Watering Your Garden Whilst On Holiday!

I would like to start this post by stating that I’m not the best of gardeners or even the most successful, however I do like to have nice plants and flowers to look at during the summer months.

However due to the fact that we have a shared garden I’m not able to have a full garden full of plants and flowers in the soil that when we go on holiday have a chance of surviving. I’ve had to come up with a solution that gives the plants and flowers I have spent months growing, including the Sunflowers that the boys have grown and chance of making through us having a few days away.

I looked at the various water filtration systems available on the market, however they all needed access to an outside tap, which I don’t have, so I came up with a system that didn’t rely on the need for an access to an outside tap.

I decided that I needed to store water for a time so that the plants can access it over an extended period. The solution I came up with was to use old plastic bottles as water reservoirs. I used old soft drink, milk and juice bottles and used different numbers per tub/planter.

Here is what I did:

  • I washed them out and took the label off.
  • Then I cut the bottle of the bottle off and threw that away along with the lid.
  • Once this had been done I then half buried them in the planter of choice
  • Then I filled it with water before watering around the bottle and the rest of the planter.

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Anglian Water Garden Water Saving Pack.

The pack that was sent through

When we arrived back from our holiday this was sitting on our door step for us. As an Anglian Water customer we were entitled to a free pack to help us save water in the garden on things like watering plants etc… so I signed us up.


The kit contains a number of leaflets on saving water but also some more useful items such as a pack of herb seeds, a water stick that tells you when the soil is wet or dry and also something called a Rain Mat which is something you put into to a pot or trough and it stores water to keep the plants watered. All in all a nice free gift from Anglian Water to help with my gardening.

If you live in the Anglian Water area and would like to get the kit then just go to their website and apply.

Green Fingers!

As with a lot of other people I grew up with grandparents that were and still are keen gardeners and it rubbed off on me.  Ever since I can remember I have been having a go at growing my own flowers or vegetables, be it with my grandparents or my parents but have never managed to achieve anything. This has continued to now, including an allotment for a short while but I’ve never been that good at it.

We gave up the allotment earlier this year and so now all I have to dabble in a two smallish raised beds and a couple of pots on our decking which is included in a shared garden, where we live. I thought well ok I have the strawberry plant that has some how survived when everything else in the bed died and a completely empty bed that was fresh for new flowers.  I decided that in one I was going to put in some shop bought (ready grown and flowering) pansys and in the other put some other fruit plants and perhaps a tomato plant as well.

Well I never got round to the other fruit plants and tomato plants so the strawberries have literally had the bed to themselves and this has been the result.  I hasten to add that with the erratic weather we have been having I haven’t actually watered these myself, but am pleased with the results anyway.

This was tiny in march it now takes up half the bed.
Fruit beginning to form.

As for the shop bought plants I usually by they all tend to die off after a couple of week’s but again for reasons unknown they have flourished.


I am really pleased with the results with what I planted this year. I am also curious as to what other people plant or grow?