Just over two weeks ago my wife and I invested in a second car. It had been decided a while back that we needed one as I need our only car for work and due to where we live my wife was essentially trapped with two kids at home whenever I went to work. 

As soon as we had taxed and insured the car we my wife and kids were out having fun with Oliver telling me what they have done on that day when I get it from work and saying that Mummy’s car is cool because it meant he could go to soft play. 

I for one am so happy that they now have the freedom to go and do what they want when they want and aren’t trapped at home just because of the need for me to have the car due to work. The car was an expensive purchase for us but has made such a difference that it was money well spent. I dare say that some of the ‘Little Fellas Fun Days Out’ in the future, will be because of the days out my wife and kids have due to this car.