My Sunday Photo 17:30: Pumpkin Fun! 

This year we followed a slightly different vein when it came to our pumpkins. We purchased them from a local grower in our village and glad we did as we got a huge selection to choose from and also were able to get some to turn into Pumpkin Soup. 

When we got them home we asked Oliver if he wanted to carve his pumpkin to which he answered that he wanted to colour it in instead. The above photo is the result of his and Leo’s hard work. 

They loved the task and we loved the lack of mess to clear up. 


Halloween Party Music on a Budget. 

When planning music for your Halloween Party, or indeed any party it is easy to get carried away and possibly spend a lot of money on themed CDs or Download lots of tracks that fit into the feel of your party. However with a little bit of careful planning you can get most if not all your music for free… 

Yes you read that right for free. When planning a party now I have two first ports of call for music and then choose the best for what I am looking for. 

First up is a fantastic radio app called Accuradio. This is an app that you can download to your mobile device or you can also access it via the Internet on your laptop. The thing I love about the app is the amount of genres, tracks and artists available. The creators have split these down into different channels and this has been no different with Halloween. They have no less then five different channels, yes five, all set for a variety of party types from a kiddie party up to the adult only type. It is so easy to use, you literally select the channel you want and press play, plug your mobile device in to a speaker system and voila instant free music. 

The other go to place that I use is YouTube. Now this does take a little bit more time to organise because you can set up your own playlists, you also run the risk of adverts, which you don’t get with Accuradio, however the advantage is you can pick and choose what you want to listen to. So if you are after something for really young preschoolers then you can tailor your playlist to that area. 

For our Halloween party I managed to put a playlist of Seventeen songs together in an evening and they all fitted the age range I was looking for. 

Again if you have the YouTube app on your mobile device then you can just plug it into a speaker system and away you go. 

Halloween Costumes on a Budget. 

With the exception of the food the next biggest expense is a costume. They can cost a lot of money if you don’t shop smart. 

Well we’ve done the research for you on some of the best prices costumes currently on sale in various retailers. 

First up is Home Bargains who have a number of costumes from Pumpkins through to Witches all for £5.99 

Next is Tescos F&F range they have costumes ranging from £7 up. We have picked out the best bits for you. 

This is a Dracula Costume and is available from £8 

F&F Witch Costume from £7

F&F Skeleton Costume from £7 

George from Asda

Glow in the Dark Skeleton Costume from £8

Sequin Witch Costume from £8 
These costumes are all currently available from the various stores mentioned. 

Make Your Own Halloween Wreath. 

Every year my Mother in Law throws a Halloween Party for the kids and their cousins and friends and this year is no exception. 

With that in mind my Mother in Law set about making decorations for the party. 

In this post she describes how she made an amazing Halloween themed wreath. 

What You Need: 

  • Spider Wreath    £1 

  • 10 Inch Wreath Form £3.80 for 10 

  • 2 Metres Stiff Tutu Fabric £1.78 per metre 

  • Glitter Chenille Sticks £1

  • Ribbon (Left over ribbon from a previous craft activity was used here however you can pick up Halloween Ribbon from eBay or HobbyCraft) 
  • Hanging Halloween Decoration £1
  • Witches Hat £2.50 

What you need to do: 

1: I started by cutting the stiff netting into strips about 3 inches wide then cut each strip into 10inch long pieces. To attach to the wreath I folded the piece in half put the looped end under the wreath wire and pulled the two tails through and pulled so it was tight against the wire I filled the outer ring then the inner ring and used all 2 metres of fabric. Fluff the fabric up to create fullness. 

2: I then added some ribbon and attached to the ring using the same method I dove tailed the ends of the ribbon and sealed the edges by running a lighter quickly along the edge of the cut ribbon.

3: I wrapped the chenille sticks around a pencil to create a spiral and then twisted 3 together and attached to the wreath by just twisting the ends of the chenille sticks around the inner ring.

