TP Link Deco Router Review

In todays day and age the ability to connect to Wi-Fi is an almost constant thought on our minds whether you use the internet for streaming TV or checking out the latest updates on our social media accounts most people of a certain age are probably guilty of checking for Wi-Fi wherever we are going to be for an extended period of time.

Wi-Fi is also a must in our homes as well whether you have a small flat or a big house most people will want the best coverage they can get and that includes myself and my family. In our house, probably like millions up and down the country we stream TV and Movies, surf the web, do our banking, check and pay bills, blog, watch YouTube and check our social media along with probably half a dozen other things we use the internet for and don’t even give it a second thought, however when that Wi-Fi coverage starts to play up or isn’t strong enough to cover a certain room in your house (the master bedroom in our case) it can get frustrating to say the least. So when the lovely people at TP Link asked us if we would like to review their Deco Router range we jumped at the chance.


About the Product

The first thing I noticed when it arrived was how nice it all looked from the box and packaging down to the design of the product, you can tell it was designed not only to look nice but to also sit in the background of a room and not be noticed but to be used.

When we opened the box we discovered three discs inside around the size of a saucer that you would put under a cup in diameter and around 2cm high, so surprisingly compact. Unpacking the box we found that there was one Ethernet cable and also plugs and leads for all three routers.

In the instructions the first thing you are asked to do is to download the Deco App from your App Store as this is needed in order to operate the routers once everything is set up.


The routers were remarkably easy to set up and extremely quick as well. You simply take one router and using the Ethernet cable plug it into your current router (as supplied by your internet provider) when switched off and then switch both on together and wait for them to boot up. Once they have done this you then use the app you downloaded to sign the Deco Router into your internet and allow access for it. Following this you then proceed to place the routers around the house at points where you know your coverage in lacking, the app helps with this, we chose both the boys room and the master bedroom to give full coverage across the house.

You simply plug in the routers one by one and after each one is plugged in and booted up connect them up to the network via the app on your phone. It literally took me less then half and hour to complete the whole process. Once this has been done you can then connect your appliances that you would like to, so in our case we connected our Roku Stick, both phones and the tablet we have.

Now one of the fantastic features of this product is its ability to regulate how much time an appliance has. So for example our boys use the tablet for things like YouTube and playing games aimed at their development. When you connect your appliance to the router you can set it to certain people and then set a length of time you would like that item to be connected to the internet for each day. So for the tablet we set it to 1 hour each day and then it would automatically disconnect. This was a great feature and help regulate how much time Oliver was using the tablet for, much to his annoyance. To be honest as a parent and all parents will know this, you can easily become distracted with other things going on and forget when you said that they could have X amount of time on the tablet, with this feature it does the remembering for you.


Another amazing and well used feature was the ability to block areas of the internet that you don’t want your child to go on, so again on the tablet we blocked social media and certain types of video etc.. as a result we were able to have peace of mind that the boys wouldn’t come across anything that we didn’t want them to watch or see. I cannot praise this feature enough, what with the videos that have appeared on YouTube in the last few years in regards to spoofs (term used loosely) of various cartoons, it was great to know that most if not all of these would be blocked with this product.


Where to Buy

The Deco M5 Router is available at multiple retailers including Currys/PC World, Huges, Maplins and Very and retails from £229.99. Now I know that sounds a lot for something that just gives better Wi-Fi, however when you consider the other features it includes such as time limits, time monitoring, blocking features and parental controls then to me £229.99 is money well spent if it makes your network at home secure enough for the whole family to use.


This blog post is a paid post for TP Link. TP Link supplied the Deco M5 Router for us to review on 2 Bottles and Milk, however our review of the use of the product and its features is a true account of our experience using this product. 


Vionic Shoe Review

Since having a C section with Oliver I have suffered lower back pain which gets especially bad when I have been doing loads of walking and in pregnancy. Which is why since booking Disneyland Paris in early pregnancy, I have worried about how I would cope with all the walking and being 27 weeks pregnant.

So, when I was contacted by Vionic asking if I would like to try out a pair of their shoes which are fitted with FMT technology and built in arch support as part of their #steppingintomotherhood campaign to reduce swelling and foot pain in pregnancy I jumped at the chance, they have a wide range of styles for all occasions, I picked out the Midi in grey.

Vionic suggest you start off wearing their shoes for a few hours a day to allow your feet to get used to be correctly supported but with the Disneyland trip rapidly approaching I was unable to do so. I was a bit worried I was going to end up regretting wearing them but to my surprise from day one I found the shoes very comfortable and didn’t suffer from any of the pains associated with new shoes.

So how did I get on?


