Our top cheap Christmas Apps: HYATLC #6 

This time of yeah when you are inundated with Christmas, Christmas , Christmas the last thing you may think you need is more of it on your phone or tablet, however there are some fantastic apps out there on both Android and IOS that will give you are your kids some great fun on the run up to Christmas and on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 

Elf Yourself


Now this has been around for a number of years in the form of a website where would go and ‘Elf Yourself’ now however I have discovered that you can now do it via your phone or tablet. 

The app itself allows you to upload five faces and one video with a song for free (which bizarrely features cats) but there are a whole host of other dances and sings you can use at a cost of 79p each or you can buy the whole lot for £4.49. 

It is so easy to use I think this is going to be a winner in our house this year with a number of videos created and shared. 

PNP-Portable North Pole

PNP or Portable North Pole is something which we discovered last year and loved. The premise is a simple one in that you get a personalised video that you can show to your children from Santa. The app is extremely simple to use which is great if you want to knock up a video on the quick whilst you have a spare minute (which as parents we know isn’t often). Once you access the app you’ll notice it is split into two areas a Parents Corner and a Children’s Corner. The Parents Corner is protected by a passcode, which is great, as this is where you create your messages from Santa. Inside the Children’s Corner there is an area where they can view their messages from Santa and then three games to play. 

NORAD Tracks Santa


The title of this app pretty much sums it up, it is literally an app to track Santas journey around the world on Christmas Eve. The website is fantastic but having never used the app before I can’t really pass judgement but it does look good. There is even an area to find out about the origins of Santa and all about his sleigh etc. 

Catch Santa


This is one to use on Christmas Day once all the hype first thing in the morning has died down a bit. With this app you can make it seem that Santa did deliver the presents and have the photographic evidence to prove it. It is easy to use although some of the positions that Santa is in are a bit odd. 

Like most parents I love the thrill Christmas gives my kids and these apps are a great yet cheap or even free way of giving a little bit more magic in an already magical season.