Our First Star Trek Memory!

I have written pretty extensively about my love of Star Trek and now last night and today in the UK the  new series launched on TV. I have decided to write about my first memory of Star Trek, I’ve also asked some fellow bloggers their first memories as well.

My own first memory of Star Trek was when I was still a little boy around 6 or 7 and one evening my Mum sat myself and my brother down and said that as a treat we would be allowed to stay up and watch this new TV program that was on that evening. That program was Star Trek The Next Generation. I was hooked from the moment the credits first ran and I saw the majestic USS Enterprise D move across the screen I felt that this is a reality that I wanted to explore. As the years past I watched and really enjoyed the series that followed, exploring the worlds of Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise as well as going back and enjoying the Original Series and The Animated Series as well. Then in 2005 Enterprise was cancelled due to lack of ratings and I honestly thought that was the end of Star Trek as we knew it and in a sense I was right because in 2009 the new Star Trek Movies appeared in Cinemas and I loved them from the first scene right up until Star Trek Beyond last year.  Fast forward a year and I am now in suspense in anticipation of the next journey through this universe with the starships Discovery and Shenzhou.

As I said at the start of this post I also asked fellow bloggers about their first memories of Star Trek and the response was great.

Sophie who blogs at Tattooed Tealady said: My step-dad was really into Star Trek so it’s something that all the family would watch when it was on. I’d always remember the ‘Captains Log’ and I used to like the idea that they’d write diaries like I did (or record, in this instance!) 

Becka who blogs at Mummy Est 2014 said: I love Star Trek. I started getting into it when Deep Space 9 came out and I loved Worf and Jadzias characters. Star Trek was always on around dinner times so me and Dad would watch together whilst Mum and sister complained, haha. I have watched all the series and films now and intend to share with my little man when he’s older. 

Kim who blogs at Raising A Ragamuffin said: My grandfather was hugely into sci-fi, everytime we visited Star Trek would be on in the background. As a kid I remember being really surprised that Whoopi Goldberg appeared in it, because the awesome nun from Sister Act couldn’t possibly appear in something like Star Trek! 

Holly who blogs at Little Pickles Mom said: I grew up watching Star Trek TNG, and I absolutely loved it. I think I definitely inherited a love for all things geeky from my Dad and I’m so grateful. I wouldn’t be able to remember episodes in detail if you asked me about them now, but we’ve been watching again on Netflix and they all come back to me as I watch! 

Pete who blogs at Household Money Saving said: Look at those poor guys dressed in red beaming down to the planet. They’ll both be dead before the first adverts. 

Donna who blogs at Bobsy’s Mum said: I used to watch Star Trek voyager with my dad at tea time when I was a teenager. My mum had left, and this became our thing that we did together every day without fail! I still love it now. 

Sinead who blogs at Sinead Latham said: It was something we used to watch with my dad on a Sunday afternoon. I have memories of us picking holes in the plot and asking why they keep getting into such pickles.

Anoushka who blogs at Spitting-Yarn said: Possibly the first time I saw something from the Star Trek franchise (certainly the most memorable), was seeing Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home in 1987. My family was on a ferry to Zeebrugge from some UK port – I forget which. Critical detail: it was the last ferry permitted to leave port before the ’87 hurricane kicked in. My god, it was rough. In fact “rough” doesn’t cover it. The ferry was rolling, rolling, rolling, interminably, from one side to the other. Everyone was crowding in the middle of the ship where it was supposedly more stable. Perhaps because I was only 9 or 10 (lower centre of gravity), I wasn’t troubled by the motion of the ship and was keen to settle down in the ferry’s cinema to watch Star Trek IV, which I did. I managed to follow and enjoy the movie (I love whales!), however, the viewing was soundtracked by groans and vomiting noises as the people around me contended with extreme sea-sickness. I particularly remember a terribly well-spoken man coming up to us and saying “Please excuse me. Are you using that [points to sick bag in front of us]?”. We hurriedly assured him it was all his, and he proceeded to hurl copiously into it, in front of us. I love a bit of Star Trek these days, but it does also make think of violent upchucking(!)

Janet who blogs at Falcon Dale Life said: That’s such exciting news! I loved the Next Generation and Voyager but there were some good characters on Deep Space 9 too. The first episode that I remember is from the original series “The Trouble With Tribbles”. They were cute little balls of fluff that bred so fast they filled the ship. It was quite a lighthearted episode. It was hard for Spock to be serious as usual. Recently I’ve found myself in daft discussions with my daughter about whether Pygmy Puffs from Harry Potter are actually a breed of Tribble. Daft, I know! 


What is your first memory of Star Trek? Are you a fan and are looking forward to Discovery Premiering? we would love to hear from you.

My Sunday Photo: 17:26: Star Trekkin!

Tonight in the US and tomorrow morning here in the U.K. the first Star Trek series for twelve years airs for the first time.

The above picture is fan made and I don’t know by who, however it is the perfect way for me to show my love for a show that has lasted longer then I have been alive.

Star Trek at its core has always been about diversity and tolerance and in the world as it is now we certainly need some tolerance of other people, their beliefs, their views and their right to have a free and peaceful life.

Star Trek features a slogan that isn’t widely known outside of Trek circles which is Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations or IDIC for short. It is something that all Star Trek series have tried to stick to and mostly they have, lets hope that the people behind the Discovery also hold these words

true to the series as well.


Star Trek Discovery

Over the last weekend CBS revealed a new trailer of their new Star Trek series, Discovery. In fact over the last week there have been little snippets released here and there helping to raise the profile of the much slated new series.

Yep, I said much slated, unfortunately like I the recent Doctor Who conflict following the revelation that the next Doctor was going to be female. The latest series to bear the Star Trek name has come under fire pretty much since it was announced way back in 2015, granted their have been delays and other problems but if this were any other series being launched we wouldn’t have heard about it until the first teaser trailer aired however because of the such a long lead up time and then the departure of the shows Co-Creator Bryan Fuller left, the so called fans have been slating the yet to air show. Their complaints range from the fact that in the US it will air on CBS All Access, a subscription service like Netflix who will air it worldwide. To the fact that the ships don’t look like the original, the Klingons aren’t right etc  etc…

It has gone on and on for months, however I am really excited about this new series and I can’t wait until September when it finally, after two years of waiting gets to premier around the world. I have been a Star Trek fan for pretty much all my life and I love each previous series for their own differences from each other and I know, going on who has been working to create this, it will have the same values at its core as the previous incarnations.

I will leave you with the trailer that came out this weekend to enjoy.