Where Are We Featured?

Over the years we have been featured on a few other blogs and also on a news site or two. Below is a list of links to blog posts and news articles where we are featured. The video included is from Action on Hearing Loss who featured both Oliver and Leo in their #isupportdeafawarenessweek campaign in May 2017

News Sites We Are Featured On

Huff Post UK – Leo and His Hearing Aids

The Plymouth Daily – Leo helps promote the Royal Parks Half Marathon

Blogs We Are Featured On

Sons, Sand and Sauvignon – Our Budget Wedding!

Diy Daddy Blog – Brilliant Dad Feature

Brit Mums Round Up – Dads Round-up: The rise of the stay-at-home dad

Run Jump Scrap – Easter Sunday A Chocolate Fest For All

Katy Kicker – Would You Take Your Small Child To Eat McDonalds