On day one of walking around the park I didn’t give my feet or back pain a second thought until come 3pm when my feet started getting hot and because we had popped back to the hotel without thinking I slipped on a pair of flip flops. What a mistake!! Within half an hour my unbearable back pain had started. That’s the thing with pregnancy and back pain you don’t notice it when you have not got it but when you have the pain nothing can take your mind of it. The second day was a lot cooler, so once again I put on my Vionic midi’s but considering how bad my back pain was the previous afternoon I wasn’t holding out much hope of being pain free but to my surprise I managed the whole day without any inkling’s of back pain, sadly I didn’t get away totally pain free I still had some ligament pain in my bump but at that stage of pregnancy its expected.

Since Disneyland we have had a few trips to London and two weeks in Greece and I can honestly say I don’t know how I would have survived without my Vionic midi’s.
The focus Of the #steppingintomotherhood campaign was how Vionic FMT technology can help reduce swelling in pregnant woman, well I have not experience any swelling in my feet at all but I can’t hand of heart say that is because the shoes or if it’s because I’m just one of the lucky ones that are not prone to swelling, I have worn these shoes in extremely hot weather, on two planes trips, two London trips and also two days of travelling backward and forward to Disneyland on the Eurostar so if my feet were going to swell they had plenty of chances to do so.


One thing I will swear by is the difference the shoes have made to my back pain, so much so I am already eyeing up the shoes in different styles and will be investing in a pair of their sandals asap in case the sun finally decides to rear its head over here in Britain and some more fancier shoes for after the baby is born.

Vionic shoes come in a wide range of styles which can be view on their website

The 5 things I didn’t know about ASDA’s little angel nappies…

On Sunday, I was lucky enough to be invited for afternoon tea and a spa day at the Dorchester Hotel by Asda’s little angels. The whole day was amazing and although very shy I got to meet lots of other mummy blogger’s and had a truly wonderful day, one I hope to repeat one day.


As lovely as it all was, the main reason for attending was to find out more about ASDA’s little angel nappy range. As a mum of two and having had countless experience with other babies I didn’t think there was much they could tell me about nappies which I didn’t already know! But I was surprised to learn some new information which will not only help me but hopefully means I can pass on some knowledge to others, seeing as I often see these questions asked in many of the baby forums I read.

The 5 things I didn’t know about Asda nappies…
1, ASDA will exchange nappies for bigger/smaller sizes.
one of the questions I think every mum will ask or struggles with, is what size nappies to buy for their unborn baby? Sizing in nappies can often be confusing using both numbers and weight. Asda new born nappies come in 3 sizes’ 0,1,2 and each size has the weight range the best way is to go by the weight range. Once the baby is born s/he will be weighed and this will give you a better idea of what size to buy until then its recommend buying a few packs of each size and exchange any you don’t need. (Be aware size 0 is for premature babies)
2, ASDA deliver their nappies.
Ok so technically I did know this but it’s not occurred to me before now, how convenient this is when your stuck at home with a new born or if you don’t drive and struggle getting the nappies home on the bus. once the baby has been born and you know their weight you can order nappies from your hospital bed to be delivered once your home. What could be simpler?
3, Asda nappies are not only designed to look pretty!
There is a reason ASDA have a colour section on the front of all their nappies, it’s another way to check the sizing and fit of the nappy. Useful when you have not had your baby weighed for a while. The tags should stick within the coloured area for the best fit. Not only do they look pretty they state they have Super soft – feather-like softness which I can confirm after feeling them for myself.



4, Poo explosion
Sorry if you’re a first-time mum and have not heard of a poo explosion before but it’s something every mum dreads! a Poo explosion happens because nappies are not holding the poo within the nappy areas allowing it to travel out of the leg hole or up their backs. But Hopefully with the support of ASDA nappies you will never know the dread that comes with a poo explosion because they have been working hard to make them a thing of the past! ASDA little angel nappies have been designed with an elasticated back and leg holes helping to contain the poo without causing discomfort to the little angel in your life.

5, The all-time consuming question what does the + symbol mean on nappies
I have read a number of debates on social media and baby forums about the meaning behind the + symbol on nappies, some argue that it means the nappy is bigger in size ( like half a size up) others say it’s because the nappy has more absorbency.
The correct answer is…both answers are right! Although the main purpose of the + symbol is that they offer more absorbency, they also can accommodate a bigger weight range meaning they are slightly bigger than the normal range.

I hope you found the above information as useful as I did!
If you need any more convincing to give Little Angels nappy a try they have been given the Mumsnet Approval!
Check out more information on their webpage

FullSizeRender (2)

ASDA have kindly gifted us not only some of their new born nappies but some other great items from their Little angel range so check back once the baby has arrived for my honest review 😊


written by Keighley Miles

Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Razor Review 

Anyone that knows me or has followed the blog and our Instagram account for any length of time will know that I sport a beard and moustache and that shaving is one of the last things on my mind.

hydro 5

However recently I have been thinking about changing my style recently so when I was offered to try Wilkinson Swords Hydro 5 Razor I jumped at the chance.

