Our First Star Trek Memory!

I have written pretty extensively about my love of Star Trek and now last night and today in the UK the  new series launched on TV. I have decided to write about my first memory of Star Trek, I’ve also asked some fellow bloggers their first memories as well.

My own first memory of Star Trek was when I was still a little boy around 6 or 7 and one evening my Mum sat myself and my brother down and said that as a treat we would be allowed to stay up and watch this new TV program that was on that evening. That program was Star Trek The Next Generation. I was hooked from the moment the credits first ran and I saw the majestic USS Enterprise D move across the screen I felt that this is a reality that I wanted to explore. As the years past I watched and really enjoyed the series that followed, exploring the worlds of Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise as well as going back and enjoying the Original Series and The Animated Series as well. Then in 2005 Enterprise was cancelled due to lack of ratings and I honestly thought that was the end of Star Trek as we knew it and in a sense I was right because in 2009 the new Star Trek Movies appeared in Cinemas and I loved them from the first scene right up until Star Trek Beyond last year.  Fast forward a year and I am now in suspense in anticipation of the next journey through this universe with the starships Discovery and Shenzhou.

As I said at the start of this post I also asked fellow bloggers about their first memories of Star Trek and the response was great.

Sophie who blogs at Tattooed Tealady said: My step-dad was really into Star Trek so it’s something that all the family would watch when it was on. I’d always remember the ‘Captains Log’ and I used to like the idea that they’d write diaries like I did (or record, in this instance!) 

Becka who blogs at Mummy Est 2014 said: I love Star Trek. I started getting into it when Deep Space 9 came out and I loved Worf and Jadzias characters. Star Trek was always on around dinner times so me and Dad would watch together whilst Mum and sister complained, haha. I have watched all the series and films now and intend to share with my little man when he’s older. 

Kim who blogs at Raising A Ragamuffin said: My grandfather was hugely into sci-fi, everytime we visited Star Trek would be on in the background. As a kid I remember being really surprised that Whoopi Goldberg appeared in it, because the awesome nun from Sister Act couldn’t possibly appear in something like Star Trek! 

Holly who blogs at Little Pickles Mom said: I grew up watching Star Trek TNG, and I absolutely loved it. I think I definitely inherited a love for all things geeky from my Dad and I’m so grateful. I wouldn’t be able to remember episodes in detail if you asked me about them now, but we’ve been watching again on Netflix and they all come back to me as I watch! 

Pete who blogs at Household Money Saving said: Look at those poor guys dressed in red beaming down to the planet. They’ll both be dead before the first adverts. 

Donna who blogs at Bobsy’s Mum said: I used to watch Star Trek voyager with my dad at tea time when I was a teenager. My mum had left, and this became our thing that we did together every day without fail! I still love it now. 

Sinead who blogs at Sinead Latham said: It was something we used to watch with my dad on a Sunday afternoon. I have memories of us picking holes in the plot and asking why they keep getting into such pickles.

Anoushka who blogs at Spitting-Yarn said: Possibly the first time I saw something from the Star Trek franchise (certainly the most memorable), was seeing Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home in 1987. My family was on a ferry to Zeebrugge from some UK port – I forget which. Critical detail: it was the last ferry permitted to leave port before the ’87 hurricane kicked in. My god, it was rough. In fact “rough” doesn’t cover it. The ferry was rolling, rolling, rolling, interminably, from one side to the other. Everyone was crowding in the middle of the ship where it was supposedly more stable. Perhaps because I was only 9 or 10 (lower centre of gravity), I wasn’t troubled by the motion of the ship and was keen to settle down in the ferry’s cinema to watch Star Trek IV, which I did. I managed to follow and enjoy the movie (I love whales!), however, the viewing was soundtracked by groans and vomiting noises as the people around me contended with extreme sea-sickness. I particularly remember a terribly well-spoken man coming up to us and saying “Please excuse me. Are you using that [points to sick bag in front of us]?”. We hurriedly assured him it was all his, and he proceeded to hurl copiously into it, in front of us. I love a bit of Star Trek these days, but it does also make think of violent upchucking(!)

