Write Size Review 

Oliver was recently given the opportunity to try out a new size of pencils that last year appeared on the hit BBC show Dragons Den.

The lovely people at Write Size sent us through a pack of 5 pencils, suitable for children aged 2-6 and a fantastic Writing Pad for Children. The writing pad was developed by Write Size to ‘help parents give their children the opportunity to learn the skill of and to promote good handwriting skills’.

Oliver using the Write Size Pencil to write a birthday card

I must admit that when I saw Write Size on Dragons Den I was a bit dubious. Surely a child can manage with an ordinary size pencil. I mean I did when I was at school so why are todays kids any different. However the more I thought about it and also looked at my handwriting, the more I thought there might be some method to this companys madness, as it were.

Leo trying out the Write Size Pencil
When we received the package though the door I let Oliver open it and he was excited to see the pencils and what he thought was a colouring book. Once I explained what it was he was eager to sit down and practice his writing with the special pencils that were designed for his size of hand.

The pencils that we received are around 3-4 inches long, around the length of an Argos pencil but a bit chunkier to make for an easy grip on the pencil for a young child just starting out on their writing journey. Write Size also produce pencils in two other sizes for children aged 6-10 and 10+ respectively. Oliver was easy able to manage this size of pencil where he can somethings struggle with a longer length.

Oliver loved using these pencils and so did Leo. Leo is still very much in the drawing for drawings sake stage, where as Oliver is beginning to write words independently and is practicing his handwriting a lot as part of his preschool homework. These pencils have made a huge difference to him. He truly does find it a lot easier to hold the pencil and not only that control the pencil well enough to improve his handwriting. 

As a family we would recommend these pencils to anyone who has a young child that is starting out with their writing. 

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Please Note: 2 Bottles of Milk was given the above Products by Write Size to test and review. The above review is a true and honest account of our use of Write Size Products.