My Sunday Photo 17.25: The Fun of Soft play!



This photo sums up our morning of fun yesterday at a local soft play.

Myself, Oliver (pictured) and Leo spent just under two hours yesterday morning charging around at soft play whilst Mummy went shopping.

We are very lucky where we live as we have five or six different play areas to choose from and as a result we can vary where we go and therefore vary the boys challenges and fun.

The boys love soft play and we do go quite often however it’s been a while since we went to the one where they have an extremely deep ball pit and Oliver loves it because he can bury himself or me in the balls. As you can see Oliver loved it and has already asked when we can go back and do it all again. I must admit I do prefer this one because it is smaller then others in the area and Leo can do pretty much all of it without the need for Daddy to squeeze himself though tight rollers of through narrow ladders, not that I mind such things, after all its all part of the fun.