Janet who blogs at Falcon Dale Life said: That’s such exciting news! I loved the Next Generation and Voyager but there were some good characters on Deep Space 9 too. The first episode that I remember is from the original series “The Trouble With Tribbles”. They were cute little balls of fluff that bred so fast they filled the ship. It was quite a lighthearted episode. It was hard for Spock to be serious as usual. Recently I’ve found myself in daft discussions with my daughter about whether Pygmy Puffs from Harry Potter are actually a breed of Tribble. Daft, I know! 


What is your first memory of Star Trek? Are you a fan and are looking forward to Discovery Premiering? we would love to hear from you.

My Sunday Photo: 17:26: Star Trekkin!

Tonight in the US and tomorrow morning here in the U.K. the first Star Trek series for twelve years airs for the first time.

The above picture is fan made and I don’t know by who, however it is the perfect way for me to show my love for a show that has lasted longer then I have been alive.

Star Trek at its core has always been about diversity and tolerance and in the world as it is now we certainly need some tolerance of other people, their beliefs, their views and their right to have a free and peaceful life.

Star Trek features a slogan that isn’t widely known outside of Trek circles which is Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations or IDIC for short. It is something that all Star Trek series have tried to stick to and mostly they have, lets hope that the people behind the Discovery also hold these words

true to the series as well.


Star Trek Discovery

Over the last weekend CBS revealed a new trailer of their new Star Trek series, Discovery. In fact over the last week there have been little snippets released here and there helping to raise the profile of the much slated new series.

Yep, I said much slated, unfortunately like I the recent Doctor Who conflict following the revelation that the next Doctor was going to be female. The latest series to bear the Star Trek name has come under fire pretty much since it was announced way back in 2015, granted their have been delays and other problems but if this were any other series being launched we wouldn’t have heard about it until the first teaser trailer aired however because of the such a long lead up time and then the departure of the shows Co-Creator Bryan Fuller left, the so called fans have been slating the yet to air show. Their complaints range from the fact that in the US it will air on CBS All Access, a subscription service like Netflix who will air it worldwide. To the fact that the ships don’t look like the original, the Klingons aren’t right etc  etc…

It has gone on and on for months, however I am really excited about this new series and I can’t wait until September when it finally, after two years of waiting gets to premier around the world. I have been a Star Trek fan for pretty much all my life and I love each previous series for their own differences from each other and I know, going on who has been working to create this, it will have the same values at its core as the previous incarnations.

I will leave you with the trailer that came out this weekend to enjoy.

A Revelation!

Anyone who reads the blog regularly will know that I am a huge Star Trek fan and have been for a long, long time. What a lot of people might not know, unless you know me in real life is that I am also a huge Doctor Who fan.

Now you will have to had been in a cave since yesterday afternoon if you haven’t heard the news that the new Doctor has been revealed. That’s right after months and months of speculation, ever since Peter Capaldi announced he was leaving the iconic role, the BBC have announced the next Doctor.

Well I’m going to be honest I don’t have a clue who this person is as I have never watched the program that this person is most famous for, Broadchurch. The next Doctor is Jodie Whittaker.

Now as I said I do not have a clue who she is and apart from being told numerous times on Facebook that she is in ITVs Broadchurch, which also stars previous Doctor David Tennant, so on her acting ability I can not judge her, however I have faith in those behind the scenes to pick the best person for this huge responsibility.

That faith in those same people is also what is making me hold my judgement on the now reality of having a female Doctor on a show that has for the last 54 years been a male role. Now this is not me saying I am against having a female Doctor but I am hoping that they have done this because it is the right thing to do and not because of the pressure that has been building in recent years amongst some groups of fans.