Obviously being a 34 year old male I have been shaving for just over 15 years and during that time I have tried razors from most well known brands through to own brand as well and always struggled to find one that I liked, to be honest this is probably what led me to grow a beard to start with.


The first thing I noticed about the Hydro 5 razor was how comfortable if felt in my hand. Also as I examined the razor I noticed that there were two lubricating strips that meant that when I shaved it felt extremely smooth.

When I trim my beard I tend to use an electric clipper and then tidy up with the attachments that come with it, however this time round I was able to use the Hydro 5 Razor and it gave me a great finish and I will definitely be using it again.

You can buy the Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Razor from most main retailers.




Happy Families Review


Now everyone is familiar with the age old game of Happy Families, whether it be Mr Baker the Baker or Mrs White the Doctor, it was a favourite of mine growing up. So when Phoenix Trading got in contact with us and asked us to review their updated version we jumped at the chance and with the summer holidays coming up this is a great buy and a great game that won’t cost the earth at only £3.50.

This version of Happy Families follows the tradition of the previous incarnations of having forty cards split into families of four, the major difference this time is that the families are animal families. Within the pack you have The Barker Family (Dogs), The Polly Family (Parrots), The Quackers Family (Ducks), The Nutty Family (Squirrels), The Mews Family (Cats), The Redbrush Family (Foxes), The Hoppity Family (Rabbits), The Furry Family (Koalas), The Hoot Family (Owls) and last but not least The Squeak Family (Mice).

When we first opened the box Oliver seemed confused as to what exactly they were and what he was supposed to do with the cards. However once I had explained the game he actually really enjoyed it. In an age of computers and constant entertainment it was great to see him enjoying a classic game from down the years.


Oliver has since asked for the game to be played a few times since and has also asked that Nanny and Grandad (on both sides) play in the future with him.

I would, and I dare say Oliver as well, thoroughly recommend this version of Happy Families from Phoenix Trading. They can be purchased here for only £3.50


WaterWipes Review

Like most parents we have a favourite brands for things, Bottles, nappies and wet wipes to name just a few. So when the lovely people at WaterWipes contacted us to try their Wipes I did so with a little hesitation. 

We’ve always used Huggies Pure Wipes since Oliver had an allergic reaction to another brand we haven’t strayed since. However my wife and I had heard good things about WaterWipes but just never given them ago due to our fear of the unknown really. 

A Bit About WaterWipes

Taken from the WaterWipes website

WaterWipes are the only wipe made using just water and a drop of grapefruit seed extract. WaterWipes are the only wipe in the UK to be approved by Allergy UK. 

The Review

We were sent four packs of the large pack of wipes (60s) and four 10 wipe carry packs. 

The carry packs are fantastic as I can slip them in my baby bag with a couple of nappies, snacks, water and a change of clothes for Leo and off we go without having to carry around a normal size pack of wipes. I say this because one of the first things we noticed was that these wipes weighed more then the Huggies wipes, considering that the wipes are 99.9% Water that isn’t surprising when you stop to think about it. 

Being that these wipes were mainly water I was also worried that they wouldn’t have the ‘cleaning power’ so to speak. Well I was proven wrong. They cleaned better then Huggies and also because they have the 0.01% fruit extract they also left a subtle smell that wasn’t what I had just cleaned up. 

One of the things that we also use wipes for, probably like most parents, is to clean up your child after they have eaten, whatever it is they’ve eaten, and these wipes were fantastic. They cleaned no problem and were moist enough that they kept the boys faces moist as well. 

To be honest I can’t find anything bad to say about the product, they are fantastic. 

My only complaint, now that I’m a covert to WaterWipes after how fantastic they were during our test is the cost. They are on average £1.50 more expensive for an individual pack when we compared them to our usually Huggies wipes. However I will definitely be buying them when they are on offer in the future. 

FFX Website and Delivery Review 

We were recently asked by the lovely people at FFX, they asked us if we could place an order through their website and then review it for them.
The Website

We used the website through one of our phones and found the mobile site extremely easy to use and we easily found what we were going to order. On the mobile site there is a clear menu that is split into four categories: Tools, Hardware & Consumables, Clothing & Protection and Outdoors & Garden. Each of these categories are then split into sub-categories making it extremely easy to find exactly what we wanted.

We placed an order for some painting and decorating bits, including rollers, paintbrushes and a tray.

We’ve recently had some minor building work done and as a result our front room needed some painting done.

The Delivery

Once we had placed the order we got a confirmation email stating that the order was being processed and then one stating that it had been dispatched.

Two days later we received the order. Amazing speed and service.

