My Sunday Photo 17:32. Best Moments of 2017 #2

Greek Delight!

As I mentioned last week I will be using the last few Sunday’s of 2017 to take a journey back through this year and look at the happy and exciting moments that have occurred during what has been an extremely stressful year.

This week we’ve travelled to Greece.

I have blogged before about being lucky enough have family living in Athens and that we are able to go out and see them semi regularly. This last summer we flew out for two weeks of Greek summer sun staying part of the time in Athens and also spending some of our time in the Greek Countryside, around a 2 hour drive outside of Athens.

The above photo was taken on a working farm that also is open to people taking holidays there.

The first evening we got there the boys and their cousins were feeding the horses that were near our accommodation when my brother in law noticed that a sprinkler has started up, before we knew it the whole field between us and the rooms was awash with water being sprayed from a field of sprinklers. We made a dash back to dry land however the kids decided to would be better fun to run around like nutters in it.

The above photo was taken whilst the boys were having the time of their lives, I had noticed that due to the height of the sprinklers sprayed the water some had begun to form rainbows. I decided that I was going to try and capture one of these and this picture is the result.


My Sunday Photo 17:31. Best Moments of 2017 #1

Disney Fun!

Over the next last few Sundays of 2017 I am going to be using the #mysundayphoto posts to have a look back over our last year as a family.

We’ve had quite a stressful year and it is nice to be able to look back on the fun times we’ve had and the exciting events that have taken place in that time, such as the birth of our third son, George.

Starting us off is a trip to Disneyland

Back in the Summer we were lucky enough to get to go to Disneyland Paris for a few days with the rest of our family. In fact I posted a #mysundayphoto of our time there.

The above photo was taken in the Inventions Restaurant that is located within the Disneyland Hotel. We booked a character meal for the boys as we weren’t too sure how they would react seeing them within the crowded environment of the park, we needn’t have worried on that front.

The meal was a fantastic idea and time though as the boys really got to interact with five different characters from the Disney family. As you can see in the above photo of Oliver Mickey Mouse was one of those characters, along with Pluto, Donald Duck, Tigger and Eyore.

We would thoroughly recommend a character meal if you can stretch your budget, because although on the expensive side it was fully worth the money we paid.


My Sunday Photo 17:24. Dinosaurs!

As this is the last weekend of our summer holidays we decided to have one last outing as a family before the onslaught of autumn and then winter and everything that entails for us including a new baby and an operation for Leo.

We decided to take a trip to the Natural History Museum in London for the Dinosaurs.

Recently both boys have shown an interest in these majestic beasts and we thought they would love it and for the most part they did, however the beast in the picture above scared them both half to death.

They had a great time and we will be taking them again when they are a little older and apart from traffic it was a lovely way to end the summer holidays.


Top Tips for Flying With Kids And Toddlers.

All parents have been there are some point or another in their child’s life and that is the holiday flight.

Now whether it is a long or short haul flight the natural dread of your kids being asked to sit down and be couped up with at least 100 other people for any amount of time over 10 minutes is a real worry. The questions that tend to go through your head are simple ones really,

  • how are we going to cope?
  • What can I do to keep them entertained?
  • What about when they want food?
  • How do I stop them annoying every other passenger around us?

I know I’ve had those thoughts, so I thought I would throw it out to fellow bloggers to see what their advice would be.

Emma of Me and B Make Tea suggests: I found the iPad super helpful. Be sure to download everything you need and you’re sorted! Also anything “new” that they havent seen before.

Frances of You Have To Laugh suggests: SNACKS. ALL THE SNACKS.

Emily of Emily and Indiana suggests: Load up the iPad with games and episodes of their favourite programmes. A winner every time with my little ones!

Lyndsey of Me, Him the Dog and a Baby suggests: My daughter is obsessed with stickers. A blank book of paper and a book of stickers keeps her busy for ages!

Faye of Glossy Tots suggests: Buy a present from the pound shop or for every hour your on the plane and wrap them up.
Wrap little toys up and hand out at various periods.