As I have stated I do not know Whittakers acting ability, although Id have to guess to star in something like Broadchurch which was a huge hit and then be picked for such an iconic role as Doctor Who, she has to be good. I just hope that they give her the scripts and storylines that she deserves and don’t fail her as they have Capaldi on pretty much every series since he took over the reigns from Matt Smith.

The other thing that is going through my mind is that this is likely to be Olivers first Doctor and where I grew up watching firstly new Sylvester McCoy episodes and then reruns of the classics and therefore have an entrenched view that the Doctor is a man, Oliver is going to have a very different view and a very different feeling of what Doctor Who is. That isn’t a bad thing and one that I support, just as the new stuff from 2005 onwards has been a huge departure from those Classic episodes I have a feeling this will also be a huge departure from what has been before, and being a Star Trek  I know this needs to happen from time to time and can be extremely good for a show, its franchise and its fandom and this is how I will be viewing the next series of Doctor Who whenever it airs.

The one question that is on everyones lips though is this, Is the world ready for a female Doctor?

The answer?

Well we are about to find out.

First Contact Day! 

The Phoenix (Star Trek First Contact)

Today is First Contact Day and is celebrated around the world by Star Trek fans everywhere. 

When Star Trek was first aired, over fifty years ago, no one had a clue as to the impact this science fiction show would have on the world. Fast forward to today and Star Trek is a series that has spawned four further live action TV series (soon to be five with the Star Trek Discovery soon to air on Netflix here in the U.K.) one animated series, thirteen movies (with a fourteenth in development) and numerous books, computer games, comics etc… it is hard to believe that a franchise that had such a faulty and struggling start is now one of the biggest in the world. 

What makes Star Trek so special and why is First Contact Day so important? 

Well for me there are a few special things about Star Trek that make it stand out from other programs that’s have been and gone. To me every time I watch a series I haven’t watched for a while it’s like going back for a family reunion with people I haven’t seen for a while. Even though I know their stories and the events in these characters lives I still feel for them everytime someone dies, falls in love, has a baby or just gets lost 70,000 light years from home. 

The other thing that makes Star Trek popular and also interesting to me is the fact it portrays a future where humanity has developed enough mentally that we’ve put the problems we face today such as racism, hate for others and greed. In Star Trek humanity and the Federation works to better itself not for the wealth of the individual as we do now. 

One thing that is certain we Star Trek Discovery due to air later this year it looks like that this version of future for humanity is going to be around for sometime to come. 

Happy First Contact Day to all our readers. 

My Sunday Photo 17:02. A New Trek!

I will be honest, I didn’t take this photo, saying that however this image means a lot to me. This image is from a new behind the scenes trailer that CBS released this past week for their new Star Trek series Discovery. 

I have been a Star Trek fan since I can remember. I remember sitting down with my mum and watching the first episode of Next Generation way back in the late ’80s (boy that makes me feel old). I remember loving the fact that this was a better humanity that was being portrayed, since then I have been hooked on every Star Trek incarnation ever since. Every time there is a new series or movie I eagerly await its release and then enjoy what is produced, yes I have my favourites and there are some episodes I struggle to watch , but for me Star Trek is much more then that, for me it is like a family, watching Star Trek is like meeting up with family members you haven’t seen for a while, you on the whole instantly pick up where you left off. 

This is the reason I am looking forward to the release of the newest incarnation of the franchise in the form of Star Trek Discovery. Yes they will be an infamiliar crew and an unfamiliar ship,  but it is still set in that optimist view of humanities future and boy we could do with some optimism in the world right about now. 


First Contact Day

First Contact Day? What’s that? I hear you ask. Never heard of it. First Contact with what? Well I will explain. 

 April 5th 2063 is the day in Star Trek Canon where humans discover that they are not alone in the universe. It’s also the day when the first humans travel faster then the speed of light, thus attracting the attention of one the well known Star Trek alien races The Vulcans. First seen in the movie Star Trek First Contact April 5th is now celebrated the world over by Star Trek fans as a special day in the Star Trek calendar. (A bit like May the 4th is for Star Wars fans). 