The order came as compact as they could get it considering what we had ordered and as such our postman could actually fit it in his post bag. The items were rapped in plastic and well taped in. As the items we ordered weren’t breakable that was more then sufficient and also good for the environment as there was no wasted packaging.

We were pleasantly surprised with the ease of use of the website and the speed of the delivery, granted not that quick if you work in the trade but there were other delivery options for next day etc.. but more then quick enough for someone that does DIY in our house and that’s it.

Our Order

1 x Axus Magnetic Brush Holder

1 x Faithfull Plastic Roller Tray 9in

1 x Faithfull Filling Palette Knife 100mm

2 x Faithfull Roller Frames 9in

2 x Faithfull Phenolic Roller Sleeve 9in

1 x Faithfull Paintbrush Set 5pc

A review of these products along with our decorating escapades will follow soon.


2 Bottles of Milk were paid in the form of a voucher for this use and review of the FFX website. The above account is a true and honest experience that 2 Bottles of Milk received.






Write Size Review 

Oliver was recently given the opportunity to try out a new size of pencils that last year appeared on the hit BBC show Dragons Den.

The lovely people at Write Size sent us through a pack of 5 pencils, suitable for children aged 2-6 and a fantastic Writing Pad for Children. The writing pad was developed by Write Size to ‘help parents give their children the opportunity to learn the skill of and to promote good handwriting skills’.

Oliver using the Write Size Pencil to write a birthday card

I must admit that when I saw Write Size on Dragons Den I was a bit dubious. Surely a child can manage with an ordinary size pencil. I mean I did when I was at school so why are todays kids any different. However the more I thought about it and also looked at my handwriting, the more I thought there might be some method to this companys madness, as it were.

Leo trying out the Write Size Pencil
When we received the package though the door I let Oliver open it and he was excited to see the pencils and what he thought was a colouring book. Once I explained what it was he was eager to sit down and practice his writing with the special pencils that were designed for his size of hand.

The pencils that we received are around 3-4 inches long, around the length of an Argos pencil but a bit chunkier to make for an easy grip on the pencil for a young child just starting out on their writing journey. Write Size also produce pencils in two other sizes for children aged 6-10 and 10+ respectively. Oliver was easy able to manage this size of pencil where he can somethings struggle with a longer length.

Oliver loved using these pencils and so did Leo. Leo is still very much in the drawing for drawings sake stage, where as Oliver is beginning to write words independently and is practicing his handwriting a lot as part of his preschool homework. These pencils have made a huge difference to him. He truly does find it a lot easier to hold the pencil and not only that control the pencil well enough to improve his handwriting. 

As a family we would recommend these pencils to anyone who has a young child that is starting out with their writing. 

To purchase Write Size Products and try them for yourself click here

Please Note: 2 Bottles of Milk was given the above Products by Write Size to test and review. The above review is a true and honest account of our use of Write Size Products. 


NUK Digital Bath Thermometer Product Reviews 


We were lucky enough to recently have a fantastic product sent to us by NUK UK.

The product they sent us was their New Digital Bath Thermometer from their new thermometer range.

This bath thermometer is so easy to use our three year old can do it.

Using the bath thermometer is really easy and after reading the instructions the first time we haven’t used them since. To activate it you simply tap the edge of the thermometer against a hard surface and wait for it to set itself up.

Once the display in the middle is showing a temperature and after you have run the bath a swooshed the water around so its an even temperature you then can place the thermometer in the water and wait for it to do its thing.

The average bath temperature for infants and young children should be around 34c – 36c.

If your bath water is higher then 36c then it will automatically flash red and you know to add some cold water.

Once the temperature is right then remove the thermometer and leave on the side to dry off, it will then automatically turn itself off.

The NUK Digital Bath Thermometer is available for a number of retailers and currently available online on for only £12.99 instead of the usual £14.99

For more information on NUK UK and its products click here



The Weaning Stage Part Two!


Leo’s weaning is coming on well, he has been trying new things regularly and Keighley has been making her own food for him. This is fantastic for at home but when it came to going out we would put it in a pot taking up quite a bit of room in the baby bag, that is until Keighley stumbled across this on the Tesco Direct Website. 

Fill n Squeeze

Fill n Squeeze is a product that allows you to make your own baby food and then take it out and about with the minimum of fuss. You just make your baby food as normal and then instead of putting it in pots or a bowl you put in the the plastic jug then use the plunger and squeeze it into the pouch to take out and about.


The way this is done Is so easy and you can easily fill a pouch in around a minute. The pouch then is sealed with a screw cap as on shop bought pouches.


The pouches are easily cleaned after use and can be used again and again. To clean the pouches we just repeat the fill process but instead of food use warm soapy water and then rinse out under the tap.

When Keighley said she had bought this I was dubious but it has turned out to be one of those products you can’t live without.  We would throughly recommend it to parents who really don’t want to use shop bought baby food.