Darenth Country Park

As it’s the Easter Holidays and Keighley and I are looking for ways to entertain the kids so they aren’t stuck indoors all day every day. As I posted earlier this week the boys love arts and Crafts so we always do a lot of that with them, however they also love the great outdoors and as this week has had some lovely days we taken advantage of them. 

The boys are familiar with almost all our local parks and every now and then you want to do something or go somewhere you’ve never been before. Earlier this week a quick Google led us to a lovely country park in north Kent near the Dartford crossing and Dartford. 

The Country Park is a pretty standard park in the terms of the way it’s set out but it is also very beautiful. 

We sat and had a picnic in a massive sloping field and then went for a walk up a gravel path and then down through an avenue of trees. 

The kids loved the freedom of being able to run around and being able to wear themselves out. 

We would thoroughly recommend a visit to Darenth Country Park.  The best bit is also Country parks around the country are free to use and are a great way to keep the kids busy this holiday, so why not go exploring with the kids. 

My Sunday Photo 17:03. Park Life!

Both of our boys have always loved open spaces, we are lucky enough that in the summer we can open up our French Doors and let the outside in the garden and the boys have free run of the front room and the garden most days of the summer. 

In the autumn and winter however this is a lot more difficult if not impossible to do so we spend a lot of time in the towns parks and along the seafront so the boys can enjoy the outside air and have sometime to run around and wear themselves out. 

One local park to us has always had for as long as I can remember and probably a lot longer then that a solitary Peacock in it. My Dad once told me that there was a whole flock of Peacocks in the park but one by one they died and weren’t replaced by the local council. Well a few years ago this last Peacock died and to be honest I didn’t give it much more thought other then that’s sad. 

On Monday I took the boys to said park and as we walked towards the playground we came across, much to my surprise, not one but a family of Peacocks (four in total). 

The boys loved watching them move around their enclosure and having them come up to them so they could see them closely. Unfortunately they didn’t open their tail feathers to show the awesome display that is a full Peacock but the boys loved it never the less. 

We will be definitely be going back soon.