Our Favourite Disney Movies! 

We have just been to Disneyland Paris and what am time we had, however on the build up to our trip it got me thinking about what my favourite Disney film is and why its my favourite.

Now I can tell you Olivers and Leos favourites because I get driven mad by them on DisneyLife on a daily occurrence. Olivers are without a doubt Cars, as well as Toy Story and Lion King. Leo loves the Lion King and will watch 1, 2 and 3 all in a row and then on repeat if I let him. His love of these films is so great that he also watches Lion Guard a lot as well.

When it comes to my favourite I had a tough pick because there are a few that I like and there’s a few that I love, these include Toy Story, The Lion King and The Jungle Book. However when I really put my thinking cap on a thought about which film for me is my absolute favourite that I would choose time after time, if I had the time to do that, it came down to one film and one film only and that film is The Incredibles!

Now for many The Incredibles is one of those films that they can take or leave and it certainly isn’t as memorable as Snow White, The Lion King or Frozen however for me it has it all. I has a great storyline, memorable characters, action and of course superheroes and who doesn’t like a superhero?

I love the way that you get the whole story of these characters from when Mr Incredible and Elastagirl got married to the superheroes having to go into hiding due to lawsuits against them, through to the rise of the superhero family in the form of The Incredibles. I wish they would make a sequel of it and I feel it certainly deserves one.

Whilst thinking about classic Disney films I thought it would be cool to ask other parent bloggers what their favourites are and why? or is it a case of what they sit through again and again with their kids???


Beth who blogs at Twinderelmo said: I love Toy Story. It has something for everyone and despite being 20 years old, it’s not dated in any capacity and has so many brilliant characters 

Vicki who blogs at Mumma and her Monsters said: My absolute favourite is Toy Story… without a doubt and my kids love it too so that’s a Huge bonus haha


Sarah who blogs at Boo Roo and Tigger Too says that it shows children (and adults) that they shouldn’t judge people on how they look but on what their personality is like 

Louise who blogs at Pink Pear Bear said: Beauty and the beast for me. The original and the new version. I’m not sure exactly what it is about it that I adore so much but I wore out my video of the original as a child! 

Becka who blogs at Mummy EST 2014 said:  I love Beauty and the Beast. It was the first film I ever saw in the cinema so it will always have special memories for me. I love the strong female characters Disney uses and lets face it, who doesn’t love the unlikely romance 

Nat who blogs at Awaybies said: Difficult decision! I love so many of them, perhaps my favourite would have to be the animated beauty and the beast, for the songs and music. 


Emma who blogs at Emma Reed said: As a child I loved the little mermaid because it was the first one to look more modern- compared to Snow White and sleeping beauty- and the songs were (and still are) amazing!! 

Laura who blogs at Mama, Eden & Me said: The Little Mermaid. I watched it so many times when I was little that I wore out the tape! My aunt still shudders when I mention the mermaid because she had to watch it with me. I still love it 💖💖


Sarah who blogs at The Parenting Trials said: WALL-E … i think it’s so magical the fact they don’t speak for the first 20 mins or so. There isn’t a single word said, yet the effect and story is still so moving. 


This is one I will be checking out as I’ve never heard of it before.

Jade who blogs at Mummies Waiting said: I love ‘Walt Before Mickey’. It’s amazing to learn all about Walt’s life and how he struggled and the challenges he had to overcome to get Disney where it is today, it makes me appreciate the parks and movies that little bit more.


Faye who blogs at Glossy Tots said:  I love Tangled! Humourous, princesses and villains! What more could you need from Disney?! 


Melanie who blogs at Cossins Music School said: The original Pete’s Dragon! 


Kirsty who blogs at Winnettes said: When I was little it was always Sleeping Beauty. I loved everything about it. Now I love it even more that I can watch it with my daughters and my eldest calls Maleficent ‘Lettuce’ due to her green magic 


Lynne who blogs at New Mummy Blog said: I absolutely loved Aladdin – I just loved the music, the story, the make believe I guess. I also loved making up dances to the music. Like many others Beauty and the beast was a very close second! 


Hannah who blogs at Planes Trains and Meltdowns said: It has to be The Lion King for me, gets me every time “I killed Mufasssssa” 


Jen who blogs at Just Average Jen said: Lion king is my favourite I could watch it again and again and cry every time but also sing along lol 


Lianne who blogs at Ankle Biters Adventures said: Jungle book just love all of the songs and the animals 


Vicki who blogs at Tippy Tupps said: Frozen here for us as it was my daughters first thing she ever properly watched so it has real sentimental value for us. At 15 months old she would stand in front of the TV, wiggle her butt single “et it goooowww”. Too cute.


