Word of The Week Wednesday #2: Summer!

This weeks word of the week in our household is most definitely without a doubt Summer. Whether that be in the context of Summer holiday, Summer days or Summer School it is certainly getting more then its fair share of air time in our house.

Now I am fully aware that we are well into that time of year and that Summer will get mentioned a lot especially when we have two children breaking up for their summer holidays but it does seem to be mentioned a lot more then it should be.

Oliver recently finished at his pre-prep school and therefore has ten weeks for a summer holiday before he starts in reception at his new school and also Keighley has also finished work until September, so they have nice long summer holidays and that’s probably one of the reasons why I’ve had enough of the word summer, but that is hardly their fault .

I think the main reason why I am so fed up of the word summer is because I really am not a summer person, I am a winter person. Don’t get me wrong I love being able to walk along the seafront on those long summer evenings and also the fact that everything is in bloom and colourful, its just that I prefer the winter and everything that entails. the chance of snow and also the dreaded C word that everyone hates, but I love it always have a always will.

So Summer is the word of the week in our house, what’s yours?

Summer Club.

Oliver finished his last day of pre-prep last Friday, but his time with them isn’t finished just yet.

Every major holiday they run a club with fun themed days for the kids and this holiday is no different. Oliver attended a session just before Christmas just after we had decided to send him to the school to see how he would get on with his then new teacher. So when we got the letter that they were running sessions for the first two weeks of this summer break we asked him if he wanted to go to any of the sessions, now I expected him to say no. However he jumped at the chance, he is attending two different sessions one of which we chose as it fits into our holiday for this summer and the other he chose.

The session he chose is running next Monday and he can’t wait, he chose a session entitled Totally Bubbles, now we can all imagine what that will include and I can’t blame him for being excited, I’m excited for him.

The session we chose he attended yesterday and this session was entitled All About Disney. We have recently being going a bit Disney mad in our house as our summer holiday this year is to Disneyland Paris, the boys don’t have a clue yet but Keighley and I are starting to get excited.

When I went to pick Oliver up this afternoon his teacher, who runs the sessions, said that he had been beaming from ear to ear all day and that he has had an immense amount of fun. He had been playing with kids from his class and other classes all morning and had also partaken in two craft activities one of which was making a magic mirror and the other was a Minion face, now I know that Minions aren’t Disney but who cares he had a lot of fun. The thing he was most excited about was having his face painted as it was a first for him.

I am so glad decided to send him to these sessions as his excitement is worth it.