Where have we been?

Its been almost a year since we last published a post on 2 Bottles of Milk, so where have we been? 

Last Christmas I was so ill that I spent most of Christmas Day in bed asleep and it got me thinking about how hectic our lives were and how we needed to relax and let something rest for a while and that was unfortunately the blog! With everything that Leo had gone through and a new baby, as well as life in general it was the easiest thing to let go and allow more time for all the other stuff that was going on at that point. 

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Careers Week!

Now we are all familiar with the title of this post and the basic idea of what takes place within such a week. Most would be forgiven to think I am talking about the subject being based in either senior school or college however in this instance I am talking about it in relation to a two year old.

Tuesday – Fireman

Leos nursery this week is having a careers week of sorts where they can dress up as what they want to be when they grow up. Now if you were to ask Oliver that as we did this week what he wants to be when he grows up, his answer as it has been for months is that he wants to be a Lorry Driver. When he answers, it is without a beat missed, he is asked and then answers without pause that’s what he wants to be.

Wednesday – Police Officer

I know for a fact that at such a young age Leo doesn’t have a clue what he wants to be when he grows up, however looking at his likes and dislikes now I can make assumptions however they are most likely to be wrong. The one thing that is good though is that this week is that this is going to be great fun for Leo, he loves dressing up as the numerous pictures on our Instagram page shows.

One thing I do know whatever my kids decide to do when they are old I both myself and Keighley will support them and make sure that what they do they love.


Every now and then there comes a moment in your life, where either forced or by choice we make a change within our life and the way we do things.

Some of the most noticeable and most common of these are things like getting married, moving house and of course having kids…

The Old Job!
Well between Christmas and New Year we had a change essentially thrust upon us as a family.

Late last year we discovered that our youngest sons hearing had gotten worse between hearing tests and the audiologists at our local hospital refered Leo to have Cochlear Implants. Well I was taken aback when a wedge of letters came through the door all with appointments for the Cochlear Implant Centre and this was on top of his normal appointments and meeting he has with his paediatrician, Teacher of the Deaf, Play Therapist and his Audioloists.

The New Job!
As a parents we had a decision to make, mainly how on earth are we going to juggle all these appointments with both working full time, my wife’s studies and everything else we had to do in life, like shopping and actually spending time as a family.

As of earlier this month I became a stay at home dad, we reached this decision to help aleave some of the stress that both of us working would cause with multiple appointments on top of that. It wasn’t an overly easy choice but a choice that had to be made. It is also a choice that makes a lot of sense for all of us as a family.

This year is certainly going to be a busy one, however it is also going to be a fun one and a good one. Its one that we will keep you up to date with our goings on.

Dealing with being out of work and new job nerves

As this is being released I will be starting a new job.  Having been out of work for three months due to redundancy I have had some time to enjoy family life and with all that has been going on in the last three months in some ways it was better that I wasn’t working.

Being out of work.

On the first day, first couple of weeks I was out of work it felt like a bit of a holiday, the routine of going to work every day was broken I was able to spend time with Oliver and get things ready around the house for the arrival of number two, as I called Leo then. Around three weeks in to the unemployed time was when Leo was born which of course was a fantastic time. So the time after that felt pretty much like the paternity leave I had had when Oliver was born, even though through both these times I was signing on and job hunting.

After everything had calmed down from the birth and we had got into a sort of routine including the appointments for Leo was when I started to feel a pressure to get a job. Now I hasten to add that I had no pressure from Keighley or external family members it was a pressure I subconsciously put on myself. After a month and a half of applying for jobs it really started to affect how I was feeling. All that kept coming to mind was they must think I’m rubbish or they would contact me to get me to come in for an interview,  the lack of communication from companies is what I struggled with most, however when it felt I was at my lowest point I got a phone call from the company I start work with today, ‘Can you come in for an interview on Friday please?’ Said the voice on the other end of the phone ‘Yes’ I said. I went to the interview and then waited for a phone call, after about a week I thought oh well I did my best, however that was the day I got another phone call ‘can you come back for a second interview?’ ‘Yes’ was the reply again. So I went for the second interview and left thinking I am really not sure how I did there.  The next day I waited for a phone call and by around 5 pm I thought I hadn’t got it. Around twenty minutes after that I got THE phone call. ‘I would like to offer you the job, if you would like it?’ said the voice ‘err Yes please’ was my reply. Now this was Saturday evening, can you start Tuesday ‘yes of course’.

So why is it that now I’m about to start a new job are my nerves are all over the place , it’s in retail for which I’ve worked in for fifteen years, so it’s nothing new, granted it’s a different area of retail one that I touched on briefly when in my last job.  Is it a fear of the unknown or is it purely because I’ve been out of work for three months or a combination of both.  One thing is for sure I’m going to grab the bull by the horns and make sure I do my best and also keep in mind that I’m doing it for the most important people in my world, which is my young family.