Amy of The Smallest of Things agrees with Frances and suggests: Snacks snacks and more snacks

Polly of Our Seaside Baby suggests: Lots of snacks, activity books and favourite toys are essential. It’s worth looking at the entertainment on airlines. We went on Emirates when we went to India and their entertainment system is perfect for long-haul travel with kids, it had all my son’s favourite programmes! I find walking up and down the plane and stretching legs also breaks up the journey.

Lynne of New Mummy Blog suggests: A buckle toy and water colouring pad… she has also written a post on flying with a toddler available here

Nikki of Yorkshire Wonders suggests: You can buy some great travel games from the poundshop too, and can get simpler ones for toddlers (and more advanced if they are a bit older). Basically anything new that has novelty value will hold their attention for longer! 

Victoria of Lylia Rose suggests: We flew on Monday with our 5 year old and 2 year old and I was dreading it, but snacks for take off and landing, plus the iPad for entertainment kept them happy. No fuss at all from either of them.

Jodie of Maidenhead Mum suggests: Don’t try and cut corners when you’re booking transfers to and from the airport. Sometimes the cheapest option isn’t the one that will keep you sane when you have toddlers and luggage in tow! So perhaps think about paying a little extra for parking nearer to the airport that doesn’t need a shuttle bus transfer, or book ‘drop off’ parking so you can literally throw everyone out of the car outside the departure building. At 5am in the morning, you will appreciate this wisdom, I have learned the hard way! 

Helen of Talking Mums suggests: Definitely an iPad loaded with their favourite shows/films. Snacks including fruit pouches (less messy than fresh fruit for travelling). A new toy that they get to unwrap on the plane.

Carrie of Flying With A Baby suggests:

Board last with the kids but have one parent board earlier with all the travel gear. there is no point in keeping kids waiting for everyone else to board – particularly if you are flying long haul.

Make use of airport soft play.

Order child meals

Research your airline choices- some have amazing facilities for kids- including cookie making in the galley and face painting- or a Sky nanny on board.


As you can see there are various suggestions, some of which we have used ourselves this summer. What are yours? we would love to hear them.




Watering Your Garden Whilst On Holiday!

I would like to start this post by stating that I’m not the best of gardeners or even the most successful, however I do like to have nice plants and flowers to look at during the summer months.

However due to the fact that we have a shared garden I’m not able to have a full garden full of plants and flowers in the soil that when we go on holiday have a chance of surviving. I’ve had to come up with a solution that gives the plants and flowers I have spent months growing, including the Sunflowers that the boys have grown and chance of making through us having a few days away.

I looked at the various water filtration systems available on the market, however they all needed access to an outside tap, which I don’t have, so I came up with a system that didn’t rely on the need for an access to an outside tap.

I decided that I needed to store water for a time so that the plants can access it over an extended period. The solution I came up with was to use old plastic bottles as water reservoirs. I used old soft drink, milk and juice bottles and used different numbers per tub/planter.

Here is what I did:

  • I washed them out and took the label off.
  • Then I cut the bottle of the bottle off and threw that away along with the lid.
  • Once this had been done I then half buried them in the planter of choice
  • Then I filled it with water before watering around the bottle and the rest of the planter.

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Word of The Week Wednesday #2: Summer!

This weeks word of the week in our household is most definitely without a doubt Summer. Whether that be in the context of Summer holiday, Summer days or Summer School it is certainly getting more then its fair share of air time in our house.

Now I am fully aware that we are well into that time of year and that Summer will get mentioned a lot especially when we have two children breaking up for their summer holidays but it does seem to be mentioned a lot more then it should be.

Oliver recently finished at his pre-prep school and therefore has ten weeks for a summer holiday before he starts in reception at his new school and also Keighley has also finished work until September, so they have nice long summer holidays and that’s probably one of the reasons why I’ve had enough of the word summer, but that is hardly their fault .

I think the main reason why I am so fed up of the word summer is because I really am not a summer person, I am a winter person. Don’t get me wrong I love being able to walk along the seafront on those long summer evenings and also the fact that everything is in bloom and colourful, its just that I prefer the winter and everything that entails. the chance of snow and also the dreaded C word that everyone hates, but I love it always have a always will.

So Summer is the word of the week in our house, what’s yours?