Currently in this Star Treks 50th Anniversary year, fans are of course looking for any excuse to celebrate this great franchise and have looked at April 5th as a highlight in a year of highlights, the announcement of a new series and a movie due for release in July just two. 

In the movie First Contact the Enterprise travels back in time to stop an alien race known as the Borg from enslaving (through assimilation) the Earth in their past (our future)  and thus preventing first contact with the Vulcans. In the movie the character of Troi (played by Marina Sirtis) along with Riker and LaForge (Frakes and Burton respectively) explain to a scientist by the name of Cochrane (James Cromwell) about what happens when humans realise they aren’t alone in the Universe and it goes something like this…

Cmdr. William Riker: Doctor, tomorrow morning when they detect the warp signature from your ship and realize that humans have discovered how to travel faster than light, they decide to alter their course and make first contact with Earth, right here. 

Dr. Zefram Cochrane: Here? 

Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge: Well, actually, over there. 

Cmdr. William Riker: It is one of the pivotal moments in human history, Doctor. You get to make first contact with an alien race! And after you do… everything begins to change. 

Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge: Your theories on warp drive allow fleets of starships to be built and mankind to start exploring the Galaxy. 

Cmdr. Deanna Troi: It unites humanity in a way no one ever thought possible. When they realize they’re not alone in the universe, poverty, disease, war – they’ll all be gone within the next fifty years. 

Cmdr. William Riker: But unless you make that warp flight tomorrow morning before eleven fifteen, none of it will happen. 

Dr. Zefram Cochrane: And you people, you’re all astronauts on… some kind of star trek.

Leaving the humour aside there is a serious underlying message and that is that humans can gain peace and eradicate our ills when we discover that we aren’t alone in the universe and that is one of the reason I personally mark the date of April 5th in my diary each year and I will make sure my kids do as well. It is a day for thinking about peace and doing good in the world. 

When you look at the world today I think it’s nice that a group of people united by the love of a TV and Movie Franchise have a day when they look towards a future where the human race has moved beyond the need for greed, violence and where people aren’t starving. How many shows can say they have made people think like that.

Humans Discover they aren’t alone in the Universe

Star Trek Renegades Review


I have written about my love of Star Trek before but have never mentioned that there is a side to Star Trek that many people don’t know about and that side is Fan Films. On the whole fan films are groups of like minded people getting together and producing something for the love of Star Trek, sometimes however it goes beyond that and you end up with Star Trek New Voyages, Star Trek Anaxar and Star Trek Renegades that actively feature various actors from Star Treks past incarnations. 


Recently I finally watched Star Trek Renegades pilot episode and was amazed at what they had achieved for such a small production. Starring Walter Keonig (Chekov) Tim Russ (Tuvok) Gary Graham (Soval) and Manu Intiraymi (Icheb) it is set in a time following the end of Star Trek Voyager when the Federations dark underbelly and covert intelligence agency Section 31 has been interfering with Icheb and possibly other aspects of The United Federation of Planets fundamental rules.

The story follows Chekov and Tuvoks plans to bring together a crew that isn’t Starfleet people in response to a crisis that only these ‘Renegades’ can deal with so not to incriminate Starfleet or the Federation. 

Although this is a Fan Produced film you would be hard pressed to tell this apart from the fact it is only available via You Tube. 

If you are a Star Trek fan I would recommend this to watch for something different that still has the feel of a traditional Star Trek show. 

You can watch Star Trek Renegades here

What Star Trek fan films have you come across online? Why not let us know via our contact page 

Star Trekkin… With a 2 year old!


One of my favourite,  actually scratch that, my favourite by far TV and Movie franchise is Star Trek I love all the incarnations from the Original Series with Kirk, Spock and McCoy through to Enterprise with Archer, Trip and TPol. I have probably watched moat episodes multiple times and know most episodes by the beginning of the intro credits.

