My Sunday Photo 17:12; The Swan! 

We live in an area that has a huge military past, mainly due to our location on the mouth of the Thames River. For many years a lot of the land around us has been MOD land and a lot still is however around a decade ago work started on an army barracks, that date from the 18th Century and possibly earlier, to convert the useable buildings there into housing and as part of the deal with the council the developers were also allowed to build a lot of a local park. However in exchange for building on the park the developers opened up a lot of other land that they were interested in building on and gave it to the town, this has now been turned into an amazing natural park, almost a nature reserve in the style. Within this park there are a number of ponds which have attracted various birds and other wildlife. 

During the last week I took the boys there for an afternoon out to burn off some energy. We were having a walk when we came across two swans in one of the ponds and this above photo was taken then. The boys loved looking at the swans and also the ducks that were also on the pond. Oliver said he couldn’t believe how big the swans were.