My Sunday Photo 17:32. Best Moments of 2017 #2

Greek Delight!

As I mentioned last week I will be using the last few Sunday’s of 2017 to take a journey back through this year and look at the happy and exciting moments that have occurred during what has been an extremely stressful year.

This week we’ve travelled to Greece.

I have blogged before about being lucky enough have family living in Athens and that we are able to go out and see them semi regularly. This last summer we flew out for two weeks of Greek summer sun staying part of the time in Athens and also spending some of our time in the Greek Countryside, around a 2 hour drive outside of Athens.

The above photo was taken on a working farm that also is open to people taking holidays there.

The first evening we got there the boys and their cousins were feeding the horses that were near our accommodation when my brother in law noticed that a sprinkler has started up, before we knew it the whole field between us and the rooms was awash with water being sprayed from a field of sprinklers. We made a dash back to dry land however the kids decided to would be better fun to run around like nutters in it.

The above photo was taken whilst the boys were having the time of their lives, I had noticed that due to the height of the sprinklers sprayed the water some had begun to form rainbows. I decided that I was going to try and capture one of these and this picture is the result.


My Sunday Photo 17:23 Horsing Around!


As I spoke about in last weeks My Sunday Photo we have recently got back from visiting family in Athens.

Whilst we were there we spent four days away in the Greek Mountains at a working farm. This farm was around a two hour drive outside of Athens and was literally in the middle of nowhere (seriously it was a 7km drive in either direction to the nearest villages) however it was a perfect place to relax and unwind and escape from it all.

The picture above was taken on this farm. We were lucky enough for our accommodation to be situated right next to a field full of horses.

The horses are a breed unique to the region of Greece that were in and is at risk of becoming extinct due to the want of bigger stronger horses instead. The farm we were staying on breed these horses purely to keep them from going extinct.

These horses are smaller then your average horse but still relatively large and were extremely friendly.

The boys absolutely loved them and were lucky enough to be able to feed them apples from the nearby trees everyday we were there.





Vionic Shoe Review

Since having a C section with Oliver I have suffered lower back pain which gets especially bad when I have been doing loads of walking and in pregnancy. Which is why since booking Disneyland Paris in early pregnancy, I have worried about how I would cope with all the walking and being 27 weeks pregnant.

So, when I was contacted by Vionic asking if I would like to try out a pair of their shoes which are fitted with FMT technology and built in arch support as part of their #steppingintomotherhood campaign to reduce swelling and foot pain in pregnancy I jumped at the chance, they have a wide range of styles for all occasions, I picked out the Midi in grey.

Vionic suggest you start off wearing their shoes for a few hours a day to allow your feet to get used to be correctly supported but with the Disneyland trip rapidly approaching I was unable to do so. I was a bit worried I was going to end up regretting wearing them but to my surprise from day one I found the shoes very comfortable and didn’t suffer from any of the pains associated with new shoes.

So how did I get on?


On day one of walking around the park I didn’t give my feet or back pain a second thought until come 3pm when my feet started getting hot and because we had popped back to the hotel without thinking I slipped on a pair of flip flops. What a mistake!! Within half an hour my unbearable back pain had started. That’s the thing with pregnancy and back pain you don’t notice it when you have not got it but when you have the pain nothing can take your mind of it. The second day was a lot cooler, so once again I put on my Vionic midi’s but considering how bad my back pain was the previous afternoon I wasn’t holding out much hope of being pain free but to my surprise I managed the whole day without any inkling’s of back pain, sadly I didn’t get away totally pain free I still had some ligament pain in my bump but at that stage of pregnancy its expected.

Since Disneyland we have had a few trips to London and two weeks in Greece and I can honestly say I don’t know how I would have survived without my Vionic midi’s.
The focus Of the #steppingintomotherhood campaign was how Vionic FMT technology can help reduce swelling in pregnant woman, well I have not experience any swelling in my feet at all but I can’t hand of heart say that is because the shoes or if it’s because I’m just one of the lucky ones that are not prone to swelling, I have worn these shoes in extremely hot weather, on two planes trips, two London trips and also two days of travelling backward and forward to Disneyland on the Eurostar so if my feet were going to swell they had plenty of chances to do so.


One thing I will swear by is the difference the shoes have made to my back pain, so much so I am already eyeing up the shoes in different styles and will be investing in a pair of their sandals asap in case the sun finally decides to rear its head over here in Britain and some more fancier shoes for after the baby is born.

Vionic shoes come in a wide range of styles which can be view on their website

Hotel Review: Oasis Scala Hotel; Aristi Island; Greece

The Ferry to Skala

When we went to Greece back in early June for our Nephews Christening we were also due to travel over to an island for a nice family holiday, the island that my sister in law chose was Agistri around 1 hour out of Athens.

The Island of Aristi

Arriving on the island we were pleasantly surprised to find that the hotel was less then a five minute walk from the dock/jetty and right on top of the beach. The hotel on first impressions strikes you as a traditional Greek Style hotel but what hides behind the doors to the rooms changes that. We stayed in two rooms the first being located on the ground floor which was fantastic with kids, we could have done with a gate on the walled patio area outside to stop our two year old wandering off but it wasn’t a huge issue as we keep an eye on him at all times anyway. This room was spacious with a small cooker and a fridge with a compact freezer inside. All in all a lovely room.
On our second day there we were moved to our room for the rest of the stay and what a room. It was a massionette style room with the bedroom upstairs overlooking the main room. The view from this room was amazing. We had a lovely balcony which was in between our other families rooms thus we could all keep in contact with each other should the need arise. 

Our second room

The staff were fantastic answering any and many questions that we had. One staff member stood out for us though and that was the waiter for the bar/restaurant he was fantastic always had a smile on his face and by the end of the holiday we had found out he had been to our home town of Southend.

In terms of activities for kids this is where the hotel was lacking because once you took away the beach there was little else for the kids to do,  however my brother in law and father in law took the eldest two fishing and a very short walk into town was a great playground and a few kiddie rides that were well used after dinner most nights.  The lack of kids facilities didn’t detract from the holiday at all as the kids made their own entertainment which was lovely to see.

Oliver flying off on an adventure.

My personal highlight of the week, apart from spending time with my family of course, was this fantastic church on the island which we could see from the hotel is was an amazing piece of architecture that was great to look at everyday with the ocean in the background.


We needed a nice relaxing holiday and that is what we got.

Would we recommend this hotel yes we would and the island as a whole.

Oasis Hotel Scala

Pros: nice rooms, good service,  nice food, fantastic staff

Cons: the area around the pool could have been tiled with non smooth tiles to make it safer, the wifi wasn’t that great unless you were at the bar. I tried to access a few times from our room and just couldn’t.