4: The spider at first was just going to adorned with a bow but I see the little hat whilst I was out shopping and thought it would be nice to use on the wreath. I took the head band off by just snipping the piece of material that was attached to the band it came off easily and neatly. I attached it to the spider by using the wire hanger on the spider I popped it through the back of the hat and then twisted the whole thing ( spider & hat ) around the inner ring securing it firming in place in the centre of the wreath.  

Ensure you tuck the ends of the chenille sticks right under so no wire is sticking out any exposed wire could scratch your door for extra protection stick your blue tac over the points where you have attached the chenille sticks

Total Build Cost is £7.88

Photos and Writing by Joanne Tansley. 

A Spookily Thrifty Halloween!

Tips for Halloween on a budget. 

Welcome to A Spookily Thrifty Halloween! 

With Halloween now less then a week away we thought we would spend the next few days giving you hints, tips and craft ideas to help keep the cost of those Halloween Parties for the kids down. 

We are covering everything from Decs and Food through to Costumes and Music. 

So stay tuned to our spooky blog for money saving tips this week. 

Picking Our Own Pumpkins. 

A couple of weekends back Keighley was away on a Girlie weekend so I had the boys all to myself for two days. On the Saturday morning I decided I wanted to do something with them to keep them busy. 

I had read on a local Facebook Group about a farm that allowed you to go and pick your own pumpkins and thought the kids would love it. Last year we had taken them Potato Digging  and they loved it so thought this would be a fantastic idea. 

When we arrived we parked in a field near the entrance and were greeted by two huge round hay stacks with pumpkins painted on. Oliver loved them and ran up to them asking for his photo to be taken. 

We entered the place which was obviously a great big field to be greeted by a very friendly person who explained what we had to do and what else there was to do once we’d finished picking our pumpkins. This included things like Pumpkin Bowling and other games. 

We grabbed a wheelbarrow and headed off into the field. Oliver and Leo immediately started picking up pumpkins they wanted so Daddy had to step in and sort out what was actually useable for us. 

We ended up with six pumpkins and Oliver also picked some corn on the cob to take home and eat, which in total came to £9 so a lovely cheap trip out.  The kids had a lovely time and Oliver has asked if we can go again. 

My Sunday Photo 16:04 Pumpkin Picking Fun!

Yesterday I took the boys to go and pick some pumpkins. 

Well we’ve never done pumpkin picking before, although we have done Potato Digging and the kids loved that so I was sure they would love this and they did. 

This photo above shows the boys once we had arrived home looking at the various pumpkins we had picked. Oliver commented that he had never seen a white pumpkin before and that they looked like ghosts. 


Crafty crafts: Halloween Decorations


With Halloween coming up and the cold winter days drawing in, It’s the perfect excuse to spend cozy days indoors doing some Art and Crafts.

These Loo Roll spookies are a ideal craft for toddlers and can be spread over a few restless/rainy days.


We made Bats, Cats, Ghosts and Spiders.They were so simple and fun to make.


The first day we just had a painting day with loads of Loo Rolls and Oliver painted them Black, Grey, white and multi coloured (this was Oliver’s favourite one to do).

A few days later and another restless afternoon we started working on making them into Halloween spookies. Below is a quick outline on how we made each one. We made them up as we went along so next time we would do some things different but that’s the fun in doing things your own way there is no wrong or right way. 

The Ghost


For the ghost we simply laid white tissue paper over the top of a loo roll and glued goggly eyes on.

The Cats


For the cat we cut a loo roll in half so we got two cats out of one Loo Roll. Then I cut out felt ears (You could also use cardboard) and Oliver glued them and the eyes on then drew on a mouth.

Thinking about it we could have kept them as one Loo Roll and used a pipe cleaner as a tail. 

The Bats


The bats were really simple again. I cut out the wings from black felt while Oliver glued on the eyes. 

The Spider


The spider was the most work. We had to divide the bottom half into 8 “legs” then Oliver went wild sticking on as many eyes as he could. 

We are having a Halloween party and we will be using these as decorations for the party. Most people have the supplies laying around to make these so they are a cheap/free way to decorate.