Elf on the Shelf: Day 9: Tree Dancing!

Well this is a new one for us, we caught Elfie mid dance today!

One can only think that in the North Pole that 70’s dancing is still popular with the pose that Elfie is in, it is certainly reminiscent of Saturday Night Fever!

With the last couple of days activities the boys can’t wait to see what he gets up to tomorrow.

My Sunday Photo 17:31. Best Moments of 2017 #1

Disney Fun!

Over the next last few Sundays of 2017 I am going to be using the #mysundayphoto posts to have a look back over our last year as a family.

We’ve had quite a stressful year and it is nice to be able to look back on the fun times we’ve had and the exciting events that have taken place in that time, such as the birth of our third son, George.

Starting us off is a trip to Disneyland

Back in the Summer we were lucky enough to get to go to Disneyland Paris for a few days with the rest of our family. In fact I posted a #mysundayphoto of our time there.

The above photo was taken in the Inventions Restaurant that is located within the Disneyland Hotel. We booked a character meal for the boys as we weren’t too sure how they would react seeing them within the crowded environment of the park, we needn’t have worried on that front.

The meal was a fantastic idea and time though as the boys really got to interact with five different characters from the Disney family. As you can see in the above photo of Oliver Mickey Mouse was one of those characters, along with Pluto, Donald Duck, Tigger and Eyore.

We would thoroughly recommend a character meal if you can stretch your budget, because although on the expensive side it was fully worth the money we paid.


My Sunday Photo 17:22. Athens Fun!

We have recently got back from visiting family in Athens. We had a great time while we were there and had a lot of fun in and around water.

The above photo was taken at a pool party for a friend of our Nephews. As you can see the boys were having a great time playing with a blow up Dinosaur.

We did spend a lot of time in the pool, this photo was taken in a rare moment outside of the water around the time it had gotten too hot (high 30’s).


Watering Your Garden Whilst On Holiday!

I would like to start this post by stating that I’m not the best of gardeners or even the most successful, however I do like to have nice plants and flowers to look at during the summer months.

However due to the fact that we have a shared garden I’m not able to have a full garden full of plants and flowers in the soil that when we go on holiday have a chance of surviving. I’ve had to come up with a solution that gives the plants and flowers I have spent months growing, including the Sunflowers that the boys have grown and chance of making through us having a few days away.

I looked at the various water filtration systems available on the market, however they all needed access to an outside tap, which I don’t have, so I came up with a system that didn’t rely on the need for an access to an outside tap.

I decided that I needed to store water for a time so that the plants can access it over an extended period. The solution I came up with was to use old plastic bottles as water reservoirs. I used old soft drink, milk and juice bottles and used different numbers per tub/planter.

Here is what I did:

  • I washed them out and took the label off.
  • Then I cut the bottle of the bottle off and threw that away along with the lid.
  • Once this had been done I then half buried them in the planter of choice
  • Then I filled it with water before watering around the bottle and the rest of the planter.

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My Sunday Photo 17:11; Holiday Fun! 

This is one of my favourite photos from the last week, it’s not the best one that’s been taken but it does show how much fun they were having at that moment in time. 

We have two small playgrounds in the village in which we live, one is well known and is always full to the brim in the holidays and summer months. The other is tucked away hidden and unknown by most of the village so is always a lot quieter and therefore more fun for the kids. 

In the photo they are on a really old roundabout that has individual seats and lots of support. Due to this fact both boys were asking for it to go faster and faster. This image was captured at that moment.