My Sunday Photo 17:33. Best Moments of 2017 #3

Over the last couple of weeks I have been using #mysundayphoto to revisit some of the highlights of the last year. After a stressful year it’s has been nice to look at the good times we’ve had.

This week we are off to the woods.

Way back in January the boys and I took a trip to a local woods that I have frequented since I was a toddler. It is a lovely woods that has changed a lot over the years but is still a firm favourite of mine and now my family.

The above picture was taken of the boys whilst they were sitting on a carved seat. The woods are a managed woods and trees are periodically cut down and every now and then you come across a stub where it has been deliberately left and carved into a seat. Oliver in particular loved coming across these and climbing on them and pretending he was king of the castle.


My Sunday Photo 17:18; Turtles! 


Taking advantage of the brilliant summer weather I recently took the boys to a lovely local park in Southend that we haven’t been to before. The irony is we drive past it daily on the school/work run.

The boys loved the huge pond that was in the park. There were numerous ducks and ducklings and then to our surprise we discovered that there were also turtles in the pond. Oliver and Leo were amazed to see them and then watch them swimming about.

It was a wonderful day out.



My Sunday Photo 17:12; The Swan! 

We live in an area that has a huge military past, mainly due to our location on the mouth of the Thames River. For many years a lot of the land around us has been MOD land and a lot still is however around a decade ago work started on an army barracks, that date from the 18th Century and possibly earlier, to convert the useable buildings there into housing and as part of the deal with the council the developers were also allowed to build a lot of a local park. However in exchange for building on the park the developers opened up a lot of other land that they were interested in building on and gave it to the town, this has now been turned into an amazing natural park, almost a nature reserve in the style. Within this park there are a number of ponds which have attracted various birds and other wildlife. 

During the last week I took the boys there for an afternoon out to burn off some energy. We were having a walk when we came across two swans in one of the ponds and this above photo was taken then. The boys loved looking at the swans and also the ducks that were also on the pond. Oliver said he couldn’t believe how big the swans were. 


My Sunday Photo 17:09: Fun in London! 

As I’ve spoken about before Leo and I have spent a lot of time to and from London and in particular St Thomas Hospital for Leo’s Cochlear Implant Assessment. 

Normally it is just a whistle stop tour of straight to the hospital and then back on the train straight after the appointment to beat the rush hour. 

On Friday however the appointment time meant we came out of the hospital right in the middle of rush hour and to be honest I wasn’t keen on putting Leo through the Tube during rush hour so we went to get some dinner which we ate in a park. This meant firstly that on the whole we missed rush hour and secondly Leo could have a run about and actually relax after an appointment. 

As you can see from the photo he was having a fantastic time playing in the early spring sun. 


My Sunday Photo 17:03. Park Life!

Both of our boys have always loved open spaces, we are lucky enough that in the summer we can open up our French Doors and let the outside in the garden and the boys have free run of the front room and the garden most days of the summer. 

In the autumn and winter however this is a lot more difficult if not impossible to do so we spend a lot of time in the towns parks and along the seafront so the boys can enjoy the outside air and have sometime to run around and wear themselves out. 

One local park to us has always had for as long as I can remember and probably a lot longer then that a solitary Peacock in it. My Dad once told me that there was a whole flock of Peacocks in the park but one by one they died and weren’t replaced by the local council. Well a few years ago this last Peacock died and to be honest I didn’t give it much more thought other then that’s sad. 

On Monday I took the boys to said park and as we walked towards the playground we came across, much to my surprise, not one but a family of Peacocks (four in total). 

The boys loved watching them move around their enclosure and having them come up to them so they could see them closely. Unfortunately they didn’t open their tail feathers to show the awesome display that is a full Peacock but the boys loved it never the less. 

We will be definitely be going back soon.