Helen who blogs at Witty Hoots said:  Brave here for us, strong female characters. I love Billy Connelly’s character & the witch/whittler of wood…. “Oh my that’s lovely, that is”.


Louise who blogs at A Strong Coffee To Go said: Wreck it Ralph. It is great for adults as well as children. It makes me laugh and I love seeing the retro games. Ralph is such a loveable character and just wants to fit in. I can’t wait for the sequel next year.


Lauren who blogs at Mummy is a Gadget Geek said: Guardians of the Galaxy – it’s totally my sense of humour, laughs all the way through 


Nicole who blogs at The Littlest Darlings said: I have become obsessed with Moana. I love that there is no love story and the music is just so good! I can even do the Maui rap!


Renee who blogs at Close Enough To Kiss said: Mine is Cinderella, I always felt like her growing up in my foster family. I did the lion share of the household chores, whilst the other adults did considerably less. I almost felt like I had been fostered for the money and used as a slave. I am sure that’s not how it was, but Cinderella gave me hope my prince would come and rescue me.

and then there were those bloggers who really couldn’t narrow it down to just one and who can blame them.

Amy who blogs at Mama Mighalls said: Disney classic favourites would have to be beauty and the beast and lady and the tramp. Disney Pixar, my absolute fave is cars! Can’t wait for the new one to come out.

Nikki who blogs at the very Disney themed Just Around The River Bend said: For me, it’s a tough call between Fantasia, Lilo & Stitch and Moana! 

Kimberly who blogs at Odd Hogg said: Oh the classics it’s got to be 101 Dalmations 😍 I can remember watching it over and over again as a kid. Of the more modern ones Tangled comes out on top! My sons favourite is The Jungle Book. He has loved it from around 7 months old, and still does now at 16 months 

Emma who blogs at Our Fairy Tale Adventure said: There are actually too many to choose from! My two love Cars, Planes and Rio! I think with Rio it is all the music because we always start dancing around during the songs. They both love cars and planes so naturally they love those. For me I love ones with strong female leads that highlight equality, ones like Beauty and Beast, Moana and Frozen. Then again we also love Zootropolis and Inside Out. Me because of the messages behind them and the boys love them because they are so bright and colourful. 

and finally

Michelle who blogs at The Purple Pumpkin Blog really couldn’t decide so she shared her top ten Disney films which is available here

As you can see with the amount of Disney films available peoples favourites vary widely, with that in mind what’s your favourite? We would love to know.



A Very Disney Easter

Our Easter break in this household lasted three whole weeks, three weeks I hear you say!!! Yep three weeks. My wife works in a private school and they have longer and different holidays from state schools. As Oliver attends their Pre-Prep he also got three weeks off. 

As you can imagine keeping the kids entertained for three weeks was difficult but we decided to take advantage of this and aside from the days out and doing lots of crafts we also decided to educate the boys in some Disney Classics. 

Both of our boys love Toy Story, Cars and anything Mickey Mouse but beyond that they know very little. We have a family trip to Disneyland Paris coming up later this year and both myself and my wife have become worried that they won’t know any of the characters that appear in Disneyland. 

The first movie we decided to show them was The Lion King. This is probably my all time favourite Disney Movie. Oliver started off by saying it was going to be boring and that he wanted to watch Cars for the hundredth time. However once it started he was hooked from beginning to end, Leo on the other hand was hooked as soon as the Disney logo appeared on our TV screen. He loved it and even made a roaring sound whilst using his sign language to sign animal. A very proud Mummy and Daddy. 

The following day we decided to stick The Jungle Book on (we had a sort of unofficial theme going on that weekend). The boys both loved this. They loved the songs and the music and both went and got a Baloo the Bear soft toy we have from when we bought the DVD a few years ago. 

I toyed with the idea of the animated version of Beauty and the Beast but am worried it might be on the scary side for a four year old and a two year old. 

Following on from The Lion King and The Jungle Book we also watched the Toy Story Saga and both Cars movies during the course of the holidays. 

We also had Oliver’s class mascot stay with us for the three weeks who just so happens to be Minnie Mouse so we truly had a very Disney Easter.