 22:31

The one thing about pregnancy is the amount of freebies that people want to give you. It starts right from the moment you go to the doctors and get confirmation that your wife is expecting. When you go to the doctors you will get a bounty pack. In the bounty pack there are a few sample pots if things like stretch cream but mainly there were leaflets and also a voucher to claim another bounty pack. Also supermarkets have various baby and toddler clubs who almost all of them will give you vouchers for free baby starter kits and baby changing bags all very helpful stuff. 🙂