Star Trek The Next Generation Cast Season One. No Infringement Intended.

My passion for Star Trek started when I was around six years old when my mum allowed me to stay up late and watch the brand new series Star Trek The Next Generation. I remember sitting there with my mum completely enthralled by the Enterprise D and it’s crew and wanting to see if they defeated the enemy of the week, whether it be Q or the Romulans or even the dreaded Borg! 

Star Treks 24th Century Crews. No infringement intended.

By 1996 when Star Trek First Contact came out in Cinemas I was probably what you’d call a casual Trekkie however I was taken to see First Contact as a Christmas present and loved every single minute of it. It was my first Trek feature film on the ‘Silver Screen’ and I was drawn into it so much. As time moved on and Paramount called time on the TV Trek through the stars in 2005 I had become a full time Trekkie and with the absence of any new trek I re watched and re watched the ones I had on DVD then in 2007 Paramount announced that Star Trek was coming back to the big screen. Fast forward through the intervening years and when the twelve movie came out in May 2013 I found myself in the position of being a Dad, after watching In To Darkness I found myself wondering if I would introduce Oliver to Star Trek and if so when.

The Five TV Captains.

Well to be honest it happened sooner rather then later with Oliver being in the room when I was watching The Animated Series and him watching along with me and then we moved onto Deep Space Nine and The Next Generation it’s got to the point now that he loves listening to the Themes for these shows and watching them as well.


In 2014 Destination Star Trek returned to Londons Excel for their third convention and I decided I wanted to go and experience what a convention was like and the one thing I knew and that was Oliver was gonna be coming with me.

Oliver and Grandad with the Starship Enterprise

I am so glad I did he had a wonderful time and loved wearing his own Star Trek Uniform made by Great Nanny (my Nan).

Olivers and Daddy's Uniforms

Now a year later I find that my two year old is as into Star Trek as I am playing with a small selection of Starships with his toy cars and also asking for the music to be played every now and then in the car. It is in this time as we are getting news about the new movie Star Trek Beyond due out in time for the 50th anniversary and which much of the original cast either passing away or seriously ill I find myself thinking will Oliver look back on these actors and have the same sort of fondness I do or will he look back at the new Kirk, Spock and McCoy and their adventures with a fondness that is different from my perceptions of them as a second generation playing these characters. One thing I know for certain is that if Star Trek can last fifty years then it can survive another fifty and Oliver will have the opportunity to enjoy new and thrilling adventures during his life time.

We contracted a deadly disease whilst at Excel

As mentioned Star Trek Beyond news is now appearing steadily online so I have decided that I am going to bring this and other Trek news to you in monthly updates.

My 13 week old and TV

One of the things that Keighley and I agreed on before Oliver was born to limit the tv he was gonna watch. We decided we weren’t going to be one of those parents who just sits there child in front of the tv, however what we hadn’t banked on is having a child that is interested in everything except what we are doing with him. I like to have the news on in the morning when getting ready for work and one day I noticed that Oliver was watching it from his rocking chair. Obviously I was slightly shocked that he would be paying attention to the television but after some thought put it down to the brightness and the flashing colours. However I decided to keep an eye on him over the next few weeks and noticed that he was selecting what he watched, for example if we had Jeremy Kyle on then Oliver wasn’t interested. However if we put on an episode of Star Trek or Doctor Who he immediately paid attention and in some cases smiling or laughing he was definitely reacting to what was on.

As time has passed it has been harder to stop him watching tv, that’s not saying all he does is watch tv. He definitely has his favourite programmes mainly they are kids programmes with flashing colours and the like but he also likes watching the BBC news and also Star Trek The Animated Series.

Oliver and me watching the news.

I now feel that a little tv will not do him to much harm however we are both very aware of when he is watching tv and how much he is watching and we will be monitoring that for a long time to come.