The Favourite Christmas Advert of 2017

As voted for by Parent Bloggers.

We recently asked parent bloggers what their favourite Christmas Advert of 2017 was.

The choice was between any Christmas advert for a company that has aired this year be it for the first, like the new John Lewis one, a continuation of a story as in Kevin the Carrot who features in the Aldi ads or an old classic in the form of Holidays Are Coming (Coca Cola).

To be honest the results did surprise us a bit, however that’s what makes this countdown interesting.

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Six Pups and a Boy Called Ryder

imageIn our house at the moment we are fully up to date with six little pups and a boy called Ryder. Now if you have young kids who are car and animal mad chances are you will know what I am on about. I am talking about of course Nick Jr’s hit show Paw Patrol.

Now Oliver does like a little bit of TV first thing in the morning and also when he’s tired but Paw Patrol has begun to infiltrate other parts of the day to the point that I can name them all. Chase the Police Dog,  Sky the Pilot Dog, Rubble the Builder Dog, Marshall the Fire Dog, Rockie the Recycling Dog, and Zooma the Water Dog make up the crew (see I said I could name them all) occasionally backed up by Everest the Snow Dog. Now I’m not sure what attracts Oliver to this show and why it is suddenly such a big hit in our house but I have a feeling it is something to do with the fact that we have a puppy (well one year old dog) and also that the Paw Patrol drive vehicles of various types  and he is currently mad on those as well.

imageWhat I do know is that I’m glad he is into Paw Patrol and not Peppa Pig because that drives me mad.

For those that don’t know Paw Patrol it is about six Pups and a human boy called Ryder that are essentially the emergency services for a town called Adventure Bay. The Dogs all have kennels that when they are called into action transform into the various vehicles they drive, be it a police car or a fire engine or even a helicopter. The show has a sort of Power Rangers or Transformers feel but without the violence and normally the only crime is an animal escaping from a train or boulders blocking the trainline, there’s also been one about the lighthouse not working and fog rolling in meaning they have to get it working again. However every now and then they do a serious episode that has real meaning, for example they did an episode about a beached whale and they had to get it back into the water before it dried out (died) and I was impressed that a show aimed at toddlers was able to convey this in a way that the kids enjoyed but also got a message that all life was important and you should do your best to save it where possible. 

If I’m honest Oliver watches so little TV that when he does I’m happy he chooses something like Paw Patrol over Peppa Pig and of you’ve never seen it then I would say give it a go there are a lot worse programmes out there.

My 13 week old and TV

One of the things that Keighley and I agreed on before Oliver was born to limit the tv he was gonna watch. We decided we weren’t going to be one of those parents who just sits there child in front of the tv, however what we hadn’t banked on is having a child that is interested in everything except what we are doing with him. I like to have the news on in the morning when getting ready for work and one day I noticed that Oliver was watching it from his rocking chair. Obviously I was slightly shocked that he would be paying attention to the television but after some thought put it down to the brightness and the flashing colours. However I decided to keep an eye on him over the next few weeks and noticed that he was selecting what he watched, for example if we had Jeremy Kyle on then Oliver wasn’t interested. However if we put on an episode of Star Trek or Doctor Who he immediately paid attention and in some cases smiling or laughing he was definitely reacting to what was on.

As time has passed it has been harder to stop him watching tv, that’s not saying all he does is watch tv. He definitely has his favourite programmes mainly they are kids programmes with flashing colours and the like but he also likes watching the BBC news and also Star Trek The Animated Series.

Oliver and me watching the news.

I now feel that a little tv will not do him to much harm however we are both very aware of when he is watching tv and how much he is watching and we will be monitoring that for a long time to come.